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Moymoy Lulumboy Ang Batang Aswang Sa isang cosplay event sa Greenbelt isang saleslady ang inabutan ng isang bag na may lamang sanggol at salapi ng isang maliit na taong naka costume na duwendeAng sanggol na ito ay tinawag na Moymoy Tulad ng ibang bata lumaki siyang masaya nakikipaglaro umiiwas sa mga away at napagsasabihan ng matatanda Ngunit natuklasan ni Moymoy na kapag siya ay naglalabas ng matinding emosyon siya ay nag iiba ng anyoAng librong ito ang simula nang pagtuklas ni Moymoy sa kanyang pagkatao at sa totoong mundo na kayang tunay na kinabibilangan

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    DISAPPOINTINGUnang una ang tingin ay pwedeng ibaling ngunit hindi maaaring itaponThrowing a glance may sound good in English but transliterating it makes no senseAlso PERO has synonyms in Tagalog NGUNIT SUBALIT DATAPWAT Nakaka iritang paulit ulit ang salitang pero lalong lalo na kung ginagamit sa iisang pangungusap ng higit sa isang besesI have problems with the writing style of this book

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    A story with lots of potential I'm just curious why the story focused on manananggals and aswangs while at the beginning they mentioned tikbalangs kapres and duwendes It was said that they fled to other islands aside Dalumdum and Malasimbo but exactly where? What happened to them? Don't get me wrong I like the story but it's a kind of book you can't help but notice some holes in its plot

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    Will be shelving this for nowHindi ko masyadong ma appreciate sa ngayon It's too cutesy for me or maybe I'm too old for it Or I'll have my 10 year old niece read them since I bought the three installments and she'd probably enjoy them

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    Moymoy Lulumboy showed much potential at the beginning of the book There were beautiful illustrations sprinkled in almost every other page the world was heavily inspired by the curious and mysterious Filipino folklore and the premise The Chosen One although cliched felt intriguing when placed in this setting However as much as I would like to recognise the painstaking efforts Mr Matias took

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    I love how there are contemporary writers like Jun Matias and Egay Samar capitalizing on Filipino folklore reinventing the classic aswangs manananggals and tiyanaks And how these books are aimed at the young and young adultsMoymoy 1 since a seuel is already out has such a rich vision of a parallel dimension where these lamanlupas exist and a kid hero reminds one of Harry Potter and his discov

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    I liked the premise of the story and I can't complain about the language usage But the story had a lot of plot holes that made me uestion a lot of things One example is Moymoy's seemingly immediate grasp of changing form to the expert use of his diwani in a short span of time A lot of things happened in the story that some elements just seemed to appear out of nowhere without any logical reaso

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    A tale vividly illustrated it makes you gape in awe with the beautiful black and white illustrations that accompany the story uite wellIts story is not that bad too considering that it was meant for children though it's juvenile The use of words make it very much so Kudos to the author and illustrator

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    General thoughtsMoymoy Lulumboy Ang Batang Aswang is Book 1 in a multiple series of books by Segundo Matias Jr and illustrated by Jomike TejidoIt's a children's book yes but sometimes it's hard to remember that At first it glazes over melodramatic tropes like dead parents and abusive foster parents rather uickly This made me think that while it's suggesting a terrible life for the main character

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    I just finished Moymoy Lulumboy 1 It's bad It wasn't that good The world building was okay but the story was bland and cliche It's like a Pinoy Teleserye a TV series in the Philippines if you've ever seen one The Power creep and Magic system was the most irritating thing to deal with in this story Moymoy seems to be over powered even if this is literally just the first book in the series He can d

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    More like 175 stars really But the illustrations are excellent so I'm bumped it up to 2 starsI mean it's not completely horrible but I can't really say that it was ok I struggled with this book for weeks I really wanted to like it because yey a middle grade Tagalog language fantasy novel that features creature from Philippine folklore But Oh man I had so many issues with this book Proper review l

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