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Silence Six years ago Jack Till helped Wendy Harper disappear But now her ex boyfriend and former business partner Eric Fuller is being framed for her presumed murder in an effort to smoke her out and Till must find her before tango dancing assassins Paul and Sylvie Turner doThe Turners are merely hired to do a job though and prefer to remain anonymous When they find that a middleman has let the true employer know their identities finishing the job is no longer enough Their fee just went up And now they must double cross the man who wants Wendy dead before he can double cross them—if their jealousy and cold blooded calculations don't result in a fatal lovers' uarrel firstWith masterful plotting and unnerving psychological insight Perry delivers another mesmerizing thrill ride

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    DNF 30% I have been reading this since July July guysAnd by reading I mean it's been sitting on my desk collecting dust for months and months; I put it down and never picked it back up I can't even remember what it was about although it is now October so who can really blame me right? I might come back to this one day but for now im moving onto bigger

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    Wendy Harper got brutally attacked by a masked assailant six years ago right on her porch and that caused her to flee Los Angeles and assume a new identity and a new life all with the help of private dick Jack Till Now Till is desperately trying to find her and bring her back to LA so she can get her ex boyfriend who has been framed for her 'murder' exonerated

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    A little LA Noir from Thomas Perrya retired LAPD homicide detective turned PI helping a female restaurateur disappear after she is savagely beatenSix years later her loverrestaurant partner is charged with her murderJack Till feels morally obligated to find her to prevent a convictionComplicating matters two professional hitters are also on the trailThe race is onInte

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    This was a 4 star mystery thriller in almost every way The characters were excellent Michael Kramer's reading fit the story enhanced it as usual Their back stories motivations were perfect blended together into a logical chase that culminates perfectly even wonderfully For all the logic I wasn't uite sure where it was going the revelations along the way kept me wondering Jack

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    This could have been a great book however as with every single mystery novel I've read written by an older man this falls into the same bullshit trope of the younger woman 'falling in love' with the older middle aged guy I'm sick of this gross male fantasy being played out in literature it really needs to stop This book could have flourished but unfortunately that unnecessary plot de

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    uitting about 25% of the way in The details of the porn and stripping etc make me want to go take a shower brush my teeth and gargle Not a fun read

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    A taut well written thriller typical of the genreThe story involves a former homicide detective who helped a witness disappear six years earlier vowing that under no circumstances would he ever attempt to find her But such a circumstance does arise and it is not only the detective who tries to find her but a professional team of husband and wife hired assassins And so the race is on The protagonist

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    Thomas Perry knows how to tell a storyCrazy character driven adventureKeeps you wanting to know Narrator Micheal Kramer does okAdult content but nothing untastefulSome Foul Language

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    Silence by Thomas PerryWendy Harper is beaten and left for dead but lucky for her its interupted while recovering she decides with the help of private dick Jack Till to flee Jack helps her giving her advice on what to do and what not to do that is until her ex boyfriend Eric is charged with her murder Jack begins his search for her but is followed by ruthless hired killers and married couple Sylvie and Paul Turner

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    Thomas Perry is a sure thing for thrillers I am at the point where too much suspense bothers me so I am afraid I peeked at the end to make sure things turned out all right for all the characters Jack Till retired cop turned private detective needs to find former client Wendy Harper to keep a man from being tried for her murder Once he has found her he needs to protect her from tango dancing contract killers Sylvia and Paul

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