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An excellent book on photography I read this one for The Bite Shot Bookclub and really gleaned a lot from itIt was super comprehensive which I devoured every morsel of especially since it included vocabulary such as emergence reification multistability amongst others which I had no idea how to construct certain elements to make them come together to tell such a meaningful storyI like how it showed side by side examples of cropped and uncropped images The theoretical concepts were well explained I really liked how it pointed out that in some instances neither style was wrong but may be dependent on whether the photographer wanted to convey sense of space or sense of depthI enjoyed the bits about image manipulation and how to relate them to the interesting concepts of right and left balance and overall shapeI think I would like to try photographing shadows The ideas explored about them in this book was greatThere is a lot packed into this book and I’d say this would be a foundational read for every photographer ½ Lots of good information about composition but much of it was a repeat for me The best tools at our disposal for mastering composition are not bought at a camera store I am still reading and learning from this book but feel i want to leave a review anyway It is fantastic and introduces some amazing concepts and ideas into composing your photography I am reasonably new to photography but i feel even intermediate or expert photographers would gain extra knowledge from it Some simply stunning images are included all throughout Heartily recommended Lots of good information and fantastic images to reference Some of the information I felt went a little overboard and seemed to make a big hoopla out of nothing but I still enjoyed it Going beyond the rule of thirds this offers invaluable tips and tools to help the photographer take control of the creative process with emphasis on four elements an impactful subject dynamic composition effective use of lighting and an ability to invoke an emotional response in the viewerWhat makes a great photo Flicking through the pages of popular photography magazines you might get the impression that there’s only one rule of importance the rule of thirds Indeed it appears that some will judge the merit of a photograph based almost solely on this Rarely do you hear discussion about visual weight balance negative space depth and so on Author and professional photographer Richard Garvey Williams argues that success lies in a combination of four elements an impactful subject; dynamic composition; effective use of lighting; and perhaps the most crucial ability to invoke an emotional response in the viewer Citing examples gleaned from a study of history the Ancient Greeks' Golden Rule; Fibonacci's mathematical ratio; and the principles known as the Gestalt theory the author analyzes the concepts rules and guidelines that define successful composition in photography and offers practical guidance to achieving great results In clear concise and jargon free text he also considers the role of tone and color in good composition and offers invaluable tips and the tools to help the photographer take control of the creative process The book is illustrated with examples of the author's own beautiful nature photography along with diagrams and notation to explain techniues most clearly A final chapter in this definitive guide for all serious photographers discusses photography and its relationship to art before offering a considered conclusion to the exploration of this fascinating topic Mastering Composition

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