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The Other Tudor Princess Review An interesting book on something I know relatively little about I know the basic family history but very little about how she was involved in English politics and court life during the reigns of Henry VIII Edward VI Mary I and Elizabeth I It was very interesting to read though a little lacking in places I'm now looking forward to reading Alison Weir's offering The Lost Tudor Princess The Life of Lady Margaret Douglas to see if this offers any insightsGeneral Subjects? History Tudors BiographyRecommend? – YesRating 1720 Somewhat interesting especially in the account of Margaret's early days but also extremely disappointing At times I felt like I was reading a novel instead of a straight biography this is not a compliment with detailed descriptions of her looks and what was going on in her head the impression she made on her cousin Mary etc In other places there were excruciating errors that should never have been made by anyone with even the most basic knowledge of the Tudor monarchy In chapter 13 alone I found the following 1 Catherine Howard was Anne Boleyn's first cousin not her niece stated twice 2 Her music teacher's last name was Manox not Madox 3 There is a reference to Margaret as Margaret Lennox at the time of her relationship with Charles Howard 4 years before she married Matthew Stewart Earl of Lennox 4 Anne Boleyn's sister in law Lady Rochford is referred to as Lady Rochester Finally I didn't care for the gratuitous implication the only source for which is Agnes Strickland a nineteenth century author about whose research there is much doubt almost immediately dismissed that Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester had something to do with Margaret's death in addition to the definitive assertion by this author that Certainly he was known to have disposed of others including his wife a claim that is still disputed to this day I very much enjoyed this biography on Margaret Douglas niece of Henry VIII mother in law to Mary ueen of Scots and grandmother to James I as I hadn't read anything about her before Fans of Tudor history don't miss this one A detailed study of a companion enemy and friend of ueens and kings Margaret Douglas was an adventurer as well living the simple life of a displaced person in the countryside for a short period of her life In a nutshell the reader gets insights into the life of high ranking subjects of Henry VIII This extends deep into the reign of Elisabeth IWhat is covered in great detail is the dealings of clans and noblemen of Scotland with each other and with their crown The author is an expert in Scottish history The web of lies deceit and intrigue leading to multiple murders is denseIt becomes apparent that in the English countryside the change of religion from Catholicism to Protestantism did not go down well at least initially The author covers religion seen from the catholic side of the divide Henry VIII's position is illuminated as less of a religious one of an opportunistic one mainly concerned with his succession He was an opportunistic friend of protestantism at best His treatment of women especially Catharine of Aragon is criticised as cruel and unreasonable and at times as paranoid if not explicitly implicitly Elizabeth I is seen as haughty and extremely arrogant I did not read this book to get a standard view on British history One needs to see the coin from both sides Only then you have seen it in its entirety I am a fan of Alison Weir but this book didn't grab me at all was looking forward to it as Margaret Douglas is a lady i know very little about She has been forgotten by history She was the niece of henry 8th and mother in law of Mary ueen of Scots sadly i feel i still know very little this read was informative when describing clothes and jewels and the great castles of the tudor era but we didn't get to hear enough about Margaret 35 starsI started reading this in September 2018 put it down at 55% in October and didn't pick it back up again until January 2020 In the year in between readings my knowledge of the main players Margaret Douglas Elizabeth I Mary Stuart etc has grown significantly Leanda de Lisle's excellent Tudor was the perfect prereI remember putting the book down in part because I was having trouble keeping track of everything and everyone Picking it up now I was able to follow everything much better It's a short book and maybe it's a little too short for the reader with very little knowledge of the time period A lot is glossed over in order to keep that page count down and that combined with so many people with the same name makes this perhaps not the best introduction to the era Another reason not to read this without pre knowledge? There are a surprising number of silly errors like referring to Anne Boleyn as Catherine Howard's aunt she was her cousin or calling Henry VII Margaret Tudor's grandfather he was her fatherHowever go into this with some background knowledge and it's a great uick review that hits all the high points while adding a lot of extra tidbits to keep things interesting Chapters are super short the writing is pleasant to read and I cared about Margaret I like these uick overview types of books as they help me make connections between the individual components I've gone in depth with or have heard about in passing through some of those in depth excursions like Arbella Stuart We also got to go in depth with Margaret Tudor which provided nice background Margaret Douglas The Other Tudor Princess brings to life the story of Margaret Douglas a shadowy and mysterious character in Tudor history but who now takes centre stage in this tale of the bitter struggle for power during the reign of Henry VIII Margaret is Henry's beloved niece but defies the King by indulging in two scandalous affairs Yet when the King turns against his second wife Anne Boleyn and declares his daughters Mary and Elizabeth bastards it is Margaret he appoints as his heir to the throne Imprisoned in the Tower on two occasions it is the arrangement of the marriage of Margaret's son Lord Darnely to his cousin Mary ueen of Scots that unites their claims to the throne and angers her uncle King Henry yet again Yet this match brings tragedy as her son is brutally murdered As Margaret reaches old age her place in the dynasty is still not safe and she dies in mysterious circumstances But was Margaret poisoned on the orders of ueen Elizabeth This forgotten part of Tudor history is told here for the first time with all the passion and thrill of a novel but this is no fiction the untold story of this forgotten Tudor runs through the course of history and she secured the throne for her Stuart ancestors for years to come Very informative and interesting book about the niece of Henry VIII her life and family Her son was the Lord Darnley who married Mary ueen of Scots unfortunately to be murdered after a short time I have no criticism of this book as it moved along nicely was concise and written in an easy manner except occasionally the sentence structure was a bit odd Finally a book about one of my favorite women in historyvery informative and full of detail on her life

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