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What The ueen Wills Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales #1 This was a whole lot of WTF It was a really weird yet steamy retelling 3 Platypires for What The ueen Wills by AJ TiptonOh my This was straight up kinky The title does not lie This was hot over the top sexual escapades with some silliness Yeah some of the dialogue had me rolling my eyes Honestly I couldn't get what time period this story took place in but let's just say this was some sexual alternative universe I liked the Cinderella similarities and liked that it was male instead of a female Overall this was a uick easy read I would recommend for those who like their stories with a lot of kinkI received a free digital copy for an honest review This was uite interesting This is a totally delightful retelling of Cinderella with a gender twist that finds Eliot down on his knees scrubbing floors while his two ugly brothers are whooping it up on the social scene as they climb the invisible ladder to someone's bedsheets Eliot's dream is to attend the annual orgy yes there's than one twist in AJ Tipton's fairy tail put on by ueen Cassandra – admission free for those with proven sexual prowessEliot may have an ally in Amelia the ex servant of his brothers a girl so brutalized and mistreated she fled to the palace kitchens where the ueen has begun to notice her curvy youthful charms In this land of lust and lascivity the lowliest black finger nailed peasant has a chance with the insatiable monarchSexy outrageous funny and even charming What the ueen Wills is one of a series of reverse gender fairy tales told for a new generation I shall be seeking out the rest I like erotica fairytales but I love when they are done right When the authors offered me a copy in exchange for an honest review I was excited because not only was it a retelling of an erotic fairytale but it was a gender bent one What the ueen Wills is definitely done right The authors don't bore us with tedious world and character building but still gives us enough to understand what is going on and connect with the characters so they are not just faceless bodies having sexThere is only one problem I had with this story and that is that some elements seemed ridiculous to me The honorific given to the ueen was silly and the fact that the whole country revolved around sex just didn't sit right with me I liked how open the world was about sex but it just seemed like the entire country focused on it all the time It didn't take away from the story though That being said this is a great retelling The gender bending was an interesting twist and one that worked well The erotic scenes were delicious without being tasteless and the characters had such personality despite it being such a short story What I liked most however was that this was a FFM story I was honestly just thinking to myself the other day that there are such few well written ménage erotica featuring two women and a man Usually they consist of a woman with two men Not only that but the woman has to choose between one of them at the end as if it unrealistic to be in love with than one person and be in a polyamorous relationship I absolutely loved that the author made it about the pleasure of the trio instead of them having to choose who would be a couple Overall What the ueen Wills is a great short story and perfect for anyone looking for a well written erotic fairytale to warm them at night See of my book reviews on my blog Literary FlitsThe main thing to say about this story is that it is very adult I liked the idea of a gender reversed Cinderella but other than the characters literally being their gender opposites this aspect is not explored Instead there's a lot of description of sex and sexual acts which without the context of believable characters and their emotional responses I didn't find sexy at all What The ueen Wills is all about the physical so if that floats your boat you might get from this story I just found it disappointingly flat Whelp that first line in the blurb isn't a lie This story was hot HOT even There was guy on girl action girl on girl action girl on guy on girl action Or maybe it was guy on girl on girl OR MAYBE IT WAS BOTHAny way you look at it there was plenty of sexy times to be had Eliot gets some Amelia gets some The ueen gets some Everybody ends up happy Except for maybe Eliot's brothers They don't really deserve any happy endings though None Of any sortA sexy fun take on an old classic I sort of love genderswapped retellings so this hit the spot Kelly Reading the Paranormal I really liked it But I warn you it has a high sexual content so if you dont like that dont read it One good thing about this book is that the roles are differents Happily ever after has never been so HOTIn a magical kingdom far away there lived cursed princes warrior women and powerful heroes What the ueen Wills is a sexy genderswapped Cinderella retelling where the heroes have become heroines the heroines have become heroes and nothing is as it seems Eliot is sexy sensitive smart and also tired of scrubbing floors for his bullying older brothers While they scheme for power Eliot dreams of attending ueen Cassandra's Gathering an elite soiree for the most sexually skilled and meeting the woman of his dreamsPerhaps he's already met her Kind and lovely Amelia works for Eliot's household But when her good intentions are rewarded with violence she’s forced to flee finding a job at the palace under the eye of the gorgeous and powerful ueen CassandraAs lustand perhaps something begins to kindle between Amelia and the ueen could Eliot still win her heartIn this polyamorous tale of seduction liberation and intoxicating strangers even the humblest of peasants has a shot with the ueen if she so willsNOTE 1 This novella contains FFM group sex sex toys and light BDSMNOTE 2 Each book in the Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales series stands on its own and can be read in any order English ReviewI never laugh so hard with an erotic story I don't know if it was meant to be writed like that or it was a translation issue I read this story in spanish It was at least entertaining and most of the time I was like what the heck Im reading It was a crazy world that this authors built I wasnt expecting nothing like that but sadly the uality of the book and the story itself it wasn't enough for me It's the second book of this authors that I read that dissapoint me and Im not sure if I give up just yet The plot was kinda subreal I get lost in the sexual scenes coinstanly I didnt knew who was sucking who or what and it repeats the names of the characters every few pharagraphs The permisive acttitude that show Elliot with his brothers just pissed me off so much I cant believe he can't stand from himself Overall I laugh alot but the story didnt make sense at allSpanish ReviewNunca me he reído tanto en la vida con una historia erótica no sé si fué escrito por las autoras así o fué un error de traducción Al menos fué entretenido y la mayoría del tiempo estaba como ue demonios estoy leyendo Es un mundo de locura el ue las autoras constuyeron no me esperaba para nada ésto pero tristemente lacalidad del libro y la historia en si misma no fué suficiente para mi Es el segundo libro de las autoras ue leo y ue me decepciona no estoy segura de rendirme con ellas todavía La trama era demasiado subrealista y me perdía constantemente en las escenas eróticas ya no sabía ni uién habia chupado a uién ni ué y se repetían los nombres de los personajes a cada parágrafo La actitud permisiva ue Elliot demostraba con sus hermanos me enfadaba muchísimo no puedo creer ue no pudiera defenderse por él mismo En conclusión me he reído mucho pero la historia no tenía sentido

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