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The Ruby Circle Epický závěr série Pokrevní pouta je konečně tady Bývalá alchymistka Sydney se svým vampýrským novomanželem Adrianem nachází útočiště na morojském královském dvoře Vytoužený klid se ale nedostaví oba je ničí soužití s Adrianovou matkou a nenávist okolí Nejhorší je ale vědomí že kdosi unesl jejich kamarádku Jill a oni s tím nemůžou nic dělat Vlastně můžou pokud se odhodlají riskovat vše na čem jim záležíTouha po spravedlnosti nakonec převáží Sydney a Adrian se vydávají hledat ztracenou kamarádku na jejímž životě závisí osud všech Morojů Kdyby totiž Jill jakožto jediná královnina příbuzná přišla o život musela by královna odstoupit A právě o to nepřátelům jdeSvět jak ho ještě donedávna znali se mohutně otřásá v základech A oni dva jsou jediní kteří tomu můžou zabránit My predictions for a book that will come out three years from now Sydney and Adrian will get together gasps Mind blowing isn't it guys?But seriously I hope they get together now otherwise I will look like a complete idiot Just pray that Adrian doesn't turn into a transvestite zombie or something weird like that so that they don't end up together Acutally come to think of it that'd be a pretty cool ending As an aside I sincerely hope Rose and Dimitri get married cause lets face it Dimitri in a tux guys I think this gif sums up perfectly my thoughts on the book Go big or go home And let me tell you Richelle Mead really went bigIf you were hoping and praying for an exciting and fast paced end to the series then you got just that and then some This was a wild ride my friends From frantic chases through Vegas to strigoi attacks to kidnapping to Hydra like demons that spit acid Wild I tell you absolutely wild And like Vampire Academy's ending again we have to say farewell to another brilliant series by Richelle Until the next Richelle Mead adventurePre review 15022014Crying because so far all the description says is The last book in the Bloodlines seriesYou see that? The last book Now it says the epic conclusion It's ending it's really endingI know I have a few years to prepare for this but I can already foresee that I'm never going to be ready for this series to end Richelle could just write whole books about Sydrian arguing over pie flavours or discussing the pros and cons of sour cherry slushies and I'd still read it Anything EverythingI mean if we all spiral into insanity we can convince her to write right? RIGHT? Please? Oh pretty please? SpoilersI'm glad the series is finally over it's weird how much I used to enjoy it I think my love for cheesy YA books has dwindled to nothing in the last year or so They're just so predictable and trite there's no originality twists or turns and the main characters and relationship dynamics are always the same It's such lazy and formulaic writing I missed the old Sydney in the beginning of the series she was her own person but by the end she was all about Adrian it was clear that she was just a special little snowflake specially built for Adrian She used to actually be rather interesting and endearing but she became a total shrew who did nothing but nag Adrian non stop and bang on about him and their contrived mushy love She was seriously like an overbearing mother than a girlfriend I wasn't impressed that the once ambitious Sydney who wanted to travel the world and had all sorts of dreams instead got to be a dutiful teenage wife and mother Sure she got to go to college but the fact that she was a good little wifey and mummy when she was still a teenager pissed me the hell off Heaven forbid a heroine ending up single and hopeful for the next chapter in their life Nope they have to be tied down to a guy and sometimes even a baby Why do YA books shove the idea that a girl can only ever be truly happy unless she's practically married? At least Dmitri and Adrian were into their twenties and had plenty of life and relationship experience when they settled down unlike Sydney and Rose who ended up with the first guy they had proper relationships with How ridiculous I hated Adrian he was as immature and irritating as ever He acted like a major brat with his tantrums and arguing He wanted everyone to dance to his tune and if he they didn't he'd sulk or feel sorry for himself he was so patheticI had to laugh at Adrian making a real effort to help find Jill and help Nina find her missing sister when he couldn't even be bothered to do the same when Sydney was kidnapped and tortured Nope drinking partying cheating and flirting was important than the so called loved of his life Yet I was somehow meant to believe that he loved Sydney oh so much Yea rightAlso even though Adrian said he would risk his life for Sydney his actions never really supported that Even at the end when he was using spirit to help her fight that demon I never actually got the sense that he would physically risk his life for her whereas she definitely would for him even the spirit powers he used to save her didn't seem all that excessive despite what he claimed Sydney was always the one going into danger and risking her life whilst Adrian was always hanging back chilling out and being coddled It never once felt like Adrian would do for her what she would do for him I hated them together even though I'm no longer a fan of Sydney I still think she deserved so much better than him I didn't enjoy Adrian's POV whatsoever I didn't care about Nina or Olive or his spirit powers It was boring whatever charm he once had was all but gone HATED all the forced Adrian and Sydney moments to make them seem cute and coupley Like the suirrel incident the pie place and looking after Declan Ugh it was so contrived and nauseating I didn't even like when Rose Dmitri Christian or Lissa showed up I used to love them popping up in and out of the series but they were so blah in this I actually hated Rose with her 'slut shaming' of dhampir women that lived in communes she was a stuck up judgemental cow Also how did Dmitri know so much about dhampir communes unless he'd gone there himself and taken advantage of the dhampir women? With his track record of shagging schoolgirls I wouldn't put it past him I enjoyed the Aliciawitchy storyline when it was first introduced I thought something fun or epic would happen with that arc but it ended up being a damp suib Alicia was a cookie cutter villain and there was never any doubt she would end up defeated Also the witches never really added anything relevant to the VA world I've realised the sole purpose they were included in the first place wasn't to add to the world or for a thrilling plot No it was just so that Sydney would have powers so she could properly be involved in the action scenes and actually be able to hold her own when it came to the bad guys It was yet lazy writing What was the point of Olive's storyline beside letting Adrian and Sydney play mummy and daddy without Sydney actually getting pregnant? Oh that's right it was also to get Nina the other woman out of the way and to give speshul snowflakes Dimtri and Rose a snowflake baby Olive's whole character was just there to make AdrianSydney and RoseDimitri's relationships oh so perfect Ugh Loved Daniella Inez and Jackie They were the most entertaining characters out of the lot Dimitri and Adrian cousins? Ugh please I refuse to believe Dmitri not knowing exactly who his dad was It was impossible to tell that Sydney had so recently undergone months of torture There was barely any hint of it apart from her casually mentioning it once or twice Her imprisonment and torture was obviously only done for some cheap drama and angst If anything Adrian was the one who acted like he'd gone through major trauma it didn't help that Sydney kept molly coddling him she practically changed his nappies fed him and burped him their relationship was so off putting I was disappointed that the series didn't end up properly tackling the outdated moroidhampir dynamics the racist Alchemists the fanatical Warriors of Light and the vile treatment of dhampir women The VA world was so backwards and had so many issues there was potential to address those and for the protagonists to really fight for progression and eual rights and something that mattered outside of themselves instead of essentially fighting for teen love Instead all they did was make half arsed attempts at change or make no attempts whatsoever or ignore it entirely It would have been unrealistic if everyone had suddenly become enlightened but some progressioneducationforward thinkingchange could have been implemented when it came to the Alchemistsmoroidhampirs The moroi possibly being able to fight and defend themselves and re education possibly kind of stopping one day was nowhere near good enough I'm still baffled as to why dhampirsguardians are cool with being second class citizens It doesn't matter if they grew up being told they were they still had minds of their own and were living in the modern world where millions had fought for eual rights for decades Surely some influential and forward thinking dhampirs would have wanted the same euality and fought for it by now? And why were moroi so cool with their dhampir children risking their lives for them? Surely most of them wouldn't want their kids putting their lives on the line to save a bunch of spoilt moroi Hardly any parents would want their children dying to protect them why would moroi be any different even if their kids are dhampirs?Also how were the Alchemists able to get away with their whole torturere education? Why didn't Lissa or the moroi demand they stop that? Sure the Alchemists were their own organisation but the moroi must have had some say or power in the way they ran things since their job was directly related to them Also why didn't Marcus or Sydney fight harder to try and change the Alchemist way? It was like they all just got on with their own lives and happily abandoned and ignored all the fucked up things that needed to be addressed Sydney making one deal with the Alchemists wasn't nearly enough she could have fought harder and longer or she could have helped from a distance Her living it up with Adrian whilst her little sister was at the mercy of the sadistic Alchemists was uite disgusting I didn't want her to be playing happy families I wanted her to be out there fighting and taking down the Alchemists and making a change instead her ending was totally insulting and uninspired I expected Sydney well pre AdrianDatingSydney to do far greater things The ending was over the top cheesy with babies and marriage for everyone I rolled my eyes at Adrian becoming a devoted dadhusband after a lifetime of immaturity partying and dependency on others it didn't ring true him becoming SuperDad I wanted to like The Ruby Circle after enjoying most of the VABloodlines series bar the last couple of books But I think I've just become less tolerant and cynical of YA that doesn't even try to be a little bit original and instead sticks with the usual tropes and never surprises or shocks when it comes to plot characters or relationships That said I think that fans of AdrianSydney and the series in general will probably enjoy this

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