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The Greek's Virgin Bride the book was a complete flop andrea was physically scarred n off men due 2 dat complex n a bad experience she had when she was 22 she had been through very hard times; lost her dad involved in a tragic accident which nearly cost her her legs n rejected by her vicious grandfather who let me remind you actually hit herbeat her right in front of nikos nikos actually thought she deserved it bcoz whatshe's a pampered lil heiressdats disgusting or bcoz she deigned 2 answer back bcoz u dunt arrange some1's marriage without askinginforming her 1st the old man had no courtesy nikos did redeem himself afterwards but the book just did not do 4 me Okay once the H saw the heroine he was smitten He says he didn't touch anyone since the day he met her But I had to sit through his disgusting sexual memories of his two mistresses It was just gross I took off one star for that He was a pig And he had plans for the greek mistress on the day he met the h But maybe he really didn't touch anyone else He was an awesome hero otherwise The scene where she shows him her legs made me cry He was wonderful Swoon worthy actually But the scene when he just watched when her grandfather hit her was deplorable and I almost stopped reading That was before the honeymoon scene above so I forgave him after that He was so in love with her on the ship it was wonderful I loved him from that point forward His actions at the end of the book were so romantic I loved the epilogue too Did i mention that the steamy scenes were very steamy I loved this book except for that horrible mistress stuff at the beginning It was Like two different heroes I might just might have to white out those scenes in the book Yeah that will work Andrea has every reason to loathe her wealthy Greek grandfather; he's never done anything to help her or her English mother even when Andrea was in dire straits after an accident But when he summons her to Greece she can't resist the possibility of getting money to help her ailing exhausted mother Even if it means marrying a man who will undoubtedly come to hate her if he ever realizes she's not the wealthy heiress he expectedI feel kind of bummed that I didn't like this There were some good aspects of it cynical Nikos learns to become tender and protective and comes to see the downside of ruthlessly seeking wealth and power And I liked that Andrea's injury is really uite serious and disfiguring because I was expecting one of those obnoxious I have a scar every man thinks I'm a freak pity parties But I was put off at the beginning by Nikos' extreme sluttiness he earned himself a whole new shelf and when Andrea's grandfather hit her and Nikos didn't react immediately it just kind of killed the romance for me The writing is restrained and the book overall less over the top than recent James If you like HPs it's probably worth a try I had many issues with this one; especially the part where the heroine Andrea is thrashed by her grandfather while the hero looks on without doing anything about it I just couldn't take to the hero after that not even when he discovers her disfigurement and looks after her The heroine's character was ok although she seemed to have a tendency to bait danger But what was worse was the writing; it seemed overly dramatic and boring I found myself skimming pages rather than actually reading the book This is a 15 stars for me Reading two JJ's back to back was not a wise decision MOC story where yet another Greek patriarch blackmails a granddaughter AGAIN As AvidReader said the H starts out as a real oinker thinking about his two mistresses and how good the sex is and how he needs some soon; he’s glad his soon to be Greek wife will have been schooled by her mother in the fine art of averting eyes to cheating BARF and his hormonal excitement when the h turns out to be a hot babe Of course the H has to struggle with the initial Oh noes when he thinks the 25 yo old babe is the creepy grandfather’s SOB's mistress instead of the plain greek girl he has been led to believeThe grandfather is now rotting in HP hell and deservedly so He beat his son refused to help his granddaughter for other reasons you’ll have to suffer the beginning to find out The heroine is pretty feisty and leads the H on a merry dance when she tells him she is as in it for the money as he is That doesn’t go over well as apparently only Greek alpha types can marry for money She also defies gramps in a showdown that the H deplores for her acting like an uppity female barf again but admires her for her courage as few men including him could do that The ONLY I mean the only thing that saves this is that once the H gets a look at the heroine he turns into a big old softie and is uite sweet if you can look over his inner monologue about how spoiled she must be growing up in the lap of luxury She didn't Yawn I need a breakMy recommendation for maintaining sanity is start reading around Chapter 6 You’ll miss where the heroine puts the screws to her grandfather but you will miss some major yucky misogynistic drama A manwhore who has not one but two mistresses gets a virgin wifeNow of course heroine didn’t have the luxury to see the world but there is NO balance of power hereIt is written not because that’s how it happensIt’s written because the author and publisher feel that’s how it “should” happenAnd the belief that no matter how soiled the male protagonist is the female protagonist has to be untouched is actually rather disgusting than romantic and I’d like to avoid it no matter how much he reforms and how good the book is Update 281218I decided to read this one just to check how a safe author turns unsafe for me Avid reader was right The hero is gross Man whore word won’t do justice; He is a sex maniac Read Avid Reader Review He is always thinking about sex even after engaging to the heroine it was a business merger and he didn’t see the heroine He was thinking to continue his sex masuerade even after the marriage but he will respect the heroine As if cheating is not disrespecting The first 65% was worse but the scene changes after that The last 35% were very good and if the whole book was like that I would have rated this book 4 ratings 1 star is for hero’s good behavior toward heroine in the last part of the book He was good trust me 1 star is for A Strong Heroine A strong heroine is an Alien in HP’s Date 201218I like Julia James but how she wrote this I thought this book would be similar to The Virgin's secret by Abby Green but oh my god this book was nothing like that It was way better The heroine is a young hard working woman who was suffered a lot and the hero a complicated control addicted millionaire Andrea and Nikos have a connection right from the start and the romantic tension is intense I loved how near the end it was Nikos who became the vulnerable one cause of his love for Andrea and it was he who exorcised her demons Reading about Andrea's accident her disability and her strength to overcome all obstacles touched me deeply Julia James is amazing YuckyuckyuckOh my god the hero I’m literally sick now One of the worst manwhore hero He is manho in the highest sense Just read the first page where he is thinking of his current mistress when grandfather of the heroine is proposing marriageI was like I dont trust this author do I continueAnd I did My BLOODY mistakeNow I’m on page 41 and eventhough he is engaged to heroine who he never met yethe sets aside Esme the current mistress and spend the previous night with another mistress Xanthe who is greek and available right now because she always was responsive and sweet to him and know how to pleasure a greek man what he needss blah blah and Esme is American certainly a catch and ueen of catwalks but sometimes it gets on his nerve that ‘As an American she have that internal affliction of thinking that a woman had a right to give a man hard if she choose’ His words Forget being woman I’m offended on behalf of Americans Still he can make her purr anytimeand I assure you he already made me growl and pukeIt didn’t finish even therehe made plans with Xanthe tonight and was thinking how pleasurable it will feel Thensurprise some disgusting thoughtsOh did I forget to mention him fondly remembering another of Esme’s many predecessor calling him stud after he ‘exhausted and sated’ her For which he laughed wickedly and turned her soOr the instance where he thought now that he is getting married he will have to keep his affairs discreet Or another where he thinks surely heroine’s mother had trained her to be a biddable Greek wife who knows husbands strays and a wife’s duty is blah blah and now I feel sympathy for said biddable Greek wivesUghhhhhh Anyway I will complete reading this though not sure how as I have this twisted sense of thinking where I dont want to demean authors efforts This rule was relatively new and one this book is making me rethink Promised to the Greek tycoonas his brideAs the illegitimate granddaughter of a famous Greek billionaire Andrea Fraser was disowned at birth and grew up in poverty Now at the age of twenty five she is unexpectedly called to Greece where shocking news awaits herAndrea's grandfather has found her a husband She's promised to tycoon Nikos Vassilis as part of a business deal But Andrea is strongly independent and has no intention of meekly accepting a marriage of convenience Nikos may be the most sophisticated man she's ever met but she'll be leaving him the first chance she getswon't she

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Julia lives in England with her family Mills and Boon novels were Julia's first grown up books she read as a teenager Alongside Georgette Heyer and Daphne du Maurier and she's been reading them ever sinceJulia adores the English countryside And the Celtic countryside in all its seasons and is fascinated by all things historical from castles to cottages She also has a special lov

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