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The Human Cure Let me preface my review with the fact that I don't generally follow the vampire genre I purchased this book upon the recommendations from several friends but after reading the first few pages I was hooked I found myself feverishly reading page after page and could not put it down I loved the humor the author used and the engaging way the text was written I am anxiously awaiting the seuel Although I am an avid reader I find very few books catch my attention longer than the first chapter The Human Cure kept me enthralled and entertained for the entire length of the book I was anticipating a predictable storyline and ending that I find with a lot of popular fictional texts However the Human Cure was refreshingly different I have already recommended the book to several friends I like the fact that for the most part the book took on what we know about vampire without making it sound to far fewer fetched well almost all of the bookfirst it begins with Hunter finding a breeder in his world the world of the vampites they breed with humans so he's picked his human and kidnaps her taking her back to this underground world they live in He has his cousin Chase bodyguard her even though she wears his crest to protect her she's brought to the part of the humans living underground where she choses to stay instead of with Hunter she hates him for kidnapping her but she does come to understand why and that it's really not his choice it's his master's Jonathan was the o my made vampire not born as was Chase and Hunter Hunter was raised by humans so he's been taught to feed on animal blood and human food so he kills no humans Chase on the other hand kills constantly even though Hunter has been trying to teach him to feed as he does and not kill when Kate is brought I to this world Chase hates that he's her babysitter so to speak but then he finds he's attracted to her they have a lot in common and he feels himself changing Plus Kate's accepts her fate and uits whining which he finds he likes they fall foe each other which puts them in danger of Jonathan because she's Hunters mate so to speak but then all goes crazy and Jonathan trucks Chase it turns out a bit different then he thought but for the good the real story is the secret how Jonathan was turned and who is son is that lived but no one knows what became of him soon this is all revealed but it's a theory from Hunter he's right though I don't want to give away the ending or all the good stuff but it's a vampire Human romance that's sweet I gave it a four star only because I think the thing that made Jonathan what he was just seemed abit ridiculous and I don't no kinda weird and totally off base for vampirism but the book has its own uniue story line with it and i did like the love story not a bad read at all just different Kate Plesser is leading a dead end life as an office assistant with a penchant for bad relationships She is lost When Kate is kidnapped by Hunter a gorgeous stranger she assumes he is just some sick psychopath She never suspects he is actually a vampire and that she is about to be plunged into a world stranger than her wildest dreams In the underground city where Hunter lives she encounters his otherworldly cousin Chase who holds the key to her freedom She is thrust into a village where humans are farmed for feeding and breeding In this mysterious new world beneath ueens New York Kate finds something she never expected I got to read this book in return for an honest review so here goes my first R2R experience Kate thinks her life is going nowhere until a one night stand with Hunter a vampire lands her in an underground world of darkness beyond her wildest imagination Circumstances throw her together with Chase Hunter’s cousin and she starts to feel a strange empathy towards him Expect the unexpected with this book This is not your average vampire book as a lot of people will tell you and that’s what I loved most about it From the very first page I could see that the author had a uniue refreshing style of writing and I was just pulled into the story instantly We are introduced to four characters from their POV one of who is not from the three main characters The introductions were just too good I got to know each character properly even though their deepest secrets are revealed later Rarely do I connect with characters the way I did in this book That’s all because of the way their thoughts and emotions are delivered to the reader SPOILERS AHEADTwo men and one woman sounds like a love triangle but it is and isn’t one On one side we have Hunter who was raised by humans and doesn’t feed on them and on the other hand we have Chase who feeds on homeless people because he finds the human cattle they breed for food don’t taste good enough Kate being a human would be expected to go for Hunter but she never gets over the fact that he kidnapped her even though he chose her because he really liked her Meanwhile he tries everything in his power to save Kate from the fate of a breeder Kate feels empathy towards a vampire who can’t help but drain humans dry and eat them than she does for her fellow human beings Chase was helpless against his hunger but he enjoyed it and felt no sympathy for humans I will admit his bloating and burps made me ueasy I loved the story until Kate and Chase fall for each other Then it just felt like someone had thrown me down a hill because their love was the one thing that didn’t make sense Things move really fast from there as Hunter simply gives them their blessing and makes a plan to overthrow their leader Jonathan and help the human villagers and the lovebirds escape There are some excellent well timed revelations along the way I loved being shocked on this wild adventure and I couldn’t predict what happened next We get to know that Jonathan was just trying to do the best he could for everyone and the cycle continues with Hunter as he lets Jonathan’s demon inside him What I don’t understand is why Jonathan or Hunter didn’t commit suicide and end it all and where the demon came from and what it really was ConclusionIf you are looking for a short and exciting vampire read with none of the typical features overdone in other such books then do give this book a go  The Human Cure is a fun fast paced paranormal romance The anti legends that Auerbach added about vampires and vampirism were awesome She added a new twist to the world of vampires which was consistent in her created universe This is the best part for me I always love seeing people’s takes on vampirism and other old legendsThe book revolves around Kate Plesser–an office assistant who tends to fall into bad relationships– as well as the vampire cousins Hunter and Chase Kate meets Hunter in a bar They have a one night stand and she is kidnapped She assumes he is a psychopath until the truth of his existence is thrust upon herThis is not meant to be a negative comment though it may sound that way The vampires are the true main characters of this book The book becomes alive during the descriptions of Hunter Chase Jonathan and the underground village where humans are farmed for feeding and breedingKate is a bit dull in comparison however that is just because she’s of an “everywoman” type of character–which I love I love that she has true emotional responses to the crazy events that are happening in her life disbelief rage towards Hunter for kidnapping her etc She cries at times in fear She is not a superwoman or even idealized And in my opinion this made the book worth readingOh one thing this is a sweet romance–not a hot romance Though it was written for adults I would say this is pretty safe for a young adult audience I received a copy of this book from the author via LOP for an honest review I have been looking for something that is different from my usual hot Vampire reads This was it Nice sweet romance with a fast paced and well written plot This is not your typical Vampire romance novel There is a lot of ripping tearing and eating No hot lovey dovey stuff here The plot revolves around three main characters Kate Plesser An office assistant who always falls into bad relationships She gets kidnapped by Hunter and put into the underground village or farm as I liked to think of it Which was created for breeding and feeding by the vampires Kate starts off as a wreak but uickly turns into a strong character I really liked this it made the story enjoyableHunter isn't a typical vampire He's never killed anyone and learned to live off of human food and animal blood Hunter is ordered to find a mate by Jonathan and poor Kate was who he chose I loved Hunter he was so sweet He really tries to do right by Kate and I was sad at what happened to him at the end He assigns Chase as Kate's bodyguard whilst she is in the village Chase I didn't know if I loved or hated him He kills every few hours to satisfy his hunger And it's getting worse Chase absolutely hates humans who are beneath him only good for one thing and that's food Needless to say he is not happy to be assigned as Kate's bodyguard At the beginning he is always fighting the urge to eat her But the time he spends with her the he starts to develop feelings for her Even knowing touching a crested human can have dire conseuences I didn't like how it ended I felt it was a bit rushed and a lot of information was crammed into it I would love a follow up book If you're looking for something different that's not mate me take with a meek female then this is your book This story revolves around Kate Hunter and Chase When Kate is kidnapped by Hunter and taken to an underground city she finds out vampires are real and need to breed She of course hates Hunter so he puts his cousin Chase in charge of protecting herHunter isn't a typical vampire having been raised by humans until he was 16 He's never killed anyone having learned to live off of food and animal blood This is something he's been trying to teach Chase to see if it can be done Chase on the other hand kills every few hrs to deal with his hunger Chase absolutely hates being Kate's bodyguard but he starts developing feelings for this human after spending time with her Not only is he confused by this it's dangerous since she's technically betrothed to HunterI liked how this took normal vampire lore and did the complete opposite Other than blood drinking nothing was the same Also Kate wasn't the normal heroine she was completely down to earth and realistic with dealing with her situationI received an ebook from the author through Book Buzz Review in exchange for a honest review Thank you What a uniue approach to vampires uite different from anything I have read or seen to date Tracy has a lively writing style that is pleasant to read Her story telling has a great faster pace to it that keeps the reader drawn to the bookKate is an interesting character She appeared like not much at first but slowly turns into an unexpected heroine She is actually rather likeable Hunter can't do anything but really like him Even with what he has done you can't help but really like him He is trapped in his own prison and all considering is a real great character Chase now this one is also interesting He started of as someone I was like why is he in the story to someone the story wouldn't be the same withoutThe plot and concept were actually very good My only criticism in the end during the unraveling of the plot I felt a bit rushed A lot of information was thrown at me at once The conclusion for it all left me sad yet hopeful for some of the charactersAll in all a very entertaining read that I would recommend to people who love the paranormalI have received this book from the author for an honest review LoP Lovers of Paranormal 4 StarsFull ReviewI received a free ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was such a pleasant surpriseI have to admit the cover didn't give me the highest of hopes and I try to stay away from books with less than 200 pages as it's usually just not enough time for me to connect to the characters or really get into the story But I am so glad I gave this book a chanceFirst of all it was funny mostly thanks to Chase He killed so many people being a vampire and all and pretty much just thought of humans as food or slaves but it was because of those things and his general irritability and disgruntled ness that he and his POV were so funnySecond I don't normally go on about vampire books being different because I read vampire books for a reason I like the tropes some of them at least but this book really did manage to put a uniue and different twist on the usual while still not straying too far The underground village was kind of inspired and the octopus theory though maybe a tad too literal was original but it was the romance that really took me by surprise SPOILER ALERT view spoilerI fully expected Kate to fall for the vampire who kidnapped her because he was the good one who had never even killed a human but she was no Stockholm Syndrome victim and ended up falling for the murderous human scorning vampire instead hide spoiler Welcome To A New Vampire World Created From the Imagination Of Tracy AuerbachHow Do You Like Your Vampires?Loving Kind Scary Cruel?Author Tracy Auerback has created a vampire world I have never seen before This is a tale of vampires in the down and dirty world they occupy below New York and the world where they hunt It is raw gritty gory and filled with monsters It also a story of love and sacrificeSTORY LINEKate Plesser is an office assistant that can not seem to find her niche in life or a boyfriend worth his salt She drinks too much has no friends and drifts through lifeHunter Bardock given orders by Vampire Master Jonathan Bardock to breed has kidnapped Kate Hunter would be considered the good vampire of the story trying to eat human food and be human His back story was so sad and sweetChase Bardock is Hunter's vampire cousin and body guard for Kate; handsome compelling unfeeling and revolting Chase is not the vampire you have seen in other book vampire novels He is not the compelling come here and kiss me vampire while I gently feed from your throat and promise to protect you forever as we walk off into the night; he is a down and dirty feeder on humans His feeding habits are gross and disgusting; his emotions are nonexistent Humans disgust ChaseWhat follows is a journey you will not forget It is addictive intriguing and leaves you wanting You will enter a vampire world I had not seen before; full of monsters Kate enters a world of nightmares and so will youCHARACTERS PLOTTING AND DEVELOPMENTMs Auerback created a dark world filled with dark complex characters; from Hunter trying to be human the farming of humans Hunter's theories of vampirism and the complex relationship between Jonathan Hunter Chase and Kate; this novel will hold your attentionKate's character is developed skillfully from a down on her luck girl to a confident woman I loved watching Kate become a secure person of her own ready to fight and not give upChase is one of the biggest character developments in the novel It was wonderful to watch Chase develop from an unfeeling human hating creäture to well I am not going to tell you You must read the novel to follow this wonderful story of monsters family underground breeding farms sacrifice and love This novel is a wonderful story well written paced well and developed skillfully by Tracy AuerbackThe twists and turns in this story will hold your attention and the presentation of the vampire world is definitely uniue as it dispels vampire myths of old as you enter the raw world of the vampire It has a bang up ending It actually left me a little sadRECOMMENDATIONThis novel contains gory descriptions of vampires and violence I would recommend this novel for young adult to adult due to violent content I hope Author Auerback has plans to expand this into a series I enjoyed my journey into Tracy Auerback's vampire world and was sorry to come to the end of the novelI received this book from Readingalley in return for an honest book reviewBooks reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion; book reviews on line under my name and on my blog are my opinion

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Tracy Auerbach is an author of science fiction and fantasy for teens and adults As an avid reader with a vivid imagination she chose to study film English and education and went on to teach and write STEM curriculum for the New York Department of Education This helped to polish her writing skills and ignite her passion for science fiction and fantasy Her first scholarly article published i

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