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A Family All Her Own A Family All Her Own by Bonnie K Winn released on Nov ,is available now for purchase

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    I m not one to be in favor of women pastors, and the main female in the book was one..but I really liked this book I identified with Michael a lot, who had lost his faith and was really angry with God Some Love Inspired books havespiritual depth and lessons than others, and this is one that ranks very high in that The characters and plot were great, but the story of

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    This book is so amazingly GOOD Every single minute of it It caught my attention from the very first sentence and didn t let me go until the end It made me cry If you aren t an emotional reader like I am you might think it s an ok book, but if you get wrapped up in the emotions of a book like I do you will like this book SO GOOD

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I really liked this but the daughter s illness was kind of far fetched greater than necessary.

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    Glorious Extremely lifelike characters.

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