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A Match for Marcus Cynster #1 New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens unveils a dramatic new tale of desire and devotion in her beloved Cynster seriesMarcus Cynster is waiting for Fate to come calling He knows his destiny lies near his home in Scotland but what will it be Who is his fated bride One fact seems certain His future won’t lie with Niniver Carrick a young lady who attracts him mightily and whom he feels compelled to protect—even from himself Fate he’s sure will never be so kind as to decree that Niniver should be hisDelicate and ethereal Niniver has vowed to return her clan to prosperity Having accepted that she can never marry and risk a controlling husband she needs help fending off unwelcome suitors Powerful and dangerous Marcus is perfect for the task Suppressing her wariness over tangling with a gentleman who so excites her passions she appeals to him for aidMarcus uickly discovers his fated role is to stand by Niniver’s side and ultimately claim her hand Yet in order to convince her to be his bride they must plunge headlong into a journey full of challenges unforeseen dangers passion and yearning until Niniver grasps the essential truth—that she is indeed a match for Marcus Cynster A Match for Marcus Cynster is the story of Niniver and MarcusWe met Niniver Carrick in the previous book as the caring daughter to Laird Randall Carrick and sister to Nolan and Nigel As Norris is murdered at the end of previous book we start this one by discovering the fates of both Nolan and Nigel and how Niniver the hound loving daughter is elected as the Lady of the Clan and how she takes that seriouslyOne year hence she has various suitors vying for her hand while her vow is to never get married When some decided to get over zealous she approaches her neighbor Marcus Cynster the only man she has ever felt attracted to but whom she believes will never be retributive to her feelings hence help her ward them offMarcus is the son to Richard and Catriona and believes in the full power of Lady of the Vale and fate Eagerly awaiting for signs of his true destiny he is surprised when she comes knocking at his door and soon all indications point towards her and he agrees to help her while slowly wooing herIntermingled with the plot of evil suitors talented hounds and discovering yourself this had an engaging plot which kept me hooked I really love Cynster heroes and their relentless pursuant but just like his father Richard he did not shy away from being a supportive partner and husband to their respective wives who had to shoulder bigger responsibilities than traditional male ego usually allows They were appreciative of their women and adored them with all their hearts Niniver too was strong independent and yes rescues our hero Marcus from his doomTheir lovemaking scenes were expectedly ardorous and I really liked the conclusion to this story This has got me back on my Cynster addictionSafe with exceptions view spoiler H and h have known each for a while and its presumed that in that time H has had other relationships However when H finally notices the h he is faithful to her hide spoiler MehBest part of the book was the dogs for sure I especially liked the dogs taking down the villain at the end of the bookThe restwas boring To him she was a nymph irresistible temptation but she was also the tender caring devoted woman he had sworn to protectTHE STORY Niniver Carrick has been chosen to be the leader of her clan As the Lady of Clan Carrick she has been the target of various men who want to woo her Niniver has become desperate because her potential suitors have become aggressive Niniver decides to ask neighbor Marcus Cynster to help her discourage her suitors Marcus is in transition in his life After his twin sister married in THE TEMPTING OF THOMAS CARRICK Marcus has moved from the family home It is his sister who will inherit the family lands in the Vale as she succeeds their mother as the Lady of the Vale In order to make things easier for his sister and brother in law to take their place Marcus has moved out to find his own path For two years he has been thinking about Niniver but has waited for a sign as to whether or not she is the one for him When Niniver comes to ask for his help Marcus realizes that he wants Niniver to be his wife He realizes that he will have to show Niniver that he can be her champion without threatening her authority with the clan OPINION A MATCH FOR MARCUS CYNSTER is truly and appropriately the companion book to THE TEMPTING OF THOMAS CARRICK which tells the romance of Marcus's twin sister This book continues the story that began in THE TEMPTING OF THOMAS CARRICK The overarching mystery regarding the death of Niniver's father is ultimately resolved here This story however uickly moves beyond that continuing mystery to the uestion of Niniver's suitors The plot works well here with enough action and drama to keep the story moving at a nice pace Niniver is a caring and competent woman She is forging a new path for herself and her clan She is not silly or stupid She is somewhat clueless regarding Marcus's intentions toward her even while her clan all know that she is being courted but it is not enough to diminish her character with me She doesn't ask to be rescued she takes her destiny in her own hands Marcus is adorable and is one of my favorite Cynster heroes He has all the strength and arrogance of a Cynster but also has the definite traits of his father who able to be strong enough to support his woman without taking over for her While Laurens has written the story of the strong man supporting a woman in position of authority with Marcus's parents and sister this book has a twist In the previous books it is the man who has to adapt to the idea of a woman in authority here Marcus's whole life has prepared him for the role and he is comfortable with it Instead it is Niniver who has to be shown that a man can be her helpmate without threatening her authority I loved his compassion and constant concern with Niniver He clearly demonstrates how a man can be supportive and yet be masculine and sexy The relationship between Marcus and Niniver is wonderfully developed They spend a lot of time together doing normal things that allow the reader to see how the partnership develops between the two I felt that this book did an amazing job of showing how the relationship between Marcus and Niniver will work The give and take between them is demonstrated and it is clear that both find happiness in how their relationship works This is one of my favorite Cynster books primarily because Marcus is such a wonderful hero I really liked him and the relationship between Marcus and Niniver which is a true partnershipWORTH MENTIONING Sebastian Sebastian SebastianFINAL DECISION This is one of my favorite Cynster books in a while Marcus is in my top 5 heroes He is adorable and I love how he is immediately supportive of Niniver but still manly and sexy CONNECTED BOOKS A MATCH FOR MARCUS CYNSTER is the twenty third book in the Cynster series It is also the second book in the Next Generation Cynsters series and can be read independent of the other books in the Cynster series It is however best read as the companion book to the first book in the Next Generation series THE TEMPTING OF THOMAS CARRICK STAR RATING I give this book 5 stars No author I repeat No author can drag out a story as Stephanie Laurens I promise I skipped half of the book while Marcus decided when he could ask her to marry him The story was very boring to me I didn't get a sense of the character of either the hero or the heroine I am hoping this is the end of the Cynster Saga I loved the early Cynster's but the next generation is not doing anything for me Stephanie Laurens and the Cynster men have a special place in my heart She was one of the first historical romance authors I read secretly going to the library when I was 12 and hoping the librarian would not notice or comment about the romance books between the other socially acceptable books Devil and Honoria first Cynster book are therefore my first dreamy historical couple You always have a special place in your heart for those first romances but eventually you move on After reading like 6 or 7 Cynster couples I moved on because 1 I found other interesting authors and 2 I saw through the Cynster formula From what I remember there are two kind of Cynster couples 1 The couple who have always known and are slowly coming to the realization that they cannot outrun their fate any One of the couple will seduce the other mostly the experienced H will seduce the less or not experienced h Until the h realizes her own sexual power and tries to take over They realize they overcome external obstacle and they marry Marcus Cynster and Niniver fall under this category 2 The couple who have not always known each other but are so overcome by passion for each other and then realize they are purrrfect for each other Honoraria and Devil fall under this category for sure also Richard and Catronia Marcus parentsAnyways because of this formulaic plot the books left me wanting after reading 6 7 stories and I therefore was not really interested in keeping up with the series But every once in a while if I see a Cynster book in the 'new releases' I am curious about the Cynster clan and who is getting hitched I read Marcus Cynster story and it was like dipping in a warm familiar pool I liked it but there was nothing so memorable that I went crazy over it It was a skim and go to the good parts read and predictable but you still wanted to finish it It was nice to revisit the old characters again but the magic from the first books for me is gone For the good old times 3 stars but I am not waiting with bated breath for the following books A sincere thank you to Ms Laurens; should I decide to start a punk band she provided me the name Give it up for Air Scenting Bitches Otherwise this is incredibly repetitious and flat out dull I like the story outline Perhaps if it had been edited if the prose had been less purple if words had not been misused if archaic words had not been peppered about and if the same inner dialogues had not been repeated countless times I would have liked this We will never know for sureI was looking at my notes jotted while reading and these two really sum up this bookSeptember 17 2019 – page 101 2254% So far she has used the word propinuity which is always unnecessary and has said the hero had a blatantly suare jaw Blatantly suare? Do most suare jawed people hide their suareness electing instead to have a subtly suare jaw? Also Niniver is a terrible name for our heroine It sounds pinched and desiccated and I imagine other children would have called her Ninny No good can come of thatSeptember 20 2019 – page 320 7143% I like the main characters but this is so boring so repetitive and so badly written I can't invest in them Someone got her mental feet under her Someone took a mental breath These people have some multi talented and anatomically complex minds My mind has neither teeth nor lungs I feel ill formed blatently ill formed Stephanie Laurens I just can't uit your Cynsters The formula hasn't varied in 23 books if we count Cobra uartet Bastion Club etc She does make some interesting plot choices regarding feminism and women's power in the early Victorian era but still commits some pretty egregious sins of the purple prose variety in the bedroom Still fun reading though I echo earlier sentiments that moving to Harleuin has done no favors for her cover art and if she's going to keep going I hope that Sebastian and Antonia get together bc we get to see Devil and Chillingworth spar again Review One of my absolute favourite Cynster novels The best since the original six Cynster men in my opinion I loved Niniver and her control over the clan I also liked how the mystery from the previous book was finally solved though you so need to have read the previous book The Tempting of Thomas Carrick in order to understand the beginning of the novelGenre Historical RomanceCharacters Marcus Cynster Niniver Carrick Ramsey MacDougal Lucilla Cynster Thomas Carrick Catriona Cynster Richard Cynster Norris Carrick Nolan Carrick Nigel CarrickSetting Casphairn ScotlandSeries Cynster #23Recommend YesRating 1920 Very good book I love the Cynsters stories and this one lived up to my expectations We got to know Marcus somewhat in The Tempting of Thomas Carrick He is the twin brother of Lucilla who is heir to their mother as the Lady of the Vale His role growing up was to protect and assist his sister until such time as she marries She has done so leaving him now with no purpose He does know that his future lies in the area where he grew up and that Fate knows exactly who will share his life He just needs the patience to wait for it to be revealedNiniver is the only daughter of the late Laird of Carrick Thanks to various events outlined in the previous book but mentioned in this one so it can be read as a stand alone and at the beginning of this one she ends up as the Lady of Carrick leader of the clan and the one with the responsibility of bringing the clan back from the brink of disaster She is determined to stay unmarried as any husband would expect to take over as leader and that isn't possible But when she has to spend valuable time fending off the attentions of unwanted suitors she knows she needs help Her neighbor Marcus had once told her that if she ever needed help to ask and she is desperate enough to do soThus starts the story of two people who are perfect for each other but need to be convinced Marcus has been attracted to Niniver for a couple years but believes that Fate would not be so kind as to give him what he wants so easily In many ways he is right He is reluctant to agree with the method of help she suggests sensing that there could be pitfalls for both of them Her method of convincing him was uniue but effective It isn't too long before Marcus realizes that Niniver is the woman meant for him but winning her hand isn't going to be easy Because she is the head of the clan he knows that he must be very careful not to diminish her in the eyes of her people He can help and support but he can't take over For most men of this time period that would be an impossibility but Marcus is a Cynster He has been raised around strong and capable women and has enough confidence in his own manhood not to be threatened by her The fact that his own father and now his sister's husband are in the same position has given him the perfect examples to follow I loved being able to see his thoughts as he worked out the best ways to show her that he was the man for her His sensitivity to her needs was outstanding His only drawback was his reluctance to tell her of his feelings until he was sure that she felt the same way That almost caused a permanent rift between them until fate once again intervenedNiniver had known Marcus all her life and had always been fascinated by him But he is a Cynster and far above her in her opinion so she had never allowed herself to think of him as anything but a neighbor and friend After the deaths of her father and older brothers she is stunned to find that the clan considers her to be the logical successor to leading the clan Though she has had no training she is a woman after all she makes a vow to do whatever necessary to save the clan She's reluctant to ask Marcus's help because she knows that she could easily fall in love with him but he's really her only choice Once she gains his consent they are locked into spending uite a bit of time together Niniver realizes that she was right to be worried about her heart as she falls and falls hard The last thing she wants is to become an object of pity because there's no way he could feel the same way so she buries her feelings deep so that he won't suspectI loved seeing the relationship develop They had so much in common such as their love of the dogs they bred and the lands they lived on One of the best things about Marcus was that he understood Niniver so well and knew what she needed from him even if she didn't yet realize it There were wonderful scenes of him standing behind her as she dealt with various issues there to support her but not interfere The scene with two different tradesmen was a perfect demonstration The scenes where he dealt with her unwanted suitors were really fun especially the one who came to serenade her The time they spent together the their attraction grew until they were no longer able to fight it Marcus hoped that it would help her see what they could have together but Niniver believed that only a short term affair was possible When a misunderstanding has her believing that he is bowing down to pressure from the clan to marry her she is devastated and sends him awayThere is one suitor who refuses to be chased away He is desperate to gain Niniver's hand and everything that goes with it even though she makes it plain that he has no chance The things he does put her in danger and nearly kill both her and Marcus The final confrontation with him was uite intense in places and very well done The resolution was excellent and perfect for the life that Marcus and Niniver want going forward The epilogue was great and makes me wonder if Sebastian will be the next cousin to fall I can't wait to see if I'm right

About the Author: Stephanie Laurens

Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon When she was 5 her family moved to Melbourne Australia where she was raised After continuing through school and earning a PhD in Biochemistry in Australia Stephanie and her husband moved to Great Britain taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to LondonOnce in London Stephanie

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