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9 Classroom Plays Our Literature Site Home Hello Welcome to our literature site As a group we have been analyzing Classroom Plays a book comprising of educational drama plays written by Stella Kon The Geylang Hideout Home Stella Kon's Classroom Plays Stella Kon's Classroom Plays is a book on Drama and plays promoting life values Each play displays different values and are from different time periods ranging from olden day Singapore to ancient legends such as The Eldest Brother and The Naga In The SwampClick the button down below to find out about Hide Out in Geylang EMPORIUM Home A play from the Classroom Plays Begin the journey  Kong introduces his son Manfred during the opening ceremony of Kong’s Towers Manfred who just came back from schooling decided to mix around with the people As Manfred was walking he saw the impoverished one He was eating a half eaten bun which he found from the rubbish bin Manfred he then came to realise that there are also Birds Of A Feather Home Play from Classroom Plays by Stella Kon Explore Synopsis Birds of a Feather is a love story about Robin the son of Mr and Mrs Gillifeather and a woman named Rose After finding out who Rose really was Mr and Mrs Gillifeather strongly objected to their marriage In Robin’s country women were not supposed to be working and under the command of someone else They were also supposed to Reserved Classroom Plays Stella Kon Books Reserved Classroom Plays Stella Kon Singapore Condition no markings or highlighting or folded pages whatsoever Contents The Immigrant Runner of Marathon Hideout in Geylang The Eldest Brother Birds of a Feather The Naga in the Swamp Kumba Kumba Emporium In the Repair Shop Note for Teachers Production Notes years ago In Books Stationery Ask your The Naga in the Swamp Home ' Classroom Plays' We have written about the traits the characters in the story possess the themes in the story and our reflections We also included a video for the climax of the story Please enjoy reading our site D Powered by Create your own uniue website with customizable templates Get Started Emporiumphttplitprjectdweeblycomlay from classroom plays by stella kon What is it about? synopsis character analysis Study of themes Climax  Comic  Powered by Create your own uniue Stella Kon Books Emily of Emerald Hill CLASSROOM PLAYS In this collection of short plays Stella Kon one of Singapore’s established literary figures uses English which is both simple and poetic to write powerful pocket dramas easily accessible to learners She uses traditional motifs and themes to present challenging ideas “Runner of Marathon” is about people who are willing to die for democracy and freedom Powtoon The Naga in the Swamp This video show the climax of 'The Naga in the Swamp' from the book ' Classroom Plays' written by Stella Kon Sign up for free to create engaging inspiring and converting videos with Powtoon Make an Plays Singapore | Tags | Book Den Classroom Plays Written By Stella Kon A Round Table of Chopsticks Plays about Family K Under L Written By Goh Boon Teck Koh Teng Liang Nelson Chia A Soft But Stronger Gender Plays about Women The Easter Li Written By Goh Boon Teck Koh Teng Liang A Soul Has Two Edges Plays on Homosexuality Posteterne Pu Written By Goh Boon Teck A Tale of Histories Plays

About the Author: Stella Kon

Stella Kon is descended from two old Singapore families her mother Rosie Seow Guat Kheng was a great granddaughter of Tan Tock Seng and her father Dr Lim Kok Ann is a grandson of Lim Boon Keng Most of her life has been spent in Singapore; her childhood was spent in Oberon a mansion in Emerald Hill which no longer exists Kon has written plays novels poems and short stories Her best kn

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