Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Sherlock Holmes Rediscovered

Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Sherlock Holmes Rediscovered Railway Mysteries Benedict Cumberbatch reads these four new Sherlock Holmes stories by John Taylor'An Inscrutable Masuerade' 'The Conundrum of Coach 13' 'The Trinity Vicarage Larceny' 'The 1059 Assassin'Inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes stories John Taylor has written four mysteries featuring the world’s greatest detective Read by acclaimed actor

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    25 StarsAfter my past encounters with some disappointing pieces of Sherlock Holmes pastiches I started running away from them like I avoid calls of notorious telemarketers But as always there are times when I let myself get stupidly wooed by irresistible offers and this was one of them I mean who can resist Benedict Cumberlord? Here was the offer My genera

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    I am not going to pretend that I read err listened to this audio book for any reason other than well him sigh But this book did surprise me as it was fairly decent Of course it was nothing like the original yet the mysteries sometimes managed to draw my attention away from Cumberbatch’s voice Now that is an achievement because he is such a brilliant acto

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    Four Sherlock Holmes stories narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch? YES PLEASEThis little audiobook is perfect if you have to do little chores and don't want the time to be spent just with those boring tasks Benedict Cumberbatch has an amazing narrating voice to listen to and I fairly enjoyed it Plus imagining him and Martin Freeman as Sherlock and Watson while l

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    'An Inscrutable Masuerade' 3 stars 'The Conundrum of Coach 13' 25 stars 'The Trinity Vicarage Larceny' 2 stars 'The 1059 Assassin' 3 starsNarration 5 Stars Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty good as a narrator for this He voices everyone wonderfully and I didn't have trouble falling into the stories I was wondering if I'd be distracted by his voice but that w

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    I'm not a fan of audio books because I truly love reading at my own pace and you can't do that when someone is reading to you I'm a control freak like that and I love being able to turn pages back and forth particularly when I've missed something or am in awe or something This is the first audio book I've ever listened to and only because it contains the voice

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    I don't usually 'read' audio books and I wouldn't even start listening to this one if it weren't for the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch was reading it The highlight of the entire work is for me Mr Cumberbatch's excellent reading I'm not even going to deny that I'm a fan of his sexy baritone but what convinced me to stick through this whole audio book experience

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    I'm in a Sherlock Holmes mood at the moment partially due to the book I'm reading about the character's evolution and partially due to the NYE special So when this popped up as a suggestion on my audiobook app I had to listen to itIt's a very short book much like Conan Doyle's tales about this great detective but the four stories included in this audiobook were

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    More like 25 The mysteries were Ok sometimes a little boring But Cumbertbatch narration was as expected fabulous I really hope someone pays him to read the original Sherlock

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    I was so excited to find that Benedict Cumberbatch had done the reading for an audio book version of Sherlock Holmes However I was a little sad to realize that it is not one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels but instead a new author who was attempting to write as the characters I went and found a copy of this and started listening I was cautiously optimistic Ho

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    These were great little stories that fit very well within the Sherlock world Of course they were wonderfully narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch My only complaint is that they felt way too short and sometimes very rushed to the conclusion

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