The Cowboys Christmas Seduction Las Morenas #15 eBook

The Cowboys Christmas Seduction Las Morenas #15 Catarina Merrill has had uite a year—with the shotgun marriage and the baby on the way—but she certainly never expected to desire her husband as much as she does Dreaming up naughty sensual things she'd like to try with him is easy but actually telling him about her fantasies is hard So Catarina comes up with a plan to act out her deepest desires—only not as herself Jace Merrill knows his wife is itching for something Trouble is he can't figure out what that is But when just before Christmas he finds a stranger in his bedroom—one wearing his wife's face—he's eager to play a game of seduction with her just so long as they play so that they both win But Jace and Catarina will discover that desire—and love—can't flourish behind disguises And that Christmas is a time for giving not games—no matter how sinful

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    This short story was comical in a manner that definitely reminds you how much times have changed Turner takes her readers back to visit Jace Cat allowing them a peek into their married life I really enjoyed seeing how they reconcile their beliefs with their desires It was a short sweet return to one of m

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    I never read the novel that introduced the couple so I'm not entirely sure how they got together but this short story was a cute follow up

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    Married for several months now and expecting her first baby with husband Jace Merrill Catarina is feeling down With her changing body and her emotions all over the place she doesn't know what to do about it especially with the Christmas holidays looming Jace has been loving and patient with his wife and wh

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    The Cowboy's Christmas Seduction is a gem of a novella It can be read as a standalone or as a companion to Summer Chaparral The story dives in what is happening with Catarina and Jace Recently married and with a baby on the way the story gives a moving account of what this couple goes through as they are st

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    The Cowboy's Christmas Seduction tells of the wife's changing feelings about her body as her pregnancy advances and her body starts to change Her cowboy husband is sweet and understanding concerned and wants to keep his wife happy The story offers elements of humor passion and the love and commitment betwee

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    Catarina and Jace have been married awhile and are expecting a baby It is nearing Christmas and Cat does not like how her voluptuous pre pregnancy body is changing – and not only in dimension How Cat and Jace work through a rough patch in the early days of their marriage while dealing with all the hoopla of

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    Pregnancy bluesPoor Catarina has no idea what she is in for with this pregnancy and neither does Jace but they seem to be able to work it all out in the end A Christmas novella that is sure to bring a smile to your face and your heart

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    An enjoyable Christmas story I look forward to reading in the Las Morenas series

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    I'm so glad I read this adorable free for now at least short that provides a further epilogue to Summer Chaparral I want of this place time and these characters and I want it now

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