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Tangled Mind The first page was like a sucker punch It came out of nowhere and hurt like a son of a bitch I fought tears and forged ahead It still hurt yet it got better and better Not messing around Posy throws you directly onto the sharp blade of losing a cherished one to a brutal addiction Heroin Evil unforgiving and a sure ticket to your last breath Just one time I’m almost there this is the only wayIt's impossible to win and you drag everyone in your heart down with youBeck loses his partner Brady to this deadly drug Ten years he nurtured loved and tried to pull his lover back from the fatal brink He lost the battle His pain palpated from the pages My tummy was tight and my eyes were wet as I read It was soreal Beck is drowning in sorrow grief and remorse His best friend Tim pulls him from the wretched despair he is fighting He’s desperate to save him but can Beck recognize the silver lining waiting for him He can’t move forward until he releases the past How do you say hello when you can’t say goodbye Tim never pushed forced or took He was simplywaiting I thought Tim was incredible It almost seems wrong to say that Beck is lucky especially after everything he endured Yet that is the first word that comes to mind; if only we were all so lucky to have a Tim in our lives Grief affects us all differently but there is no denying it’s all consuming We follow Beck’s transition throughout the stages of grief with startling clarity His suffocating guilt isolation anger depression and finally acceptance does not allow for an easy path Blessedly hope love and a bright future await BeckFor such a short story it packs a powerful punch It stuck with me gained strength as it marinated I think I even see a reread coming in the near futureBeck is twisted and trapped however Tim is determined to unravel the knots It was painstakingly beautifulIf you are looking for a rise above challenge this may be exactly what you’re searching for 4 twisted tangled tough stars For years Beck Lund has taken care of his volatile boyfriend Brady always putting Brady’s needs above his own and walking on eggshells to keep the peace After Brady overdoses on heroin his death devastates Beck Thankfully Beck's best friend Timothy Kallis finds him the help he needs Beck slowly starts to recover and moves in with Timothy to get back on his feet but he's oblivious that Timothy is secretly nursing romantic affection for himBeck focuses on his own healing for the first time in his life After months of challenging his codependent tendencies and learning how to stand up for himself Beck finally starts to trust his gut and hopes to one day love again Timothy is patient throughout taking care of Beck in ways no one ever has But if Beck can’t recognize Timothy’s affection for him it might be too late for them to move beyond friendship 35 stars rounded upThe book opens with a horrific scene when Beck comes home to find his boyfriend Brady choking on his own vomit A call to 911 comes too late Brady is dead from an overdose of heroin having chased his last highBeck plummets into grief and despair and thus loses himself even With therapy and the help from Timothy one of his best friends he slowly starts to crawl out of the pit and tries to find himself againPosy's writing style flows easily yet delves deeply into the emotional side of Beck's state of mind his suffering the unanswered uestions and his need to be needed As Beck learns about himself about his co dependent leanings he finds solace and a shoulder to cry on in his friend Timothy The author has an uncanny knack for putting meaning between her lines letting the reader but not the character see what's really going on I knew that Timothy was in love with Beck long before he even said the wordsBut Beck learns There's much character growth in this short novel as Beck emerges on the other side of his grief confronted with his own demons and finds the strength to ask for what he needs There is one scene that ticked me off when Timothy makes a stupid assumption though I can understand how he would have come to that conclusion He's a little insecure than he lets on and it causes both of them painBut things do get resolved and the ending gives me much hope for them bothThe dialogue is organic and realistic and the characters' growth is meaningful and believable This isn't an easy read because it's filled with pain and loss but the ending makes it worth your tears I received a free copy of this book from Pride Promotions as part of an ongoing blogtour A positive review was not promised in return Original Blog Post Book Tour eARC Review Excerpt #Giveaway Tangled Mind by Posy RobertsThis is so beautiful Tangled Mind digs deep into the psyche of someone in deep grief and drowning in it It digs deep into the feelings that could not be controlled and there is a fight for survival But it is hard It is so hard When an unexpected lifeline is cast out his way he has two choices to grab or ignore Beck had been in relationship that tortured That is the only word I could come up with It was basically a one sided love affair where his partner Brady sucked Beck's life out and unfortunately Beck was like a frog sitting in a tub of slowly boiling water Dying in increments and not realizing it When Brady dies call it accidental call it fate call it whatever it was really Beck's way out Unfortunately just like the clueless frog he did not recognize itBrady's death hit Beck hard and he slowly loses all control It is thanks to his best friend Timothy that he finally gets a hold of the lifeline cast his way It is Timothy who takes him to a grief counseling group and stays with him until Beck could go on his own It was Timothy who takes him in when his finances forced him to let go of his home It was Timothy who cared for Beck when he was at his lowest But Beck's grief left him clueless and is lost When the epiphany hits it hits hard and he is confused What can he do to get back his Timothy His best friend His best love His savior This is a really heavy book in the sense that the Beck's grief rolls off the pages like oil and it sticks in every thought It was hard getting off of this read it just grabs and takes you in Yes it is heavy drama but it is also so full of hope and uite the light read it does not leave any bad taste in the mouth or mind Curiously it did not even make me cry but it hit me hard With that confusing reaction it's not just Beck's and Timothy's minds that are tangled up it's mine as well In the best possible way Fantastic story Packed a lot of punch for a short story Think this will go on my reread shelf 45 starsI loved this book Review to comeview spoilerWow I'm thoroughly impressed with this book Posy Roberts definitely brings the emotions out of you I love her Northern Spark series That was such an realistic fiction series and I truly adored it This book was such an easy read for me It was consistently paced for me It was easy to fall in love with Timothy He was this perfect guy I mean he didn't once push boundaries he was there for Beck he didn't judge himBeck was such an amazing guy How did he put up with being in a relationship for 11 years and it all being about the other guy I applaud his strength his will and his heart This book touched on a lot about grief guilt and death The beginning of the story was hard to read since it was from Beck's point of view it was everything he had to endure I couldn't imagine being in love or dedicating myself for so long to one person who isn't in love with you first I mean it's almost like Beck having to sacrifice himself in order to be in a relationship Throughout all this grief he endured was Timothy standing in the background willing to help listen or just be a friend to BeckI would recommend this book to anyone I truly loved it I found myself crying at some parts but it was elation for Beck mostly He had to learn how to be about Beck He should growth from the beginning towards the end Why 45 stars instead of 5 I loved it for sure but I did feel like I need an epilogue at the ending While I was happy with ending I just didn't want it to end but it is classic Posy for her to cut it off Crosses fingers we atleast get a novella about these two hide spoiler This is a gem of a story that has many difficult moments It starts with a horrible moment and then deals with the aftermath Beck has lost his partner of a decade after basically sacrificing himself to try to keep Brady and their relationship together In the end Brady loses his battle and Beck is left to try to pick up the pieces of his shattered life He has no idea how he will do that and spends several months barely surviving Once he joins a grief support group he finally begins to move out of the rut he is in It's hard to watch him suffer with the loneliness and grief and guilt but he begins to do some constructive things that help him move along in in journey His best friend Timothy has always been there for him not judging but helping comforting and caring for him As Beck heals and their relationship changes as Beck is changing maybe there is a chance for them to be Beautifully written and very descriptive of the steps that a survivor of such a horrific life experience goes through I felt so much for Beck and the awful situation he was trying to get out of His painful steps to healing and really dealing with the aftermath of living in what is a very unhealthy codependent and abusive relationship were so well done I'm looking forward to reading from this author 35 stars 45 star review by TaraIn this Book Beck has been taking care of his heroin addicted clinically depressed boyfriend named Brady For years he has been putting Brady’s happiness above his own loving him trying to endure his mood swings and turning an eye when he started to depend on drugs to find his high Unfortunately while coming home one day he didn’t make it in time to stop him from overdosing and their relationship is ended in tragedyEven though Beck’s friends jump to his rescue he finds himself living like a zombie One day after he had almost reached a point of no return his best friend Timothy finds him and urges him to seek care He attends grief counseling meetings and finds himself following the same pattern in his relationship with Brady and as it’s brought to his attention he decides it’s time to focus on healing himselfBeck begins to see a therapist and moves in with his best friend Timothy leaving the house that had so many memories of Brady Beck begins to heal and by his side is Timothy They learn to laugh together make meals and good memories with each other But unknown to Beck Timothy has loved him for years After a few months Beck finds himself wanting to love again and Timothy shows him that he is ready for has been in his face the whole timeI truly enjoyed this book It showed the raw side of drug addiction and how it can affect the people you love greatly Beck was a great character He grieved for Brady even though for most of their relationship he imagined walking away He stayed loyal until the very end I could relate to his struggle to find the will to live again He had lost what he assumed would be the last love of his life He felt betrayed and worthless that he wasn’t enough to get his Brady to stay alive Timothy was my favorite though His love for Beck showed throughout the whole story He was there for him at his most vulnerable and was willing to share his home to help him heal I believe he still would have helped even if Beck turned to another guy It would’ve hurt but he was that good of a guyWhen they finally slept together for the first time all I could think was finally It wasn’t that it was dragged out; it was just that you wanted them to be together They were absolutely adorable Beck with his love for long colored socks because he always had cold feet and Timothy’s love for ice cream no matter the time of year was so cute and relatable When they both had doubts about each other I wanted to slap them because it was so evident that they were meant to be together I definitely recommend you read this tale Even though its beginning is based on something sad the growth love and ending is just so worth it The author did a fantastic job with this book and I only wish it was just a tad longer because I didn’t want to see the two mc’s goA copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review Please visit wwwlovebytesreviewscom to see this and many reviews author interviews guestposts and giveaways Note This story deals with themes of death grief drug use and codependency Anyone triggered by those things might want to skip this one It hit a few nerves with me even though the specific experiences aren't my ownThis is really well written and I love that Ms Roberts didn't shy away from the raw emotions At the same time it didn't have the feel of trying too hard to get the reader to feel a certain wayThe first part of the story was hard to get through not because it was boring or poorly written but because it hit so hard Even for people who have not experienced the exact situation a spouse or partner with an addiction it is likely to resonate with anyone who has been in the position of emotional caregiver When Beck began to emerge from his situation I wanted to cheer for himI loved that Timothy was genuinely bisexual and Beck had no problem with that at all I had to laugh at Beck's commentary especially how their other friends just didn't get it and how Timothy was simply his own person refusing to be put in a box This is the most absolutely true thing about most of the bisexual people I know and I adored it It was subtle enough that most people probably wouldn't notice or care or get it actually but I sure did The relationship between Beck and Timothy unfolded slowly which made it that much satisfying when they finally found their way to each other It was full of hope and promise The sex was hot yes but it was also filled with all the things they both brought to the tableThis was an incredibly satisfying story start to finish and I look forward to reading of Ms Roberts' work5 starsI was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow ReadsAmy

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Posy Roberts started reading romance when she was young sneaking peeks at adult books long before she should’ve Textbooks eventually replaced the novels and for years she existed without reading for fun When she finally picked up a romance two decades later it was like slipping on a soft hoodie that didn’t uite fit like it used to She wanted something She wanted to read about men

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