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Ancillary Justice En un planeta helado y remoto una soldado llamada Bre se está acercando al cumplimiento de su misión En el pasado Bre era Justicia de Toren una crucero de batalla colosal con una inteligencia artificial ue conectaba a miles de soldados ue servían al Radch el imperio ue había conuistado la galaxia Ahora un acto de traición la ha hecho pedazos y solo cuenta con un único y frágil cuerpo humano numerosas preguntas sin responder y un ardiente deseo de venganza

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    This book caught my eye mostly because it's been winning just about every award ever this year So I picked it up when I was on tour And as soon as I started it I could see why it was getting such attention It's exceptionally well written I was almost immediately pulled in I should mention here it's Science Fiction I don't review much sci fi these days because I mostly read fantasy For

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    Most of my friends are married now and have 1 or 2 kids I like kids but once in a while you meet one of those kids that everyone adores and that is very clever and friendly but for some reason I simply don't get along with that particular kid Unfortunately for me Ancillary Justice is that kidIn Ancillary Justice we're following 2 plot lines for most of the novel In the present storylin

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    Ann Leckie's series drops us right into a universe both familiar and terrifyingly different It may take you a while to understand what is going on because many of your assumptions about point of view will be stripped away This is because the main character Bre is an ancillary a human body that has been 'slaved' to the artificial intelligence of a giant spaceship in this case Justice of

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    Unexpected When I started this book I thought I was looking at a 3 to 4 star book Even by halfway I was still thinking 4 stars at the most But really it was always going to be a five star book and it took me to the 80% mark to grudgingly acknowledge this deserves a five star I say grudgingly because this book is not my usual cup of tea Call me shallow and infantile but generally speaking

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    This really seems to be a case of a bandwagon gone insane I was looking forward to this book after seeing very high recommendations from a lot of high profile people Veronica Belmont John Scalzi I think? Felicia Day NPR books I know I am forgetting and nearly every review here is five stars How could I not love this one? Well recently I have discovered that I am really not fitting in wit

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    I'm almost wanting to give this five stars because I LOVED it but the first section of the book is very confusing in some ways by choice and I think that could put some people off so there you go 4 12 stars haThis is a great sci fi adventure following a character who is not man nor woman and don't even try to figure it out that's the confusing part But the character is fomerly HUNDREDS of

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    “If you’re going to make a desperate hopeless act of defiance you should make it a good one” Lots of fun Before reading Ancillary Sword the 2nd book in the Imperial Radch Series I decided to re read Ancillary Justice a thoroughly compelling space opera and debut novel from Ann Leckie I enjoyed Leckie’s depiction of One Esk whose story is told over three different time periods spanni

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    Things I liked about ANCILLARY JUSTICE a list Everyone is she not everyone is actually she The protagonist is a SPACESHIP There is a scene where a space station is mad at the protagonist and the space station throws a tantrum and a spaceship who likes the protagonist is like “omg space station is such a jerk” and it is super cute omg A spaceship with FEELINGS People are hostile and angry

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    Standing on the shoulders of giants author Anne Leckie has produced a mature post modern sci fi gemComing out of the gates with her debut novel but with a lifetime of science fiction knowledge building and percolating up to the top Leckie hit a home run and accurately won the science fiction triple crown by grabbing the Hugo the Nebula and the Arthur C Clarke as well as a host of other award

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    NOTE I feel bad changing my rating and my review after so many people have liked this review but one of the commenters below convinced me that the central arguments I made in my original 2 star review were invalid And at risk of breaking the entire Internet I decided to listen to a reasonable argument and evidence and consider changing my mind In addition I decided to reread listen to actually

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