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CaptivatedEntrancedCharmed Good book It's 3 novels under 1 cover I'm glad I was able to read the 3 novels straight through The sex scenes were very well written But the sex scenes in each of the 3 novels with 3 different couples was treated basically the same way with the sex being at times almost violent with ripping off clothes and and very intense I guess I looked at the way the sex scenes were written with greater interest than maybe the normal reader because writing sensual romance is my specialty as a published author It just seemed to me as though she had a formula with the sex scenes which varied some with each of the 3 couples in the 3 different novels but was basically the same overallAnother thing that sort of bugged me is the way the couples called each other by their last names instead of their first names most of the time I really don't hear many people in real life doing thisKristie Leigh Maguire author of Affairs of the Hearthttpkristieleighmaguirecom Special giftsfor three magical cousins New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts delivers a special trade size collection featuring three of her most beloved stories from the Donovan family series Three Donovan cousins must learn to accept their mystic legacies while falling under the spell of love twist and turns loved this threebook series great book The Irish folklore is always fascinating easy read of 3 families 3 cousins intertwined by magic Captivated The Donovan Legacy #1👉🏻 Morgana Donovan Nash KirklandEntranced The Donovan Legacy #2👉🏻 Sebastian Donovan Mary Ellen Mel SutherlandCharmed The Donovan Legacy #3👉🏻 Anastasia Donovan Boone SawyerEnchanted The Donovan Legacy #4👉🏻 Liam Donovan Rowan Murray A reread of a romance classicThe Donovans are timeless and I am swept back in time every time I reread this omnibus Given that the trilogy is over 20 years old some of the language surrounding the love scenes feels a bit violent and outdated in the #metoo era I was surprised by the number of times clothes were ripped off or fistfuls of hair were grabbed Of the number of times the women actually said I'm not interested but the men kept after them Or touched without permission no matter how romanticI still liked the trilogy for the story but This is a 3 book collectionCaptivated 3 stars I wanted to punch Nash than once I do like him though Entranced 4 starsCharmed 3 stars I would've given it 4 except the ending just just made me give it 3So I have to hive the book 3 stars well 3 12 stars I enjoyed it even though it sometimes annoyed the crap out of me Overall these stories are a nice way to spend a lazy day but nothing overly memorable They are some of her older works so they aren't as developed as some of her newer stuff A nice group of character that you can see she evolved in some of her later works This is one of her earlier works and I picked it up to reread for fun It was neat to see some of the characters and themes she's explored in later novels fit into the framework of a serial romance novel I found this book at a Goodwill store I really like Nora Roberts books so I grabbed it I didn't realize Nora Roberts wrote books about witches These three books were an enjoyable read Would highly recommend

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