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Dylan Inked Brotherhood #4 WOW First off it wasn't my favourite book within the series for me so far that was Zane But I really liked the storyline and even though Dylan's dad sort of creeped me out a bit it made the reader want to know At the same time I couldn't put it down but I didn't want to carry on because I knew Dylan's dad would mess up I loved the relationship between Dylan and Tessa I think the way Jo Raven has built it up over the pass books really helped the reader connect with them Dylan is so loveable as well with how he looks after his brothers and is basically a single parent of two I really fell in love with him However I think it dragged a bit at certain points where the other books in the series didn't I also fully anticipated Sean coming back and causing havoc after the restraining order I really ready for it and completely prepared myself And then it just never happened I think it would have been good to dig into Tessa and Sean a bit further to find complete closure even though it did States at the end that he moved back to England But I really did enjoy this book guys so check it out One may ask why I keep doing this to myself and keep reading books in this series I have a lovehate relationship with this series The love part is that I find my self being very curious about the characters and what when on in their lives to make them the way they are So I keep reading each book in the series to know about the characters And I really want to know about Rafe and his situationIt's not that I just flat hate the series but like I have said before there is just something missing from each book The author takes the time out to tell us about things that has happened with these characters but when it comes time to put those things into the story and tell us about it just falls flat Tessa went through some serious stuff but we don't really tackle those issues and what can steam from them And also the situation with her dad was ever really happened with that I also wondered about her sister would she ever reappear? We definitely find out about Dylan but there was something still missing The situation with his mom and dad I just wanted insight From the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Jo Raven comes the fourth installment in the Inked Brotherhood series which began with ASHER When you’ve tried your best for years and never managed to please your demanding parents When you’ve fallen head over heels for someone who keeps ignoring you When you’ve hit rock bottom Tessa is this close to giving up – on her authoritative parents and their demands on her studies on everything in her life Including Dylan The one boy she has loved since she can remember The one who dated her and promised her forever when they were fourteen and then dumped her without an explanation only to ignore her ever since The one who shows up to save her from violence before the stroke of midnight who kisses her and holds her close only to tell her in the course of the same night he doesn’t love her Tessa knows Dylan has gone through some tough times and they’re only getting tougher but is he telling the truth about his lack of feelings for her or is he running from his own demons The way Tessa sees it she has two options run away leaving it all behind or stay to fight against her controlling family and win back Dylan She has a feeling he needs her and how can she leave when he's the only man who’s ever made her feel alive Standalone novel No cliffhanger Warning this book contains graphic language sex and violence Mature readers only Not intended for young readers This is just another fantastic addition to the Inked Brotherhood series by Jo Raven It’s filled with love and tenderness but lots of push and pull of conflicting emotion The book centers on two people that have loved each other since those young teenage years Now at the age of nineteen they look at each other with the longingness of “what could possibly be” Neither one though is willing to take the chance of getting hurt once again But when they’re thrown together because of circumstances surrounding family they can’t help but feel that pull of intimacy Could this just be an attraction with benefits arrangement or is there going on here? Tessa has loved Dylan forever but he broke up with her and she was devastated She looks at him with that want to be with him But he doesn’t even look her way Why? What did she ever do to him? Her life is just plain horrible With a father who is nothing but condescending and not willing to even listen to what she wants to do with her life along with a mother who is nothing but a doormat and never willing to speak up she just can’t stomach her parents any along with their controlling ways She just wanted to live her own life Make her own decisions She wanted to have fun with her friends Not go to charity events with stuck up snobs That life just wasn’t for her She was meant to have a career Everytime she thought of how her father treated her mother she cringed There was no way that that life was for her And Dylan he thinks of Tessa often even going as far as staring at a picture of her on the wall of his room every day to remind him of what he’s lost He has two younger brothers that need him He’s all they’ve got So it’s his first priority to take care of them He really is the best older brother ever Such love and dedication he shows to his brothers Miles and Teo But unfortunately it’s wearing him down He’s tired He would do anything for those boys though I couldn’t help but feel my heart sueeze uite a bit for a young man that thinks of his younger brothers before himself He might as well have been their dad He sure acted like it He was dependable and hard working Caring and considerate One amazing manWill these two individuals find their way back to each other? Are they willing to take a chance on something so wonderful that they could possibly have? Ms Raven writes a beautiful romantic story with good friends supporting them along the way The reader will get glimpses of characters from past books' present lives as they attempt to protect their friends The two main characters were both strong and resilient people Willing to do what it took to find some sort of peace and happiness They were both pretty stubborn though but they’ve been hurt and it takes a lot to trust again Whenever these two were near each other you could just feel the heat in their stares and in their actions And when they got together it was sizzling It was way beyond hot The author created such a swoon worthy character in Dylan when she portrayed him as such a protective and dedicated young male He really was such a nice guy I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him when all the responbility was left on him to raise his two young brothers And Tessa was all heart and spirit She also loved those two little boys And if Dylan would just let her in she would prove to him just how much she was willing to stick around and show him what he meant to her Loved this couple And I was cheering for them to get their “happily ever after” This was a uick read for me and I can’t help but enjoy this series of books so much Every book just sucks the reader in with awe and enjoyment Each new story is painful but yet uplifting Protection and honesty is key And love is in the background just waiting to be set free Another winner by author Jo Raven Can’t wait for Rafe’s story to be toldAnd DAMN another glorious cover Where does Ms Raven get these guys??? MUY CALIENTE Holy wow I have been waiting for Dylan's book and I can say I wasn't disappointed Like all the guys in this series Dylan has had a pretty crap live which lead him to let go of the one person he truly cared for Tessa Tessa has been pinning for Dylan since she was younger but has finally decided enough is a enough until her ex shows up and Dylan is there to help her No spoilers from me you just need to read this book when it goes live It shows life isn't always easy and people make mistakes but there's always a second chance if you want something enoughARC provided by the author for an honest reviewReviewer for Nerdy Book FreakHttpswwwfacebookcomnerdybookfre And Jo Raven did it again I'm not surprised that I've fallen in love with Dylan I love Jo's broken characters and seeing them overcome everything is pretty amazing I always get her characters from their feelings to their motivations and actions It's not often that I sympathize to characters to such an extent so it's always a wonderful journey for me If you're looking for some h o t scenes too you won't be disappointed I think I blushed at least once while reading I'm not complaining here Dylan made me swoon with his little brothers Tessa made me proud when she stood up for herself Both characters together are a perfect match and I'm beyond delighted that I followed their adventure Thank you a lot Jo Raven for this amazing new book Now I'm sure you can guess what I'm about to write next No?I need RAFE ; ARC provided by Author for honest reviewAfter reading Zane's book last year I couldn't wait to learn about Dylan Tessa and what their story was all about I couldn't put this book down I was so hooked on the story line and the characters If you haven't started this series yet you need to All the boys in the Inked Brotherhood will have you melting in no time and Dylan was defiantly no exception This series just keeps getting better and better Now I cant wait for Rafe's book to come out next Reviewed for Our Kindle Konfessions Another great addition to this amazing series the stories just keep on getting better and better As with all of Jo's books they evoke emotions of hopelessness and heartbreak often at the hands of those who should give us unconditional love As a reader of all of this series Dylan had appeared briefly throughout the series but we knew very little about him apart from the fact Tessa loved him and had for a very long time Usually it's the guys in this series that suffer the heartache It was refreshing to see Tessa with all that money and security struggle with who she is and what she really wants in life battling against the life her parents have set out for her Just as Tessa decides to give up on Dylan Dylan's Life comes crashing down around him leading him to rely on Tessa and his friends to survive Dylan had me swooning he's one hot guy who puts his family first can cook and make a girl feel like a million dollars Hell I wanted Dylan We also get to see how the other couples are fairing too which I loved and there's some exciting news from Asher and Audrey This book is a roller coaster of a read that will take you from the depths of despair to the heights of happiness with some hot was going to say bedroom scenes but they rarely made it to the bedroom Looking forward to Rafe's story now ARC received in exchange for honest reviewDylan Hayes is a man who can't have what he wants A normal life The woman of his dreams A social life He's busy looking after his two little brothers Miles and Teo after their dad walked out a year ago suffering depression As well as looking after the two boys he holds down a job and college as well How long will it take from him to break? Will and old high school girlfriend Tessa come back and save the day?oh hot Damn Jo has done it again eeek absolutely amazing The storyline was strong capitalising your attention from the get go The writing style is perfection in itself Oh how I love love love this series looking forward to Aimed at mature audiences of 18 with mild violence and hot to trot sexual encounters ; HOLY MOTHER OF ALL AMAZING STORIESYes all the boys have a story to tell All of them have been amazing and have sucked me in I have fallen in love savedcried laughed with all of them But Dylan oh Dylan I felt you You touched me and when I get touched I love harder cry harder and laugh but I didn't laugh too much with you Why? Well because I FUCKEN GOT YOUOnce again our fearless and talented leader Jo has given a story worth reading worth sharing worth holding close to our hearts The love between Dylan and Tessa is undeniable it was written in the stars It was meant to hurt meant to sting meant to be put through the hell it was; they came out on top Miles and Teo gained two people that will give everything for them and will never think twice This book gave us what a real life relationship worth having and fighting for is about The feeling emotion and writing shined through things that a reader wants Jo has grown as writer and it is evident in this book She has always given us amazing reads But for me this book was one of her best Zane got me but Dylan out did him Maybe it was the personal connection of the story But this couple has moved to the top of my list as a favoriteTessa is one badass chick That girl is one strong female if I like one thing is a strong chick Homegirl held her own and was able to carry her part beautifully The girl is classy and man did she fight never went down Yes she has her issues but show me a female that doesn'tI love the bond that all the characters have and love how they are so tight with one another A BROTHERHOODJo I applaud you and I look forward to the Rafe You my dear a FOR SURE One Click author

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Raven is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author best known for her series Inked Brotherhood and Damage Control She writes edgy contemporary New Adult romance with sexy bad boys and strong willed heroines She writes about MME fighters and tattoo artists dark pasts that bleed into the present loyalty and raw emotion Add to that breathtaking suspense super hot sex scenes and a happy ending and you have a Jo Raven® story Meet Jo Raven online – on Facebook

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