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The Little Bookshop on the Seine It’s The Holiday on the Champs Élysées in a great big love letter to Paris charming old bookstores and happily ever aftersWhen bookshop owner Sarah Smith is offered the opportunity for a job exchange with her Parisian friend Sophie saying yes is a no brainer—after all what kind of romantic would turn down six months in Paris Sarah is sure she’s in for the experience of a lifetime—days spent surrounded by literature in a gorgeous bookshop and the chance to watch the snow fall on the Eiffel Tower Plus now she can meet up with her journalist boyfriend Ridge when his job takes him around the globeBut her expectations cool faster than her café au lait soon after she lands in the City of Light—she’s a fish out of water in Paris The customers are rude her new coworkers suspicious and her relationship with Ridge has been reduced to a long distance game of phone tag leaving Sarah to wonder if he’ll ever put her first over his busy career As Christmas approaches Sarah is determined to get the shop—and her life—back in orderand make her dreams of a Parisian happily ever after come true The Little Bookshop on the Seine by Rebecca Raisin is a 2016 Carina Press UK publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisherauthor and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I fell in love with Rebecca Raisin’s Gingerbread Café novels and so it is a no brainer that I would follow her straight to her next series with eager anticipation While this story has a holiday theme it can be enjoyed any time of the year because love and romance are always in season This story centers around Sarah Smith who resides in our favorite small town of Ashford and lives her life surrounded by books as she owns a charming little bookstore Her life is comfortable a little predictable with her only real concern being the financial situation the bookstore is in due to an increase in rent but no additional sales to make up the difference But when Sophie her friend from Paris who also runs a bookshop pleads with Sarah to switch places for a while so she can recover from a humiliating breakup Sarah scoffs But Sophie convinces her to try it and well why not? Sarah has never done anything this spontaneous and it’s about time she put a little pizzazz in her life With her boyfriend Ridge away on assignment this is the perfect opportunity to see Paris and hopefully enjoy a little adventure However the charming city of romance is anything but When Sarah arrives at the bookshop she is appalled by several things such as the sheer volume of business the amount of paperwork the disorganized and disrespectful staff and most disturbing of all the money that seems to vanish from the tills and the shoppers who blatantly steal books without any reprimand Not only that Ridge is out of pocket so than not Their relationship has turned into a game of phone tag leaving Sarah to wonder if a long distance relationship will work out in the long run This is a charming story about learning to open yourself up to new ideas to branching out a little gaining confidence and taking risks even if it is much comfortable to stay in a nice cozy little cocoon where we feel safe and secure I enjoyed the Paris setting meeting Sarah’s new friends and watching her blossom in the nicest way possible Rebecca Raisin has a wonderful voice and produces emotional and heartfelt stories with likable and zany characters I always grow to care about and look forward to touching base with again This story will appeal to those who like sweet romance and women’s fictionChick lit style novels 4 stars A book about a bookshop? Count me in What is not to like? Have you seen the cover? I am in loveSarah Smith loves her little bookshop in her uaint little town in Connecticut Life is good for Sarah she knows everyone has a great group of girlfriends and a drop dead gorgeous boyfriend What could a girl want? Will she be willing to walk away from all this for six whole months? You bet When Sophie begs her to switch places so she can escape her cheating ex Sarah realizes this is a chance of a lifetime Sarah will be managing Once Upon a Time bookshop in Paris while Sophie will take over The Bookshop on the Corner in Connecticut Sounds like a fairytale right? Until Sarah arrives in Paris to a not so warm welcome The staff of Once Upon a Time gives her the cold shoulder business is off the chain and Sarah just can't seem to fit in with the Paris localsMy heart went out to Sarah as she tried to fit in The author captures that feeling of being new perfectly Sarah being new to the bookshop had no one she could trust or confide in She felt alone and alienated She had left a perfect life for this Then she began to uestion if her long distance relationship could stand this latest test or will she find a new love in Paris?This was my first book that I have read by this author and it was an absolute delight Fantastic developed characters that made my heart melt I see many Rebecca Raisin books in my future A lovely story in a fantastic settingThank you so much to Harleuin for inviting me along on this blog tour My Rating45Favorite uotesI only ran if chocolate was involved and even then it was a fast walkWhat? Just ’cause I’m an old woman that don’t mean I can’t appreciate beauty My eyesight still works plenty fine Missy had a thing about boosting people up she only saw the good in a person and threw compliments around like confettiThe closest I’d come to confrontation was when the local book club dissolved into a heated argument their opinions divided and someone had to stand in and mediate But I’d known those ladies my whole life and all I had to do to calm them down was threaten to take the wine awayHe was my Mr Right there was no uestion about that It was just a shame he wasn’t Mr Right HereMy ReviewI adored this tender story and debated and waffled in how to rate this lovely tale The writing was easy to follow highly relatable and sweetly engaging while gently paced with several slowly evolving yet beguiling storylines and cast with a peculiar hodgepodge of curiously alluring and intriguing characters I enjoyed the leisurely humorous and captivating glimpses of the uirkiness of the authentic Parisian lifestyle and the secret marketing tactics utilized with the locals vs tourist mentality My heart seized at every mention of the iconic Notre Dame while I alternated between wistfully remembering my long ago visit with the rather hideous gargoyles and recalling the recent and distressing news videos of the beloved structure in flames While it wasn’t an enrapturing breath stealing romance or brain itching thriller the descriptive and engaging prose kept me well entertained with a smile on my face for most of the day I have finally hit a soft landing and alit on the smooth uality and skillful finesse of the talented wordsmith and a 45 stars rating while coveting of the same Rebecca Raisin is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors so this post is extra special You may recall that I read reviewed and LOVED her book “Rosie’s Traveling Tea Shop” but that is simply my favorite among many of her books that I’ve read Now added to that list of faves is “Little Bookshop on the Seine” I mean who doesn’t love a story set in both Paris and a bookstore?Sarah owns her own little bookstore in a small town across the street from her best friend’s cafe Readers of Rebecca Raisin will recognize many of the characters in Little Bookshop but this is Sarah’s story and the first in the Paris series Sarah loves her store her books are like family than “real people” She has a handsome boyfriend who travels all over the world and Sarah is feeling a bit of that wanderlust herself Her life has become a bit too predictable When her online friend in Paris suggests a store swap Sarah jumps at the chance not really comprehending what she is getting herself into The fast paced life of a Parisian bookstore is a far cry from her very laid back store in Ashford Will Sarah be able to cut it or will she run back home to the safety of home and her friends?I absolutely adored Sarah’s story That feeling of restlessness is something of which I am very familiar I wanted her to be stronger get it together uicker but as the story unfolds we are able to see that Sarah is growing and maturing in very wonderful ways This is than just another cute cosy As with so many of Raisin’s books we see how women can rise to occasion when necessary and that within each of us is a strength we can call upon when needed I highly recommend Little Bookshop on the Seine and although it takes place around the holidays it is not a holiday book It is a marvelous introduction to a new series that is sure to be a great one In small town Connecticut Sarah Smith’s bookshop is struggling As uiet and peaceful as Ashford is her business has become a little too uiet Despite her wonderful group of friends Sarah feels stuck and her mostly long distance relationship with freelance journalist Ridge has become increasingly distant as he is constantly called away on stories When offered the chance for a bookshop exchange with her friend Sophie Sarah has no trouble saying yes The best part it’s in ParisSarah heads to the City of Love full of dreams of exploring hidden avenues popping into cafés and taking in the sights between shifts at a gorgeous historical bookshop However she uickly realizes she is in for culture shock than she anticipated Overwhelmed by the bustle of the shop the magnitude of responsibilities and her lack of experience as an authority figure Sarah struggles to keep the shop and her staff under control all while adjusting to big city life However Sarah is determined to make the most of her Parisian adventureRebecca Raisin is the author of multiple novels including the Little Paris series and the Gingerbread Café trilogy The Little Bookshop on the Seine delivers a story rich with the romance of Paris and the love of books and wraps it all together with the magic of Christmas As a reader there is nothing that enchants me than a setting of a bookshop However as much as I loved the setting I wished for in the story and I also wished for in the romance Honestly the story was fairly boring I held out hope that it would get better once the main character met a new love interest Well I can't give any spoilers away but know this I was disappointed on that front That's all I will say For the romance component of this novel there was no chemistry and it honestly seemed like a terrible relationship to be in Not only would I not want a similar relationship for myself but I would also not want a similar relationship for any of my friends It took me longer than I expected to finish this book because I just kept putting it down Every time I found the story was becoming too dull down the book went Unfortunately that happened uite often There are many cozy romance reads out there that are set in both bookshops and in Paris This is not one that I would recommend Thank you to the publisher for supplying me with an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 5 Words Paris love Christmas relationships booksThis was a perfect Christmas story and a fantastic continuation of Sarah and Ridge's story from The Bookshop on the Corner It was also the perfect introduction to the Little Paris collection and I will absolutely be reading onFrom the very first page that was me Sucked right in This book is pretty magical perfect for the festive season But it is also startlingly realistic It isn't a fairy tale It has me craving gingerbread lattes and bread and cheese and cheap red wine I want to get my Christmas decorations up now a whole month earlyI loved how this story tested Sarah and Ridge's relationship It forced them to change to develop to grow And it forced them to acknowledge some home truths It felt like their relationship really went to the next level I received a copy of this for free via NetGalley for review purposes Books food romance and Paris what can you want from a book? This was such a fun story with a slight holiday vibe Rebecca Raisin brought the beauty of Paris to life with her descriptive writing and dazzling storytelling Sarah feels as though she is in a bit of a rut so when her friend Sophie who lives in Paris offers a book shop swap she jumps at the chance The city of lights holiday time and a book shop it’s a dream come true But has Sarah bitten off than she can chew? The bookshop is busier than she expected the staff is unreliable at best and her boyfriend seems to be putting his job before traveling to Paris Will Sarah be able to find her inner strength and turn things around? Sarah was a great character but I did want to give the girl a major peptalk This book shop swap was not as advertised Sarah was doing her friend Sophie a favor and Sophie didn’t seem to give her the knowledge she needed to be successful in this bustling hostile environment I am not certain if this is a French thing but I cannot imagine working anywhere especially retail where people popped in and worked when they chose to? There was no set schedule? Just reading about it stressed me out Fortunately Sarah made some good friends that made this all a little bearable As the book progressed the magic of Paris inhabited Sarah and I loved her character development throughout the story The romance in this story was really in the background this really was about Sarah becoming fierce I was glad of how things ended with Sarah and her boyfriendCute story charming characters books and Paris🎧🎧🎧 The audiobook was narrated by Sally Scott I am pretty certain that she is British so I am not certain why she was narrating a book that was primarily told from an American’s perspective? I mean if I had to speak in a British accent I’m sure people would find all kinds of things wrong with it While her French accent I thought was brilliant her American accent bothered me a bit She dropped her R’s that drove me nuts but did admittedly bother me less as the book went on This book in emojis 📚 🇫🇷 🧀 🥖 🎄 Big thank you to Harleuin and Harper Audio for my gifted copy of this book All opinions are my own For of my reviews and bookish thoughts please visit my blog I really loved the setting of this book Paris seems like really magical and charming place here and when I was reading I just wanted to find myself there with all characters The story itself was so cute that I was sucked into it form the first page and couldn't put book down Main character Sarah's life is great but she doesn't feel 100% content with it and is trying find something When she gets a call from Sophiebookstore owner she gets interested in bookstore swap It kind of remind me of movie 'Holiday' which I really like and I found this idea really exciting Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review

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