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Hot Water Man From the bestselling author of The Best Exotic Marigold HotelEast is East and West is WestFresh from London Christine and Donald Manley have come to the alien swelter of Karachi Christine to conceive a child Donald to sell the Pill for a pharmaceutical company Among the ex pats already there is straight talking Duke Hanson whose all American values cannot prevent him falling then sinking helplessly in love with a sophisticated Pakistani girl In the ensuing tangle of Anglo American Oriental relations the strangest things for those who have come out East are revealed in the very people with whom they arrived

About the Author: Deborah Moggach

Deborah Moggach is a British writer born Deborah Hough on 28 June 1948 She has written fifteen novels to date including The Ex Wives Tulip Fever and most recently These Foolish Things She has adapted many of her novels as TV dramas and has also written several film scripts including the BAFTA nominated screenplay for Pride & Prejudice She has also written two collections of short stories

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    I really found myself admiring Christine for bucking the system and going her own way doing things that just weren't done by ex pats I'm finding Moggach's books to be full and rich I dropped a star because at times it lagged I would still recommend it

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    Interesting a novel set in 1970s Karachi and its environs PakistanNot so much the core privileged cast and their respective issues

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    A fascinating view of Pakistan and its culture viewed mainly through the eyes of Westerners one of whom is determined to go native not always wisely I enjoyed this mainly for the uality of the writing a glimpse of a foreign country I may never visit myself rather than the plot which I found confusing and vague

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    Beautifully written I was lost in this novel It was so descriptive I felt as though I had visited Karachi Didn't find the characters endearing and the plot had me lost some of the time but still I could not stop reading this Can't wait to read of Deborah Moggach's books

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    Funny thats all I can say

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