Autumn Secrets The Allison Chronicles Book 3 PDF/EPUB

Autumn Secrets The Allison Chronicles Book 3 A secret for today…a prayer for tomorrow…Thrilled to back in Oregon and at long last living with her father Allison O’Brian is looking forward to the excitement of starting high school More than anything else she wants to fit in and she finds herself fighting a rising tide of jitters What if the other students don’t accept her Will she have any friends Will her good friend Andrew finally notice her nowJust as she begins to adjust to her surroundings her father reveals the biggest surprise of all Not only is Allison stunned at the news but what’s worse her father has sworn her to secrecy over something she knows could destroy their future Allison is torn between keeping her promise to her father and letting everyone involved in on his plans if she keeps everything under wraps will she wind up hurting the ones she loves As is true for this series book three starts off with a character decision which seems not only out of character but highly unlikely unless shaped by an author One must rely on their fait to believe that a person would make such a decision so easily This book is filled with the most action in the series although it waits till the back third of the book Faith seems less farfetched in this book than the others Faith becomes less about getting what one wants and becomes of a comfort and a place of self discovery Despite the higher stakes for others’ that aren’t just Allison the book remains true to its predecessors and contuse to be a feel good story this is the best book iv ever read in fith grade and did not get to finish the series and now I I bought it from a thrift store and when I saw it I read the synopsis in the back I thought it was interesting so I bought it After reading it I lately realized it was book 3 of a chronicle so I have to buy the other 3 but I like it and I dont need the others to understand this one it can stand alone

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