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NOOOO ARGGGHHHH BLOODY HELL I need to sleep but how can I wait after that ending Bum holeLet me just add that I think Exton is completely wasted on Arden I understand why she's so insecure but it started to drive me up the wall Just dump her Exton and 4 StarsReview by Lisa KaneThis is the first installment of a new series from Ella Fox Arden Winger works for Sabrina and Dante Hart A bonus for lovers of the Hart Family series In the course of business she is acuainted with Exton Alexander a gorgeous wealthy manwhore Arden steers clear of relationships and men She was ridiculed growing up in Small Towne I kid you not that is the name of the town Her mom fell for the charms of a real creep who cut out and ran when she got pregnant The town took its prejudices out on her and made her life miserableWhen she graduated high school she went to Bronson a town not too far from Small Towne for college Ricky Greenway the guy she crushed on in high school instigated his way into her life Arden had her guard up but he broke down her defenses and she let him in And let him into her life and her heart in a big way she married him What happened next is the stuff nightmares are made of and I have to confess it seemed far fetched and the motivations behind it seemed too petty for someone to go that far Arden will not allow herself to lower her guard againMy body ached in places it never had before my head was swimming my stomach was churning and never in my entire life had I felt so stupid But Exton relentlessly pursues her until she convinces herself that a date doesn't mean anything She can enjoy his company but her heart will remain encased in ice Well things don't exactly turn out that way and these two can barely keep their hands off of each other Exton is a good guy and wants Arden because he feels things for her that he never felt for other women even if she doesn't trust him or his motivesAs they grow closer and Arden is finally ready to let go of her mistrust a hurtful devastating ghost from her past is going to come back to haunt her She panics and runs Why when her heart is opening up to Exton must her life fall apart again? Talk about cliffys Looking forward to the next installment in this series He doesn't want to deal with this and I don't want him to have to tell me that to my face Not what I thought I should be used by being let down by a book The heroine is 25 years old whiny and a bad case of low self esteem because she's curvy to her she's fat and not attractive rolling eyes here and everybody sees her as sexy not her of course She's judgmental and ridiculous And I don't think that anyone boy in a plan with his girlfriend and friendsin this case around 19 20 years old would get married to win a bet he would take a girls virginity And 5 years later this hot famous actor falls for her at first sight rolling eyes again but she pushes him away at every corner being rude And he is there all the way breaking up the wall around her heart another eye rolling This is like Sci fi not a romance fiction This so not happens Now heading into book 2 and find out how immature annoying whining ridiculous and stupid this girl can be and how unbelievably the hero will still fight for her with all his power Eye rolling Betrayal Warning Why didn't I finish this book? view spoilerh lost her v card to her crush who used to bully her but persuaded her he had changed after she left home for college And then all the persuasion and wedding was his bully again hide spoiler Just a Small Towne girl Raised on fairytales and dreams of true love Arden Winger left for college with a smile on her face and a happy hopeful heart Fast forward seven years and that small town is behind her but not the baggage she’s been carrying since she left Just a city boy It’s not that Exton Alexander had anything against relationships—he just never had the desire to try Not necessarily jaded Exton considered himself a realist Little did he know the one woman that would change everything was about to rock his world This Alpha male knows the second he lays eyes on her that Arden is special now he just has to work past her defensesStrictly Temporary is Volume One Volume Two will arrive in February Arden Exton's story will be resolved in book two but the temporary series will continue after that with different characters It was an okay uick read Although it didn't feel realistic I absolutely loved Strictly Temporary by Ella Fox though I shouldn't be surprised with how much I loved it since I've absolutely loved everything Ella Fox has ever written I simply can't get enough of her writing style the highly engaging stories and characters she creates and the heat and fireworks that just burst off the pages of her books This book just captured me in the instant I started it to the point where I could not put it down Strictly Temporary gives you two fantastic characters you'll instantly fall in love withFirst you have Arden You get to see Arden at a few different points of her life in this book and I really enjoyed getting to read and experience her character at those different points Getting to read that just made me feel for her character immensely especially for what she goes through And let me tell you she goes through one heck of a doozy that will have you wanting to reach in and make it all better for he Arden's character just felt extremely authentic to me Her emotions her doubts and uestions and her hesitations felt natural and real and that allowed me to connect to her character when reading Strictly Temporary Arden will feel like a real life breathing female when you meet her character and you're going to love stepping into her dynamic headExton Alexander is surely one of the most desirable male characters that I've ever read He's got a bit of a torrid past but there's way to this man than meets the eye He is so fierce and so passionate and the moment he meets Arden he wants her Exton was the epitome of a fantastic male character and Ella Fox has once again created a male character that just about melted my heartor other things on just about every other page Exton was just so dynamic and I literally cannot wait for of him The fight and the fierceness that that man has just kind of blew me away in the most amazing wayStrictly Temporary follows what happens when Arden and Exton explore if the immense amount of chemistry and connection they're feeling is strictly temporary or something Let me tell you that when these two are together you will feel they're spark in your heart and it's most definitely going to bring a certain kind of blush to your face What Ella Fox creates and develops between these two will have you rooting like crazy that these two can get their feisty acts together because what they share is nothing short of spectacular This book also gives you some supporting characters that will have you jumping for joy or maybe that was just me They are fabulous and I love them to pieces and that's all I'm saying about them because you're going to have to read this book to find out what I'm talking aboutStrictly Temporary is a book you won't be able to put down It's got two fierce characters whose story will captivate you immediately with its push and pull it's oh so fantastic build and firework level explosion It's got twists and turns that take these characters to some pretty interesting and wonderful places I am telling you that these characters and their story will so real to you and you will just want to jump into their story I cannot wait for of these two and I am DYING to know how their story ends Ella Fox has written another fantastic book that I just couldn't get enough of Her writing style is one that I just love because it allows me the chance to experience this book I'm didn't just read this book I got to feel and experience every amazing thing this book had to offer and I can't say enough good things about that Ella Fox has done it again She has reeled me in with new characters and she has surprised me with bringing back the Harts as the friends of the main characters It was like Christmas for me I was able to see of Dante and Sabrina as well as read about her new characters Exton Alexander and Arden Winger Arden is a young lady who has been traumatized growing up She has lived through something so horrible and tragic I don't know how she was able to move on with her life Arden picked up and moved far away from her home town to start a new life this is where she becomes close friends with Sabrina Hart Exton is a sexy successful man He's smart and has made a wonderful life for himself until the moment he trusted someone to much and they made a mockery of him Exton meets Arden at a bar during a private party the Harts had He wanted her right away but she wanted nothing to do with him Well she did but she wasn't letting him know that She refuses to date she's tried a few times but it's just not her thing She is focused on her career and her friends But will Exton give up easily? Will he lure her to a temporary arrangement of just fun and sex? Strictly Temporary ROCKED I can't wait for Exton and Arden to see where their chance meeting takes them These characters had a real charming connection and I was sucked into this book from page 1 I promise you that once you start reading you won't be able to put it down And then you will be left in a lovely book hangover It was just that freaking awesome I NEED MORE EXTON NOW MS FOX 3 hmmmNot sure what happened with this book I've read the Heart Family series and the Renegade Saints and I rated them four and five stars So I was pretty disappointed this book fell so shortTo be blunt Arden is a whiney and somewhat childish woman And her low self esteem is beyond annoying like seriously go see a counselor for some self help He story of her heartbreak is a little weird and far fetched too especially for 20 something year oldsI don't think people do that at that age do they? It just seems way way childish Awful without a doubt but I would think those kids have something better to do at 20 yrs of ageSuffice it to say I will not be buying book #2 in this series which I guess there will be one although the ending wasn't some big cliff hanger that led to an obvious book 2 Exton and Arden odd names but I love that it's different Arden has been through some messed up stuff in her life so of course when she meets playboy Exton she has all her walls up Oh Exton typical playboyalpha malesexy beast I want to have his babiesYeah that sums it upElla did a great job of showing their relationship grow and them becoming close even though this book wasn't very longSex scenes well come on its Ella freaking Fox She knows how to write those down and dirty super sexy oh my god that was so effin hot scenes ;Now that ending wasn't all that I really wanted something with of a bang But it did keep me interested enough to want book two asap Can't wait for Exton and Arden Strictly Temporary Volume One Strictly Temporary #1

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