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Family Pets Ever since her parents died on her fifth birthday Thomasina has been daydreaming that someday something amazing will happen in her life to make up for the hurt she's been through But after turning sixteen Thomasina begins to accept that her life will remain unremarkable But when she wakes up one morning to discover that her foster family has been turned into pet animals and her favorite pet snake into a dashing young man her ordinary life will turn into an extraordinary adventure

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    35 starsIn this graphic novel our main character Thomasina found herself in a weird situation The house she lives in is full of unfamiliar animals Yet a strange and cute boy is in her house It turnes out the boy is her pet snake Sebastian and those animals are her family members Thomasina has to find out what kind of magic trick is involv

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    The main character Thomasina wakes up one morning only to find her foster family members all turned into animals She then goes on a short uest to sort things out accompanied by her pet snake that is now human Weird right? Despite the constant references to Harry Potter this was still an OK readIn fact the many uirks of Boris the Russian made m

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    This was the first graphic novel I've ever read and honestly at the beginning I wasn't liking it so much Books give you time to get into the story to start caring about the characters and to start knowing them With graphic novels the time is shorter and you know if you're going to like the story or not since the beginningBut this story? It gets be

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    Possibly because right now I'm reading listening to The Magician King but likely just because of this book itself I wasn't all that impressed The story was sort of puppy love Harry Potter pre Hogwarts goes sideways The authors seemed rushed to get the story out which resulted in a whole lot of telling and very little showing even though it was a graphi

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    Read this Graphic Novel I think back in June It was ok nothing crazy different A girl learns that magic is real when she wakes up and her foster family has all been turned into animals She has to follow the magic so that she can change them back But her pet was just turned into a human and doesn't want to go back a fun little book for kids third grade on up

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    This the normal kind of graphic novel that I read but I thought the synopsis sounded weird so I was really interested The whole book was a little but it wasn't really boring I liked the art a lot and I think the length was about perfect Family Pets would be a really good graphic novel for young kids or someone looking for something fun

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    I thought I'd like this comic a lot than I actually did The artwork wasn't that great and the story had promise but wasn't fantastic I typically like my comics just a little darker but I thought I'd give this one a shot Unfortunately it just wasn't my style

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    My Review This book has been on my wishlist forever so I figured it was time to pick it up I love the art style in the book but was disappointed to find it all to be black and white The story was fun and uirky yet a little gut punch of emotional turmoil It was uick it was fun I maybe would have read in the series but am pretty satisfied with the way it concluded

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    I believe I got this from my 4th grade teacher as a gift for the end of the school year thing so I've had it for a pretty long time I always like to go back to it for a uick emotional and fun filled story

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    This was pretty cute A little too young adult safe for my liking but had enough plot and twists to carry the thing through and be entertaining Would love to read especially about Sebastian

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