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Empath Lauren Dailey is in break up hellStuck between moving on and letting go she puts on a brave face while crying herself to sleep at night But when a mysterious voice promises escape from her sadness she is suddenly transported to a new world And in this place the slightest touch pulls her out of her tortured emotions into the mind of another an empathThe villagers sweet Aerona and her mischievous twins wise Siors and hunky Cefin welcome her and the blessings her empath powers bring But this world is not without its dangers The Anghenfil a fire breathing monster has haunted the village for decades and has a taste for empaths And that mysterious voice promising escape from sadness It's sounding like a whisper tinged with smoke and embersCan Lauren keep the monsters in the mountain and in her head at bay Or will she succumb to the darkness like the empath before her I averaged about 20 to 50 pages a day because I was reading this on my phone as a pdf file Now this story hits really close to home for me right down to an ex's name that I went through a lot of the same problems with in my relationship So the first chapter really grabbed my attention As I plunged farther and farther into the story waiting to see where everything was leading I was intrigued constantly It is worth the read because you truly empathize with the character as she struggles with her new found abilitiesThe plot itself is very different from what I have read before Most stories like this the traditional happily ever after happens with the main male and female character It was not the case with this story and I loved that It was nice to see the epiphany be found from within rather than externally through another I like the delicate balance between realistic approaches and trying to fit into a fantasy world The ending even lent itself into the idea that all was not well yet but the road of recovery has been started That is something stories need to show to help those of us that do feel like we are drowning and push off the realities we wish to deny has happenedI would say this is a great story even if I don't count it among my favorites However I would use this story as a stepping stone to help someone who was having a harder time reaching out and needed something to bridge the gap I think if I was some sort of therapist I would use this story to communicate the how powerful and strong it is to reach out for help rather than do everything on your ownThe lessons found inside this work and the growth that comes from not just one but uite a few of the characters makes this an easy connection with others when it would be found harder than normal Even with those of us that suffer anxieties in social situations What I LovedThis book surprised me In all the best ways I was expecting an epic fantasy but I wasn't expecting the story hidden underneath that one I wasn't expecting this story to be about someone struggling with their mental health I think that was my favourite part There was so much I wasn't expecting and that made the story so much better to readI'm not usually one to read about mental illness or mental disorders It's not something I've been able to relate to or really enjoyed reading I could really relate to our main character here though I wouldn't say she had any mental disorders but she had a mental barrier she had to get over She needed to learn who she was without a guy which I think is something a lot of girls have gone through before I just found that while she was explaining her situation all I could think was same girl I actually have that in my notes A story is much easier to follow when you share the same feelings as the main characterWhat I Didn't LoveI didn't really have anything wrong with this book The only difference between a 4 and 5 star for me is personal preference I loved this book but it didn't fully blow me away Though it came SO close This is actually the first book I gave a 45 rating but I couldn't help itWho I'd Recommend ToI would recommend this book especially for those going through a break up After I finished reading this I had to sit down and think for a minute It's a book for those who like to really feel something after they're done readingSee the full review on Books for Thought PSYCHOCAT READS REVIEW OF EMPATH BY S USHER EVANSI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Originally posted hereHaving read and loved both of the Razia books that S Usher Evans has released it was a no brainer that I'd be on board with reading EMPATH She warned me it was very different and a bit heavier on the feels than the other books She wasn't kidding Having just finished EMPATH I can tell you a few things First this book defies the normal Psychocat Reads Review organization so just roll with the changes Second whatever you do don't read this book in the same week that you watch the emotionally traumatizing season finales for your favorite tv shows Just don't I did and it was a very bad idea Third well the third point will be made as the review progresses so just hang on to that thought It took me two nights to get through the first 40% of EMPATH I liked the story and the main character but there was a fair bit of other stuff going on that kept me distracted The beginning wasn't one that latched onto me so hard that I couldn't put it down to do other things; however while eating dinner the third evening I settled in to read a bit I assumed I'd read some then read some before bed and maybe finish it in the morning I might have been wrong Not a damned thing else happened until I finished the book I did manage to email myself a few notes of things I just had to mentioned in the review Never mind the fact that I did that from my phone because I couldn't be bothered to stop reading long enough to either go to my computer and type them or find a notebook to write them So here's how things shook out for me when it came to EMPATHThe Characters As far as the characters go Lauren is the one you spend the book getting to know EMPATH is all about her struggles She's not really coping with her break up she lands herself in a completely unfamiliar place finds out she's an EMPATH and is pushed to her breaking point So yeah this story is no picnic The thing is this bitch is dealing with issues that a lot of us face And I don't just mean the issues I mean the way she tries to bury them and pretend they're fine Yep as far as characters go she's one I think plenty of readers will get On different note Lauren obviously went to the Jenny Fraser school for deterring sexual assault If you're an Outlander fan that'll make sense If not well you're missing outThroughout the book I did feel a bit bad for her when everybody kept looking at her like she'd grown a second head when she would use certain phrases and such They would look lost and I was like It's okay Lauren I understood that reference Related to that I'm pretty sure Cefin didn't know what the hell to think when she opened her mouth sometimes When he fired off with You make too many jokes in serious situations I laughed like an idiot before trying to explain it to him Well no shit Sherlock It's a coping mechanism I'm pretty sure me talking to the book didn't help his level of understandingSpeaking of Cefin he makes for a great knight in shining armor but I loved seeing how the author used the character It wasn't the traditional path for characters like him but one that was important to the story being told The Rest of the Review Because EMPATH defies my ability to neatly sort it into buckets I'm not even going to try Honestly after I finished the book I knew this was going to be one of those reviews that reuired excessive usage of gifs to get the point across To try and actually explain things with lots of words would just ruin the journey the book takes you on and I hate to ruin a good book So let's just sum it up like thisThere are a lot of places where Lauren is basically having this conversation with herself Both Lauren and the reader are subject to a fair amount of this during the book The poor girl isn't perfect and she knows it She even realizes at some point that she might not have made the right call a time or two or thirty But if you stick with her and with the story that EMPATH tells you'll eventually get the point The moral of the story #SlayYourFears Jen's Final Rating 45 STARS There was a point early on where I thought this one was going to end up lower but when a book can create the feels that this one did especially in the final chapters it earns a lot of points Because finishing this book left me feeling a lot like this But it also left me feeling good about the time I spent with it There's a good chance those final chapter will break your feels but they will also remind you that ending up at the bottom doesn't mean you have to stay therePsychocat's Final Rating Our beloved emotionally unstable feline prefers not to admit weakness but EMPATH was enough to remind her that even she needs to let someone in from time to time Or at least that's the interpretation I got from her sudden and incessant need to be on me or within 6 inches of me at all times Empath is about Lauren a modern day girl with dragon sized heartbreak and anxiety literally When she hears a voice that offers to take away that pain it is irresistible temptation Transported from the hum drum of her life and mind numbing job she finds herself in a world where mud can be magic dragons terrorize the village and washing machines are nowhere to be found What starts out as simply a uest to get home becomes a uest to gain control of her thoughts emotions and fears and ultimately find release from the hell she's been trapped in The Anghenfil the anxiety dragon of lore is with Lauren every step of the way promising that oh so tempting easy way out Evans' writing has your heart hurting right there with Lauren and you want her to find happiness just as you would for a dear friend or even yourself The depiction of depression and anxiety is accurate and done with much care and while some very important issues are touched on they are executed most thoughtfully and left me in tears than once The writing was beautiful the adventure was fun to tag along with and the feels were over the top Definitely a recommended readThis review also appears on my blogor it will tomorrow S Usher Evans you sly devil I think you empathed me You must have because reading this book felt like someone had snuck into my inmost thoughts turned over all my hidden fears uncovered all my buried guilts and threw a light on all my secret hopesand then shook them all up together jumped up and down on them while chortling chortling with evil laughter and presented them back to me with a shared look of understanding and a meaningful nod Seriously I know this book will resonate with a lot of people who will feel eually empathed — the uiet ones the introverts the I'm fine crowd the ones who endure and endure and endure the burden they won't let anyone know about let alone share There were so many wonderful things going on in this book just following Lauren's personal journey to find healing and wholeness to find what she is truly looking for I really enjoyed the twins and Aerona and the rest of the cast of characters and I think the author did a brilliant job of capturing those subtle moments of realization as Lauren came to understand herself better To me one of the most poignant scenes in the novel was view spoilerthe very last one where Lauren meets Cassidy and goes back to comfort and encourage her Just a reminder that sometimes when we feel the most alone we aren't just isolated but isolating and it's so important to remember that we can be a brightness and a comfort to someone else even when we feel like there is no one there to bring light and solace to usand sometimes that in itself is the greatest comfort hide spoiler Lauren is sassy and brassy on the outside yet anxious and filled with fear on the inside Her wit will make you laugh while her inner turmoil brings you to tears I’ll admit sometimes I wanted to smack our protagonist upside the head but soon after I’d find myself wanting to give her a hug and tell her everything’s going be okay Conflicting conflict Unparalleled parallelsWhen finding herself in a strange land like something out of a Celtic fairytale Lauren remains very real A modern twenty first century gal in a very un modern world even calling the bad guy a dill weed at one point is funny folks Truly entertaining The author does a great job swirling two completely different worlds into one perfect chocolatey vanilla y treat Yet when the banter ceases Lauren is forced to journey into a place even disturbing than fire breathing monsters and wicked kings And true bad ass chick heroism is found when she looks her own fears and weakness dead in the eye and walks boldly through the pain Ms Evans take a bow This is a great piece of work Dig in folks You’re gonna love it S Usher Evans brings us another tale uite different from the Razia series that I have already greatly enjoyed With all of the talk in the media about de stigmatizing mental illness this book is definitely one to enter in to the discussion Though some may see the plot as jumping on the fantasy bandwagon instead it provides an outlet to explore the depths that a person will go to in their search to escape their pain Lauren Daily is like so many young women who seem successful and accomplished on the outside but are falling to pieces on the inside As we are privvy to her inner thoughts we want to scream No every time that she buries one uncomfortable truth however her forces us to do some introspection Are we like Lauren and trying to hide the pain instead or dealing with it? Or are we like the people around her who accept the simple lie that everything is just fine? Beware the dragon Errr 25 stars This book is weird Most of the reasons why it falls so flat are structure based The writing is sound the characters are alright nothing to write home about but not completely awful The problem is how the story is laid out First it opens with someone recovering from a breakup with a character we never see This is a really hard sell If the writing weren't well done I would have noped out of it right thereThe inciting action is nothing the protagonist did She's just magically transported to some other world So all of her personality and character and life and friends none of that matters in this new world Essentially the first few chapters were a waste of time so we have to start all over again with getting our footing From here things continue to just happen to the character She doesn't propel the story things just sort of happen which is my biggest pet peeve and I get so bored when books do thisThen there's Cefin She kind of latches on to the first guy near her age and becomes infatuated with him I don't feel like she and Cefin had much chemistry or reason to be together at all I actually found it really weird she didn't want to go home?? I mean she gives that up really uickly and instead daydreams about marrying Cefin in this world and complains a lot about how their love can never be like idk Maybe having just gone through a bad breakup you should work on establishing yourselfgetting on your own two feet instead of pining after whatever guy happens to land in your path? Again if they had anything in common or chemistry I probably would've been all for it but it seems like they are just the only single unrelated people their age in the village Might as well be into each other I only got to page 164 before I was just so completely not interested in it that I couldn't continue Also why didn't she ever just take the ruby off? That seems like the most obvious solution to all her problems lolEDIT Oh also Every time the characters shouted their dialogue was in ALL CAPS Which just hnnng no On the surface Empath is a book about a girl transported into another world her difficulty adjusting to a different way of life and her struggles to get back home Below the surface this is a story about transitions heartbreak and difficult choices Readers will be able to identify with Lauren and how she tries to move forward once everything she knew about her life changed This is a well written book and the author truly conveys the pain that Lauren is going through so well that this reader physically and emotionally connected with Lauren and felt her pain Once you pick up this book you will not want to put it down

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S Usher Evans is an author blogger and witty banter aficionado Born in Pensacola Florida she left the sleepy town behind for the fast paced world of Washington DC There she somehow landed jobs with BBC Discovery Channel and National Geographic Television before finally settling into a real job as an IT consultant After a uarter life crisis at age 27 she decided consulting was for

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