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Peony in Love In seventeenth century China, three women become emotionally involved with The Peony Pavilion, a famed opera rud to cause lovesickness and even death, including Peony, the cloistered daughter of a wealthy scholar, who succumbs to its spell only to return after her death as a hungry ghost to haunt her former fianc , who has married another [KINDLE] ❄ 101 ❦ Amrita Jhaveri – Lavons.co.uk three women become emotionally involved with The Peony Pavilion ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Damn the School System--Full Speed Ahead! ✎ Author Vearl G McBride – Lavons.co.uk a famed opera rud to cause lovesickness and even death [Read] ➵ Impressionist Quartet Author Jeffrey Meyers – Lavons.co.uk including Peony ❴PDF❵ ❤ Does Anyone Like Mondays? Author Eric D. Hart – Lavons.co.uk the cloistered daughter of a wealthy scholar ➹ [Read] ➵ Primal Hunger (Guardians By Valerie Twombly ➼ – Lavons.co.uk who succumbs to its spell only to return after her death as a hungry ghost to haunt her former fianc ❰Read❯ ➵ No Nudity, Weapons or Naked Flames Author Donna Abela – Lavons.co.uk who has married another

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    5 1 14 EDIT Sooo I stopped checking comments for months, and I come back to either rage or agreement with regard to my review All I have to say is THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD Also, if you re on the fence about whether or not to continue reading this book, don t read this review unless you re set on quit

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    3 out of 5 stars to Lisa See s Peony in Love, a historical fiction book released in 2007 by Random House set in 17th century ChinaWhy This BookI found it sitting on a bookshelf in my condo s laundry room I read the jacket description, which sounded like a beautiful tale of love, emotions and a little

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    When people are alive they love, when they die, they keep loving If love ends when a person dies, that is not real loveI have a confession to make I bought this book not by choice but by mere economic benefit The paperback the brand new one still wrapped in cellophane was on sale and I bought it for a

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    I m sure I wrote a review for this book too, at one point I have no idea where it s hanging out I liked this and I still remember it but I m generally not a huge fan of books dealing with the afterlife but this was done really well It s not a STRONG 5 star read but it s close IMO you certainly learn ab

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    Set in 17th century China, See s fifth novel is a coming of age story, a ghost story, a family saga and a work of musical and social history As Peony, the 15 year old daughter of the wealthy Chen family, approaches an arranged marriage, she commits an unthinkable breach of etiquette when she accidental

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    This book is amazing It is beautifully written lovely descriptions and intricate details , well researched, and unbelievably touching There were moments where I feel I can t read any because I am so overwhelmed with emotion, but I can never put the book down for any real length of time I have become comp

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    This book sucked.it was trying too hard to be existential and had wierd poetry and the story went nowhere, but pretended that it would.

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    Occasionally, rarely, I read a book after which I need to take a few days to come up for air, so to speak A book that moves me so deeply and which leaves me thinking and thinking Peony in Love is just such a book A true work of art Amazing, beginning to end As I told a friend, I CARED so much about what wa

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    I just didn t like this book though I did like Snow Flower and the Secret Fan To be fair, I didn t expect to like Peony, but one of the reviews said it belonged in my beach bag, which sounded like what I was after at the time I just couldn t get into it I think because there s SO much exposition of this Chi

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    Peony is a 15 year old girl in Manchu China who falls in love with the opera The Peony Pavilion, a love story in which the ghost of a girl is brought back to life by the man she loves Peony s father hosts a production of the opera which Peony assumes is for her, rather than to impress the powerful men that h

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