Ridge Brothers of Element #3 MOBI ô Ridge Brothers

Ridge Brothers of Element #3 King Ridge of the Arctic finding his life mate on land he convinces her to rule with him beneath the currents Lingering in the background is his family’s nemesis ready to take revenge while Drew is due to deliver Dagger’s child any daySvetlana Kozlow has tagged and tracked polar bears all her life Now she has the opportunity to study them under water What she'll learn will devastate her belief in her work However when a threat reaches Ridges family she'll seize the opportunity to prove they can trust herThat is only the beginning of their problems Adjusting to the customs of water shifters will force them to accept roles neither ever thought possible Book III Ridge I believe is my sexiest book to date Although it wasn't my intention to make it so Ridge has a sensually dark uality about him which makes it impossible not to be enthralled from one look into those black eyes When he meets his mat convincing her to help is the least of his concerns Svetlana Kozlow has dedicated her life to the study of polar bears Now with this new revelation standing before her in the form of a seven foot tall shapeshifter can she prove she's not out to harm the polars? Regardless of her family's past

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