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Peter Duck ‘Why do they call him Black Jake Is it because of his hair’ Titty asked ‘Because of his heart’ said Peter Duck The Swallows and s as well as Captain Flint and the ancient able seaman Peter Duck set sail on the Wild Cat bound for the Channel But they are shadowed by the Viper manned by none other than Black Jake a beastly pirate with a dark plan Can the children race ahead and uncover the buried treasure before the pirate Can they survive storms earthuakes crabs and even a waterspout and make it home

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    As a child these were my favourite books I loved stories of adventure and my family holidayed in the English Lake District where these books are set so I knew the places they visitedWhilst on holiday I would imagine meeting the Swallows and s on every lake At school my friends and I would play Swallows and s My best friend Sarah and I being the

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    Where in the first two books in the series the children create imaginary epic adventures out of ordinary vacations in England's Lake District in this book they embark on a genuine epic adventure They're off in the great two masted sailing ship with Captain Flint and old tar Peter Duck on a treasure hunt in the Caribbean or the Caribbees as they

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    This is the Third in the S A series A note to all it is later revealed I can't remember which book but poss Pigeon Post or Winter Holiday that this is a made up story told in the cold winter Holidays between Swallows and s and Swallowdale The reason for this is that actually the children are all the same age as in Swallowdale which becomes appare

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    uite simply the best book ever wri oh hang on isn't that what I put for Swallows and s?This has of course the natural dialogue real characters and detailed scenery you would expect from Arthur Ransome; and there are maps and diagrams for those of us who are weak in geography or the construction and operation of sailing vessels It also has a carefu

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    Ransome certainly knows how to work his way through a story In some ways I missed the delightful insights into childhoods of the 1930 in the first two books of the series because this book is so focused on the plot of the treasure hunt the pirates the sea voyage and the various meteorological happenings that keep things humming You barely have time

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    I found and read the Swallows and s series in my early 20s I am only sorry I did not find them earlier Stories of the family's summer adventures are beautifully written and encourage responsible and creative living Self reliance intelligent reasoning skills and strong imagination with these children provide an excellent backdrop for this series of b

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    The six children Swallows and s Captain Flint an old seaman Peter Duck the parrot the monkey and an unexpected crew member go on a sea cruise and treasure hunt The author anchors this improbable tale with realistic details and lots of action Unlike the other books I’ve read in this series this one involves adult doings as well as pursuit by villai

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    35 stars I like this book I do NOT like reading this series aloud It is hard

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    Ideally a 45httpspiningforthewestcouk20200

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    Wow I didn't read this as a child although I naturally assumed that I had I read most of the series some of them multiple timesI hadn't especially like Swallowdale but ploughed on knowing that there were much better books later in the seriesThis is the third and it really is as good as Swallows and s Let's just say that at one point my heart was poundin

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