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Cruz Hell Suad #2 35 starsGood edition Much action than romance But I still liked Cruz and Santha together Some sad stuff happened I like the overall storyline and will continue the series Safety gang view spoilerCruz used to be manwhore but had not been in months In the last book I got the impression he was a lot worse so I was pleasantly surprised Santha was no virgin but was celibate for a year out of necessityOne brief reference to a women he slept with once that was handled well by both Did not bother me hide spoiler Battle hardened soldier Cruz Ramos is running on empty As second in command of the deadliest commando suad fighting the invading aliens he doesn't know why he's fighting any He's seen too much destruction devastation and far too much death Still every day he goes out to protect those humans left and every day the growing numbness threatens to take overUntil a mysterious woman emerges from the ruins of destroyed Sydney and saves him from a pack of rampaging aliensSantha Kade has one goal revenge The raptors who have devastated the Earth have taken everything from her her team her home her beloved sister Santha a former police officer has spent a year alone in the ruined city waging her own guerrilla war Sure she might get lonely sometimes but she doesn't have room for anything but vengeance Not even for a sexy soldier with liuid brown eyes a bone melting accent and a face designed to drive a woman wildBut as Cruz and Santha join forces to rescue human hostages from the aliens their explosive attraction is impossible to resist Can these two warriors survive long enough to find something worth living forNote to readers This sci fi romance contains a lot of action think invading aliens explosions and gunfights tough warriors the sexy battle hardened soldiers of Hell Suad and a steamy romance lots of sexy times between a warrior woman and a sexy soldier So if you like it fast and gritty and sexy this is for youIncludes preview of Book 3 of the Hell Suad Gabe Cruz and his reina 35 rounded up and possible spoilers aheadSantha is a genuine badass who's been fighting the raptors and waiting for an opportunity to kill the female commander who was responsible for her sister's deathCruz and the hell suad need Santha's help to locate and rescue some human captivesThis was an action packed read but the connection between Cruz and Santha was still intense and sexy I liked how Cruz's past with Liberty was handledthankfully Santha asked unlike Elle which still bothers me 😂Santha had her reckless moments but nothing that was TSTL The situation with her sister had me tearing up all in all I really liked this one with both mcs as likeable characters old facesnew faces and a hint about Gabe's hAnother win RATING 25 Mi Reina Hearts In the Hell Suad series we are introduced to a brand new Earth where aliens have invaded and humans are barely surviving But humanity still has some fight left and a rebel force has formed Hell Suad is one of the teams that go out on missions to destroy the enemy and save as many survivors as they can Each member of the team fights their own demons as well as the dinosaur like aliens who are trying to destroy EarthCruz has had enough The endless fighting and dying has left him wondering what he's fighting for he's even stopped playing his music Then he got his ass saved by her Santha Santha blasted into his life saved it then left again She's living in the ruins of an occupied city waging a one woman war on the aliens that brutally murdered her sister Now Hell Suad needs her help to save some prisoners and suddenly Cruz feels something he hasn't felt for a long time; hopeI love Anna Hackett's book they are a fantastic uick read filled with fast paced action and steamy romance What makes Hackett's book really stick out to me though is her heroines They aren't just damsels in distress who need saving by their big strong hero They are badasses who come to other people's rescue In Marcus the first book in the series the heroine is a Comms officer who although isn't in the field she keeps her suad alive In Cruz we have Santha a former SWAT agent who has been behind enemy lines causing havoc for the last yearBut every strong heroine needs a strong hero and I also really liked Cruz who rather then being put off by Santha's strength just admired her for it And the two of them had off the charts chemistry You go from the adrenaline rush of an action packed battle scene to a heart pounding love scenethere's no stopping until the end with this bookReviewed by Suzanne❤ ♡ Don't want to miss any of our posts? Subscribe to our blog by email ♡ ❤ Cruz Santos second in command of Hell Suad is slowly losing himself He has lost his drive to keep fighting until he meets a beautiful woman in the ruins of Sydney She saves him and his team and then disappears Santha Kade has only one goal revenge She will stop at nothing to kill the leader who ordered the death of her sister Cruz and Santha are such a kickass couple Santha has been surviving by herself in Sydney slowly picking off aliens whenever she can She lost her sister in a violent way to the aliens and now she is hellbent on getting her revenge I really liked Santha She was beautiful strong and deadly Hackett does an amazing job at writing strong kickass females who you can’t help but love“I’m a soldier mi reina Believe me watching you handle a crossbow is goddamned foreplay”Cruz is struggling and has slowly been losing himself for months He no longer has any passion for music or a reason to keep fighting Santha brings him back to life and gives him a reason to keep fighting for the world Cruz was a great hero and I love that he found himself again These two have a uick and intense romance that I loved From the moment I laid eyes on you something switched on inside me Before that I wasn't sure what I was fighting forIn this book we learn about the movements of the aliens the different kinds of aliens and the true horror of what they are doing They have started experimenting on humans on top of all the killing The new aliens are fascinating and reminiscent of dinosaurs I love this alien filled post apocalypse world It is uniue and fascinating and I just can’t get enough of it This review was originally posted at Red Haired Ash Reads Another good book in the Hell Suad Series Again a bit on the short side but the good thing is you don't have to wait too long between booksIn this book as well as joining Cruz and Santha in their badassery and adventure we learn a little about the Aliens and their agenda nasty as it is We are also introduced to of the Alien's malevolent mutant minions and I can't wait to see what's going to pop up next these creatures are off the wall lolHero Warriors evil Aliens great action and passion in usual Anna Hackett style makes for a great read I can't wait for broody Gabe's story coming in May Even if you're not 100% into the characters there's just so much action in the damn book I do like Cruz but I just really want to read Gabe's story Even Shaw's So I'm anxious to get to their story but Cruz's book was still good Great Santha and Crus story I just knew that they'll get together since Marcus' book These books are short and very fast paced I want to know how they think to defeat the aliens And what the aliens whant with experimening with humans 4 starsAnother action packed apocalyptic romance Santha is my kind of kick ass heroine waging her own guerrilla war against the alien invaders and even saving the Hell Suad from a couple of sticky situations Cruz is supportive without over bearing They made a strong pairingI'm enjoying this series So off to Gabe's book next Still I wish they would just stick with the one narrator instead of this switching around between malefemale

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