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Hit The Road Manny The Manny Files #2 Cue the pretend drum roll Keats's parents have a big surprise No they're not having a new baby It's wait for it wait for it a family road trip Okay so this is not exactly the birthday present Keats had in mind no iPod but when Dad parks a rented RV in the Dalinger's driveway Keats piles in with the rest of his family and the manny of course bound for the open road From the big skies of farm country to the bright lights of Las Vegas this in typical manny fabulousness is an all American adventure filled with Glamour dos than Glamour don'ts But a stopover at the manny's childhood home is making the manny feel not so fabulous Why can't his parents ever accept him for who he is And Keats at first sees their point Why does the manny always have to be so interesting Hit the road for manny shenanigans where it's all about Elton John Diet Coke and being brave enough to be yourself

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    From my blog uill CaféIn accordance with the FTC I would like to disclose that I purchased this book The opinions expressed are mine and no monetary compensation was offered to me by the author or publisher Keats is looking forward to having a fun summer with his family and the manny at home but his parents have a big surprise for him a road tripPacked

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    This book made me laugh out loud

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    I have a crazy love of The Manny Files I felt that it had feeling it had silliness but it also had a lot of heart Though at the end of that book one thing that I wanted of was to see sides of the character of Manny he still remained a bit elusive at the end Hit the Road Manny is so Manny's story though still told from Keats point of view We continue to s

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    I enjoyed this charming and touching Lambda Literary Award Finalist It took a little while for me to get in to it but once I did I certainly enjoyed tagging along on this cross country trip with these characters Belly in particular is hilarious and it's hard not to care about the Manny I would say the only reason this gets 4 stars and not 5 for me is that f

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    This is a charming romp of a story about Manny the gay nanny for a wonderfully winsome family It’s actually the second book in the series following The Manny Files it reads fine as a standalone but once I had read the Manny Files I wished I had read them in order This book has it all – heart humor and a message The story is told from the perspective of K

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    I decided to read Hit the Road Manny because I found the cover interesting The front cover and title gave me a heads up on what the story was going to be about My favourite character in the book is Manny he is the Dalinger's Nanny He live's with the Dalinger's family and he is married to Uncle Max the uncle of the Dalinger family Manny is gay but is full of s

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    Amazing This author has a way of writing from the perspective of a third grade boy that is uncanny I hope I have third grade boys just like Keats I'm pretty sure I was disturbing other passengers on the plane because this is a book that you laugh out loud to even when you're all by yourself Those books are so rare This one definitely had a serious theme than

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    Just like the first book about Keats and his off the wall family this book made me laugh out loud The free wheeling manny is not featured as much as Keats' family as they travel in an RV to visit the manny's parents They stop at various tourist destinations but the most memorable aspects are Keats' observations along the way The story touches on negative reacti

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    This seuel to the original Manny Files is eually laugh out loud funny Unfortunately I was reading it in public as I grabbed a lunch alone and I found myself stifling repeated giggles Yes it's a little heavy handed at times but it's also thoroughly lovable I confess I teared up a couple of times Both of these books are terrific for talking about bullying and labe

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