Dark Futures Terminator 2 The New John Connor Chronicles

Dark Futures Terminator 2 The New John Connor Chronicles Book 1 Following the events of Terminator 2 Judgment Day Sarah Connor and her son John had thought they9d been able to alter the future so that neither the artificially intelligent SkyNet nor its Terminator killing machines would ever be created But if they were so successful why then are they now being hunted by yet another Terminator that9s traveled back in time to ensure that John never grows up to be the charismatic leader of the few humans who survived Judgment Day And when a band of human warriors from an alternate timeline make an unexpected appearance have they come to help Johnor the killing machine Told from the perspective of John himself The New John Connor Chronicles provides insight to the thoughts and fears of a young man who already knows what Fate has in store for himand the burdens he has to bear along the path he must travel to become humanity9s future savior

8 thoughts on “Dark Futures Terminator 2 The New John Connor Chronicles Book 1

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    DNF at 20%

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    Better than you’d think

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    I read this years ago and found it to be not uite as good as T2 Infiltrator I'm not sure what it was Part of this is that there seemed to be no continuity between the two and they both had T2 in the title Of course with time travel fiction you can always argue something changed the timelineIf I remember correctly I did find the origin of Skynet in this bo

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    My rating is 35 starsA book based on events right after the movie Terminator 2 This book tells about the further adventures of John and Sarah Connor There are two different timelines and it switches back and forth from each timeline This book was a nice read and kept me interested There were plenty of action and explores what would happen if we did one thi

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    I liked this book than I thought It's a bit confusing with there being several time lines and points of views but I like it If you're Terminator fan then you'll like this book Hopefully I'll be able to find the other two in the series

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    Decent story but the different timelines with the same people got a tad confusing at times Would have been easier if I'd read it straight through

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    Worth reading

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    Feels pretty true to the Skynet world Worth reading

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