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One night with conseuences A week in Bali was accountant Zoe Summers's dream vacation But when the tropical island paradise is hit by an earthuake she's trapped—alongside Mitch Bailey sports star and blast from her past High on the thrill of survival they seek comfort in each other's arms It was only supposed to be one night but Zoe soon discovers an unexpected souvenir—she's pregnant Now Zoe and Mitch will have to ask themselvescan one night lead to parenthood and a lifetime of love From Paradiseto Pregnant

About the Author: Kandy Shepherd

Kandy Shepherd left a fast paced career as a magazine editor to write award winning romantic fictionKandy lives in a small farm in the Blue Mountains near Sydney Australia with her husband daughter and a menagerie of four legged friendsShe believes in love at first sight and real life romance—they worked for her

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    I read and loved The Summer They Never Forgot by Kandy Shepherd so I was filled with anticipation when her latest release fell into my hands And I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed at allZoe is a wonderful heroine All too often if the main character isn’t beautiful she’s ugly Not Zoe She started out as a plain Jane and turned into not a swan but a common yet beautiful bird I loved the way she was portrayed as

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    One wrong step ruined their friendshipBut what they did not realise was that they were in love when they were seventeenAs fate would have it they meet again a decade later on the exotic island of Bali and the strength of the feelings they once had bring them together for a celebratory reunion resulting in them returning to want from each otherThough no boundaries are set Zoe and Mitch are not ready to let go of each other

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    All fun filled nights are usually without conseuences well except if you count the hangover part that you are always aware of will be there the next day Bu the fun filled nights that always hold the most conseuences are when we say I will never because then it always happens In the latest read from Kandy Shepherd we meet account Zoe Summer A week in Bali was meant to be her dream vacation the one vacation that is meant to re

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    The Harleuin Romance imprint is one of my favorites when it comes to heartwarming deeply romantic stories and Kandy Shepherd's From Paradise to Pregnant is no differentWhat I loved about this story is not just how likable both Zoe and Mitch are as characters but the focus on them as a couple and their relationship I love reading a romance where the romance is the focus where I learn about the characters and watched their relatio

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    Kandy Shepherd warms the heart of romance readers with her vivid descriptions and such wonderfully delivered sweet stories of love From Paradise to Pregnant is no exception Her stories always leave me feeling gooey and lovey dovey sated and happy I turn the last page content and sheepishly grinning knowing that this book was another one to add to my list of favourites by this author I love the settings Kandy depicts her stories in

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    From Paradiseto Pregnant by Kandy Shepherd is a uick intense read Our heroine in the story is Zoe Summer's who is supposed to be on vacation but when an earthuake hits the dream vacation becomes First she is trapped with a person from her past Mitch Bailey and when they are rescued they seek comfort in each others arms What was one glorious night turns into something else a couple of months laterThe author writes with such intensity

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    Lovely romance with an only too real feel starting with a Tsunami on holiday in Bali and ending with a wonderful love story

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    Characterizations with something extra add depth to the sweetly sensual storyline of author Kandy Shepherd's From Paradise to Pregnant Long ago while working through the typical teenage angst of one who marches to their own drummer Zoe Summers decided to make the most of her uniue looks and individual sense of style With her intelligence business smarts and her ability to cater to the specific working needs of her clientele Zoe had bloomed

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    This is a beautiful story in a beautiful setting it was a joy to read and it had me smiling and tearing up at times as Zoe Summers meets up with and old school friend Mitch Bailey while on holiday in Bali Zoe and Baily have not seen each other for many years since the end of school and they had a close friendship during school while Zoe who had recently moved to this school after losing her parents in an accident and moving in with her grandmo

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    What do you get when you have Zoe Summer who always feels she is plain women and Mitch Bailey a sports star that is everything a hot man should be? You get a fantastic romance that puts two people that knew each other in the past an earthuake in Bali and a night to remember Zoe feels there is no future for her with Mitch who is busy traveling the world with his team but the fact that they spent nights together may have to change that When Mitch

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