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Bound to the Demon When Samantha awakens to find herself chained to a bloody altar she uickly learns that she's being offered as a sacrifice to a hellish demon prince With the ritual complete the gateway to Hell opens and Sam comes face to face with her demonic assailant only to discover that her wicked captor is also the most beautiful entrancing creature she has ever met Sam is drawn to the creature like a moth to a flame and when she offers herself up to him in exchange for her life she is uickly plunged into a world of unholy lust as their pact is sealed with dark passion Excerpt He considered her for a moment He moved the back of his hand across her cheek She suppressed a tremble as electricity shocked through her from his touch “Do you know that the only thing I can eat is souls Virgin souls to be specific Which in this day and age are tricky to find unless you'd prefer I subsist on children I’m bloody starving And you want me to let you off the hook” Her mouth was way ahead of her mind when she blurted out “I don’t have to be a virgin I’m a girl and you're—almost—a man Maybe I wouldn’t be so tempting if we” The demon's booming laughter bounced off the walls

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