Forgotten Girl A Powerful True Story of Amnesia Secrets

This book was sold to me as an adventure book an adult woman wakes up as a fifteen year old one morning not recognizing anything or anyone after that age Like popular travel back in time movies I thought this was going to be a fun book I couldn't be wrong There is little action There is a lot of introspection and self analysisBut this is not to say I didn't enjoy it uite the opposite But this is a serious book The true story of a woman with dissociative amnesia and a fractured personality due to childhood trauma and abuse The book tells her uest to heal her mind and her story is a ray of hope for many people suffering from stress addiction low self esteem or anyone coming from a dysfunctional family It is a book about self healing and self empowerment The only fault I could find with it is that it is a bit lengthy at times I found it interesting because I am interested in these subjects but I remain a bit disappointed that it wasn't the adventure story that I craved I tried to read this book from page 290 to the end but I couldn't ITS SO BORING I bought this book from poundland and can't wait to sell it The lady seems Jamaican but she said she is African sooooo Also her diary entries seem very modified as if she is trying to prove she is a good person by crying about 911 and getting annoyed when a couple was moving away from a Muslim family and saying that photoshopped girls cause insecurities there is no way she thought all that full stop or if she did she didn't need to try so hard to prove she's a good person I knew she was raped from the beginning it was obvious the direction the book was going Page 172 it reminded me of when I used to tell my little sister stories so she could go to bed I relate and forgot I used to do that too This book provided a perspective I'd never considered in amnesia cases that from the point of view of the person who has suddenly lost all those years of memories they essentially feel like a time traveller in this case a fifteen year old waking up in a 32 year old body a la 'Suddenly 30' or the like trying to piece together the life their adult self has created Except in this case there's no return to the 'present' to fix the mistakes before they happen there's just living with it and moving on It's psychologically fascinating and she does a good job of capturing the different voices of her younger and adult selves as she tries to bring the pieces back together I found it fascinating to learn about dissociative amnesia I learnt a lot about the mind and feel that I could apply some of what I learnt to my own life Despite the serious themes it was uite humorous at times Naomi Jacobs went to sleep one night in 2008 as a 32 year old mother and woke up the next morning believing she was a fifteen year old school girl She did not recognise the house she woke up in though it was hers nor her ten year old son Leo As far as she was concerned she was in 1992 when John Major was Prime Minister before the world had been blessed with mobile phones DVDs or reality TV She didn't know it but she had dissociative amnesia With the help of her personal diaries and those close to her Naomi set about piecing together as much as she could of her missing years What she discovered shocked her As she dug deeper she began to experience disturbing flashbacks of traumatic events Would Naomi ever find her way back to the person she once was Did she even want to Funny and moving Forgotten Girl is ultimately an inspiring story of loss and redemption and the power of second chancesThis book's title is Forgotten Girl in the UK and I Woke up in the Future in AustraliaNZ How can anything so personal and emotional be anything less than 5 stars? Non fictionThe human mind is an amazing thing that often than not we take for grantedNaomi wakes up without knowledge of the years since she was 15 Scared and unaware of where she or her family areWith her sister Simone’s help Naomi finds her answers and moves forward further with her life than perhaps she would have done without her episodeNaomi bravely shares with the reader her very real traumatic experiences from her past This book shows we need to value ourselves and be thankful for our life then we can forgive others And forgiveness will bring peace to our mind and soul It was an interesting story and one that intrigued me when I first read about this book in a news article However it wasn't the story I expected it to be and found the writing style uite tiresome to read Could not finish this bookwas expecting a bit but couldnt see it actually going anywheregot a bit bored of her reading journals and having the sadscouldnt read than 2 or 3 pages without falling asleep got bored about half way through Forgotten Girl A Powerful True Story of Amnesia Secrets and Second Chances

About the Author: Naomi Jacobs

Naomi Jacobs was born in Liverpool raised in the West Midlands and now resides in Manchester United Kingdom with her teenage son Leo and her cat SophiaHer true story 'I Woke Up In The Future' first appeared in the Guardian Weekly Magazine in 2008 and since then has gone on to reach all corners of the worldIn 2011 her story became a global phenomenon and has appeared in publications such as Psy

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