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Inches from her face was a nightmarish visage snarling fangs and red gold eyes She screamed every muscle going rigid as she tried to struggle free but claws dug into her skin on all sides giving her no room to move She stretched out with one arm anyway ignoring the tearing pain of it fingers brushing the hilt of her fletching knife“YOU GAVE US YOUR WORD” The voice was almost unrecognizable the roar tangible against her face as the teeth flashed in the firelight The claws tightened piercing her skin all over and causing her to cry out in pain and terror Ugh So I'm a sucker for Beauty and the Beast retellings and Russian y stuff and bad ass chicks and so I when I read the blurb a BB retelling set in a vaguely Russian sounding place with Belle as a hunter out to get Beast fuck yeah give it to me babyLuckily I was not disappointed This book was awesome It had everything I wanted The traditional elements of the original tale are there and I do mean the original tale not the Disney version but adapted to a Russian like setting It is familiar and comforting in a different setting and my love for the classic tale is such that I never get tired of the variations Some of the welcome difference in the book is that Gaston Solmir is actually a really nice guy I was rooting for him and Belle Yeva's sisters are really nice again a welcome changeYeva her sisters and father live together with their widowed father leading a comfortable life She however longs for the woods and the hunt She knows she will have to marry but it's a prospect to which she does not look forward She could remain unmarried but to do so would make her a financial burden to her father To marry would be to leave the wood forever surrendering what little freedom she still had Due an unfortunate loss of a trade caravan their entire fortune was lost It is a devastating blow and they will have to return to the forest where he had lived before marrying their late mother They bore the loss of their fortune resolutely and bravely but there is no doubt that it is overwhelming to them all She had seen the spirit die in her father’s eyes He sat doubled over looking up at her like a man of eighty How long could he continue to hunt? He had not had to provide for himself much less a family solely by hunting in nearly twenty yearsA chunk of ice detached itself from the roof and slid off scraping loudly across the sniffles and sobs punctuating the uiet Winter was coming fast Their new home is cold strange and wild Something lurks in the forests slowly driving her father mad With her father gone Yeva wanders back into the forest to hunt reveling in the freedom until she is captured and chained by the Beast But she is no weakling and she knows what she must do I am the captive of the monster who killed my father she thought with sudden crystal clarityShe hadn’t left her sisters behind for nothing She hadn’t tracked her father and discovered him dead only to die herself the captive of a BeastShe knew now why she was here She would see the monster dead I've been told that this is also based on another Russian fairy tale but what it reminds me of is Thousand and One Nights Scheherazade's tale Like Scheherazade Yeva tells her captor of her life tells him tales to keep him entertained and to keep her own sanity This is no tale of Beauty wearing pretty clothes in the castle during her imprisonment Our Beauty is a hunter and she uses her skills hunting and learning aside Beast The romance is almost nonexistent throughout most of the story as it should be And yes there is a sense of Stockholm Syndrome but come on have you read the original tale and the Disney version? The important thing here is that their friendship and eventually their romance is believable; a slow burnI just really like this book Even Solmir Gaston suee Solmir was silent watching her Beyond him and around him the peony leaves fell drifting to and fro like feathers on the wind Yes Yeva thought I could love himBut though she struggled not to she found herself listening with all her might for the tiniest glimmer of a song in him of the magic the Beast had taught her to hear Tale as old as time ExceptYeah this is not that Beauty and the BeastThis Beauty is a bit less sing y and a bit stabby Which is a pretty nice change of pace to be honest Plus this time around it isn't the villagers who are out to kill the Beast it's Beauty herself She's a hunter A badass hunter And because insert spoilery reasons here she's on a mission to take a chunk out of his supernatural hide Of course killing him means she's gotta stay on as his Guest prisoner while she looks for the chink in his armor that will allow her to take her revenge Then after a cute montage they fall in love right? Uhhhhhh No The romance is so slow to build that even the characters are clueless until the very end And even then what brings them together is of a mutual understanding of each other A recognition of someone with the same wants and needs with the same sort of big gaping hole in their soulYou know kinda like real life So what happens when the last petal falls? Oh Well there's not any enchanted fucking rose in this one Soooo YeahBut Beauty sure does take her sweet ass time getting back to the castle to try to break the spell In fact she takes so much time that spoilery shit happensOh my god Do they ever get to do that fancy twirly dance in the ballroom?Ok this was a lovely romance but the goal of this tale isn't that your life will be complete when you find your prince or princess The moral of the story is thisThere's nothing magical over the horizon that is going to make you happy There's no person that can complete you no task that once you finish will give you perfect satisfaction and no point in your life where you can breathe that sigh of relief and live happily ever after Life justis Until it isn'tTry to enjoy the times that aren't horrible because there will be horrible times and stop waiting on insert that thing you think will make you happy here to happen before you let yourself be satisfiedBone deep happiness is of a choice than most people realize and if you're able to choose it you'll be far better off than most 45I really really enjoyed this I normally like my fantasy books to have a lot of action and this one definitely lacked that but it worked really well because it read exactly like a fairy tale which is perfect as this is a Beauty and the Beast retelling This one stuck a bit closer to the Disney versionoriginal fairy tale than others I have read while also taking a uniue spin on it which I thought was very neat Overall an awesome retelling ARC provided for review by Indigo Books Music Inc as I am an Indigo employee me screams from rooftop Hunted is the BEST Beauty and the Beast retelling I have EVER read Guys I know I am super late to the party on this one like really really late but I can't help but gushWhy did I wait so long? I am horrible at life That must be the answer There literally cannot be another answerI listened to the audiobook of Hunted which I borrowed from my local library After completing I know I will be buying a hard copy because I absolutely plan to reread thisThe most impactful aspect of this for me was the atmosphere It was so well done Dark gothic and dangerous I felt cold alone and HUNTED Set amidst a harsh Russian landscape this felt like a nice blend of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale mixed with Peter and the Wolf I used to have the record version of the Peter and the Wolf symphony As a child I listened to it all the time This book was so nostalgic for me bringing back strong memories of listening to that It is such a feelingI loved the twists to Belle's character That was another really strong aspect for me; how independent strong willful and brave she was She was not a damsel in distress Nope not our girl She was a badass who though scared did whatever she had to do for vengeance and that's the kind of heroine I live forThen of course we have the Beast We get his perspective in small parts throughout the book and I found them so interesting He was absolutely darker and primal than the Beast of the Disney version but no less compelling Along with him of course comes the castle fallen into ruin the hostage situation the secret library the Stockholm Syndrome love trope and it was just so good I ate it right up I suppose for some this book may seem slow it is not nonstop action but for me the flow was absolutely perfect The pace helped to set up the atmosphere which contributed to the overall feeling and for me it was flawlessI would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves retellings particularly if you are into dark gothic or stabby things Do you prefer stabby to lovie? If so this could be the book for you Beauty knows the Beast’s forest in her bones—and in her blood Though she grew up with the city’s highest aristocrats far from her father’s old lodge she knows that the forest holds secrets and that her father is the only hunter who’s ever come close to discovering them So when her father loses his fortune and moves Yeva and her sisters back to the outskirts of town Yeva is secretly relieved Out in the wilderness there’s no pressure to make idle chatter with vapid baronessasor to submit to marrying a wealthy gentleman But Yeva’s father’s misfortune may have cost him his mind and when he goes missing in the woods Yeva sets her sights on one prey the creature he’d been obsessively tracking just before his disappearance Deaf to her sisters’ protests Yeva hunts this strange Beast back into his own territory—a cursed valley a ruined castle and a world of creatures that Yeva’s only heard about in fairy tales A world that can bring her ruin or salvation Who will survive the Beauty or the Beast ive read so many ‘beauty and the beast’ retellings that ive lost count its safe to say its my favourite storytrope to retell and i honestly never get tired of it and this is one of the better retellings i have read im actually surprised at how much i liked this onei love the russian folklore influence to this it reminded me so much of ‘the bear and the nightingale’ its atmospheric its mysterious and its magical i really enjoyed how the specific russian faery tale ties in so effortlessly and perfectly into the overall ‘beauty and the beast’ narrative also i think this is the first retelling ive read where the beast character is an actual hybrid beast its very reminiscent of disneys ‘beauty and the beast’ and being a 90s child my nostalgic heart loved that overall im super pleased with this its true to the original story but has its own uniue vibes which is everything i could ask for a retelling↠ 45 stars Another anticipated release Another unpopular opinion Beware the spoilers Lo and behold Fifty Shades of Beast Note My reference of 50 shades of Beast is not about this book having an explicit content There's no sex; it's a YA story in its usual 'they kissed and the screen went blank' My reference is about how disturbing and unrealistic I find what characters have between them and there's nothing romantic I can see about it A very strong case of Stockholm Syndrome worse than in the original as here the Beast kidnaps chains Beauty in the dungeon and threatens to kill her relatives if she doesn't obey him Their relationship reminds of MasterSlave one where a person doesn't have a choice but to do what their master saysSomewhere in the wilderness of um where are we? Is this suppose to be some kind of imaginary world or a real one? Russian wilderness? Or Europe or America? Stop did they say Constantinople? Mongols? Rather than these two titles there was nothing specific So this is 15th century of what country? If the author aimed for Russian then it's an epic fail because there's nothing distinctive about Russian culture except for name Galina and Russian fairy tales heroine's father was telling her since she was a child 100 pages into the book and still no distinctive picture of where the hell the book takes place Insert any place and any language you wish and it will work Heck insert moon and it'll work as this book's setting Hello non existent world building Beauty aka Dummy I am so wild I don’t want to be a gentle lady give me my bow and arrows and I’ll run about happily shooting poor creatures in the forest Sisters But we must learn to be ladies It’s 15th not 21th century We can’t just run about wild and uncaring about our future Father Oh children we are poor all my ships are gone and our money with them Now we have to travel into wilderness to live in our family shag wherever the fuck this wilderness is located Sisters Oh god we are ruined No one will marry us now without status and money Beauty aka Dummy Yahoo we are poor and now I won't have to marry Fuck my poor sisters and my ruined father I’ll run about in the dirt and hug pigs and will be so happyyyyyAfter a long trip they are finally in the ass of the world wherever it is Father I’ll go hunting Beauty I forbid you to go after me stay home and take care of your sistersa week or so passes Solmir aka Gaston Hi Beauty I came to make you my wife I was in love with you for a long time I’ll give you all the freedom you want we’ll hunt together we’ll travel together we’ll do whatever you want And when it’s time for me to come back and become the Baron you will be by my side beloved and cared for Beauty aka Dummy It’s tempting but I am such a feminist I want to live in God’s ass of nowhere hunt sweet creatures every day and roll with pigs in the dirt Why would I marry someone likeable and sweet like you are if I have my pigs?Solmir goes away but comes back the next day and the next one and so on Beauty aka Dummy Ok Solmir I will marry you because though I am a Dummy but even I can see that you are actually a decent person and I like you but first I must go find my absent father I’ll go alone to the middle of nowhere Solmir aka Gaston Butbut maybe it’s reasonable to go together? It’s dangerous alone out there don’t you think Beauty? Beauty aka Dummy Nonsense What could happen to a girl with only a bow for protection in the middle of winter god knows where? Besides you’ll spoil my meeting with my love interest #2 The Beast Go home be a househusband while I hunt the Beastsome freezing time later Beauty aka Dummy I am alone And there are eerie sounds everywhere and look blood I just pissed myself but I am such an independent woman I can’t go back until I find out where the blood trail leads tofinds her dead father and is attacked by the Beast Beast aka Gothic lunatic We are such a Byronic tragic figure We hunt We kill We compose poetry We need a girl for our Beast y shady business Beauty regains consciousness Beauty aka Dummy Oh where am I? Why am I chained in some stinky dungeon? Who did this to me? Voice behind the doorHey you are you okay? Beauty aka Dummy Oh friend I am so happy I am not alone Voice behind the door I am not your friendrrrr Beauty aka Dummy But you are I am so alone here and you are helping me while someone chained me in this stinking dungeon Let me tell you a fairy tale while we wait for our nasty captor to return Voice behind the door Um oka few fairy tales later Voice behind the door Put this blindfold over your eyes Beauty aka Dummy Oh my friend your voice is full of richness and depth I can’t disobey it And though you are a stranger and I haven’t seen you I’ll trust your sexy voice to not lead me back into the forest to kill me I know you are going to save me from whoever put me in this stinking dungeon Voice behind the door You know nothingrrrrSorry I couldn't resist snickers Beast aka Gothic lunatic She tells us stories she let’s us touch her and doesn’t flinch from us Our den smells so nice of her Urrr we want to eat her but we wouldn't because we need to play mind fucking games with our prey Beauty aka Dummy I know you are shy and that’s why you don’t want me to see your face not because you are some vile creature that abducted me and put me in chains I am your friend please show me your pretty pretty face Voice behind the door Norrrrtakes off the blindfold anyway Beauty aka Dummy gasp it’s you the Beast who kidnapped and dragged me and chained me in this stinky dungeon Beast aka Gothic lunatic Finally you Dummy added two and two together Now I can tell you that I need you for some shady Beast y business I’ll train you myself You’ll be the master BDSM when I am done with you Beauty aka Dummy What? Beast aka Gothic lunatic Get up or I’ll kill you No better I’ll kill your family the one you told me about when you was a Dummy and thought I was your friend Beauty aka Dummy How dare you Beast Un Beasthandle me now Beast aka Gothic lunatic We both know you love my paws Beauty aka Dummy I am an independent woman and I’ll kill you Beast Beast aka Gothic lunatic I love me some foreplay Now go train Beauty aka Dummy Don’t command me as if I were your property Beast aka Gothic lunatic You are minerrrrr Beauty aka Dummy You may have me captive you may control when I leave piss or eat or how long I am allowed to live You may be my master Dominant but you do not own me Beast aka Gothic lunatic Um are you serious Dummy? awkward silence Beauty aka Dummy Ok I might admit that you actually own me after all And some part of me actually likes it I look into your beasty eyes and see a sexy human boy in their depth I think I can work with thatsome shady beast y training later Beauty aka Dummy What are you doing in my room in the middle of the night Beast? Beast aka Gothic lunatic I am a Byronic tragic figure I need to brood in the middle of the night in a maiden's room so she would fall in love with me; they always do when I pull that trick Beauty aka Dummy Oh it’s so romantic I like it beast y foreplay later Beast aka Gothic lunatic I think Stockholm Syndrome finally kicked in Now I can let you go home Beauty because we both know you’ll be running back to me in no time Who is your master Dominant? Beauty aka Dummy You Beast but I didn’t tell you that flutters eyelashes I am such a feminist I don’t need men for anything I’ll play coy and go home because I at least need to pretend not to care and then after some angsty alone time I’ll come to you as an independent woman and we’ll finally deal with your shady Beast y business blows a kiss and gallops away astride a unicornTHE ENDOkay it’s actually not the end but we all know how this story ends and besides I DNFed this book at about 50% and just skipped to the end and yup angst angst angst and then a Happily Beast y After I get that the author was aiming for the darker version of the Beauty and the Beast but the whole Stockholm Syndrome case was such a kill joy Plus the logic behind characters’ actions especially the heroine’s killed the book for me Add to that the non existent world building and overall I didn't enjoy the book at all Why give two stars then? Well the writing was nice and this is not the worst or the most ridiculous book I've read this year Just not my cup of tea mostly REVIEW TO COME TODAY Me sighs Person are you okay?Me yeah I'm just disappointed Me facepalm And as Yeva scanned the walls each one lined with shelves and each one full of leather bound books at least a hundred books than sheknew existed in one place she felt her heart might simply burst I truly don't know why I didn't really like this book Maybe it's because I was in reading slump while reading it ? or maybe it was just the book that wasn't really interesting ? the reason is either of them Before I read this book I kind of had high expectations about it because I heard so many great things about it and even though retelling is not one of my favorite genres I still like reading it I was so excited when I first started reading it like really really excited THE BLURB SOUNDED GOOD TO ME This was what I felt when I began reading it I was excited and the beginning of the book was pretty goodbut then the I read it the I realized that this book didn't meet my expectations I thought this book would be action packed but it wasn't there're several action scenes in this book but it's not enough and oh my God there were a lot of information and too much talking and NOT ENOUGH ACTION SCENES I READ THIS BOOK JUST BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE ACTION PACKED OH AND I CERTAINLY DON'T NEED THE DRAMA BETWEEN YEVA SOLMIR ASENKA UGH I'm going to speak about them but I have to put spoiler tag on it because I'm afraid someone would be spoiled SPOILERview spoilerLook I don't need the drama between Yeva Solmir Asenka Like why didn't Solmir and Asenka just end up together without involving Yeva? this drama is so fucking unnecessary and I hate it so much when a romance involves with a guy and two girls but the two girls are sistersI don't know whether Solmir loves Yeva or not at the beginning of the story but I am sure that he has feelings for her at the beginning of the story for he proposes her and then when Yeva goes into the woods and she doesn't come back for almost a year because she is held captive by the beast and when she comes back Yeva realizes something is wrong with Solmir and that is because he has fallen in love with Asenka and he even asked Asenka to marry him months ago when they believed Yeva was died but Asenka refused the proposal because she knew Yeva was alive and she would come back and Asenka wouldn't betray her sister and after that Solmir and Yeva broke their promises and then Asenka and Solmir end up together in the end because they love each other SO THE UESTION IS WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT OF THAT DRAMA? IT SO FUCKING POINTLESS I AM SO MAD I know that Yeva does not love Solmir the way Asenka loves him even at the beginning of the story Yeva does not even love Solmir but seriously this drama is so fucking pointless I HATE IT SO MUCH hide spoiler Full Review UpdateGuys I'm so sad I didn't love it Don't get me wrong I totally see why others did and I'm in the minority for this oneI'm not going to type a summary on this one because well it's a Beauty and the Beast retelling Some parts were close to the original and other parts deviated uite a bit In my opinion it was the wrong parts Here's the thing I'm super biased I grew up with Beauty and the Beast and I just hold it in such a high regard so it's hard for me to love retellings unless they are as emotionally connected as the firstThe story starts off SOOOO slow It's literally everyone doing normal actions for a good chunk of it One thing I did love right off the bat was Beauty's connection to her family She adores her father and sisters and there is such mutual love and acceptance However very little happens as the story progresses If I'm remembering correctly the BtB storyline doesn't even start until like 30 35%? But okay I'm fine with slower start if they are imperative for character development but eek it was boringAnyway once the main storyline did start I just didn't feel it I felt like there was no chemistry between Beauty and the Beast It supposedly took place over months and there was hardly any conversations or interaction between them I guess I just wanted ? However I DID love the scene where she sneaks into his room to try and kill him So there's that It did finally make me feel something for the beast But really that was it Whatever I could have held out and still been uite happy with the book just based on the pretty writing and the folklore aspects if the end had followed through But whaaat? What even happened? Okay so Beauty went back to her family and literally stayed there for months while she knew she needed to save the beast But she's all like Oh hey I'll leave tomorrow it's fine That literally happened about 10 times and next thing you know it's months later Please Are you serious right now And then the actual end where she goes to find the Beast what even happened? I don't even know BUT the one thing I did love was how the story with her sisters wrapped up So there's thatSoooo all in all I was pretty disappointed but there were some good points that I kinda brushed over Like I said the writing was lovely the forest description was really cool and the folklore aspect was what had me in such high hopes for the ending Also the whole captor vs captive thing can be so tricky to navigate but the author handled it really well I saw no sketchy issues thereAnyway all in all it wasn't really for me but don't let this deter you Try it out for yourself My Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy A wolf and a man A woman and a dragon Hunter and hunted Nothing in this world has only one nature This is a slightly obscure yet wonderfully so retelling of ‘‘Beauty and the Beast’’ my preferred fairytale of all existing onesYeva is a huntress She loves it She loves the feel of finding prey and hunting it She is her father’s daughter But her sisters do not understand her love of hunting and when it’s time to choose a husband who will accept her as she is? Who will share her unconventional hobby?Given her undaunted nature it’s no surprise she is the first one to propose to go after her father when the latter fails to come home Leaving the man who loves her with the entirety of his heart or so he claims to care for her two sisters she goes after her fatherAnd encounters the BeastThe story progresses with slowness but its elegant writing will make it that you will enjoy every second of it It takes a while for the story to show us how original it can be—because until then there are countless similarities to the fairytale as we know it or retellings we have read previously such as A Court of Thorns and Roses and Beauty A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast‘‘Hunted’’ does however introduce new elements to the fairytale Yeva is presented as a courageous fearless huntress who will stop at nothing to avenge her father She is romanticized—to some extent—because although she is steel steel can be melted Regardless she stands her own and tries to do what she thinks is right with determinacyWhen I speak of ‘‘new elements’’ I am mainly referring to the Russian fairytale ‘‘Ivan the Firebird and the Gray Wolf’’ which is weaved into the story uite a surprising turn of events this story brings let me tell youI am also referring to a certain beautiful theme this author illustrates Everyone pursues happiness—it’s in our nature We all want to live a happy life But what does make us happy exactly? When do we know we’ve reached the happiness we were meant to? This novel is written in the third person point of view but interestingly enough we have numerous though short first person point of views from the Beast itself Though they may appear confusing to the reader at first they add a certain lyrical uality to the story So I definitely would never think to get rid of themI can’t see why any lover of fairytale retellings should miss on this bookBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’ Hunted

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