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Linemates Life is going pretty well for Derek LaVigne He’s playing professional hockey in Los Angeles where hockey is barely on the radar and this allows him to live in relative anonymity Derek’s world is tilted on its axis when he’s traded to the Detroit Wheels Not only is this one of the top teams in the National Hockey League he’ll also be playing in a city that lives and breathes hockey It sounds like a dream come true but soon enough it becomes clear it isn’tThe reason for Derek’s change of heart is Trevor Ladouceur Five years ago Derek and Trevor were linemates on Team Canada at the World Junior Championship They were inseparable both on and off the ice and became known as the Wonder Twins After winning the gold medal they slept together Trevor was gone the next morning and they haven’t spoken since Now they’re together again and the expectation is for the Wonder Twins to help Detroit win the Stanley Cup Much to Derek’s dismay he realizes he’s falling in love with Trevor all over again

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    Unfortunately this is a double whammy review for me First time author and the first review for the book listed here at GoodReads And I didn't like the bookI love when new authors write and publish MM romance fiction The the merrier And while I did not like this book the author did a nice job of writing it It had little to no typos there was no annoying jumping around from POV to POV and the desc

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    While I uite enjoyed it despite knowing very little about ice hockey I was disappointed by the lack of romance and the abrupt ending It screams for a seuel because the MCs have very little hope of a HEA based on this

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    Derek is gay and plays for the NHL team in LA He gets traded to Detroit for a chance at the Stanley cup He should be psyched but he’s absolutely not because this will pit him head to head with the hit and run lover he had 5 years ago who left him all alone after a night of drunken sexTrevor who is now 24 “can’t be gay” and play professional hockey – or so he tells himself He continually p

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    A good read if you are a Hockey fanwhich I am It's good for a new writer to stick with a subject they are personally familiar with and it appears this author does know hockey I got a giggle out of how the author got so creative in renaming the NHL teams I'd imagine that was not an easy feat to pull off since they are so many levels teams in the sport of hockeyThe story kept me interestedperhaps it w

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    This book was underwhelming on the romance side of things Nothing really pop off till near the end of the book It definitely needs a seuel

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    Good on the sport action poor on the romanceI love reading books with a sports theme and this one was great in the parts that related to the hockey games and training but the romance part of this book let it downDerek and Trevor meet 5 years ago playing on the same team at the Junior Championship They became inseparable and their closeness transferred to the ice giving them the moniker of the wonder t

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    A few years ago I would have hated this book The romance uota was low the awkward conversation uota was high Since the situation was awkward to begin with I felt that was fitting Most of the action took place on the ice In most mm books we get a detailed sex scene or three In this one we get very detailed information about hockey games Right down to who took what shot from the point and who blocked it

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    Too much hockey talk in this one and too little romance The MCs don't get together until the 90% mark there's one sex scene in total and we don't even get to know if the MC's are coming out Disappointing ending

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    35 stars

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    This one didn't work for meNo review will post

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