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Jack Tumor From the Carnegie Medal winning author of Lark comes Henry Tumour winner of the 2006 BookTrust Teenage Prize It wasn't my choice Henry was in charge As if school bullies and his mum's tofu sandwiches weren't enough for Hector Brunty he now has another dilemma a talking brain tumourHenry Tumour turns out to be the perfect alter ego advising Hector on haircuts high fashion and tactics for snogging the best looking girl in school Uma Upshaw Controlling his speech and brain chemicals is one thing but soon Henry Tumour is trying to make decisions about Hector's life than he'd likeCan Hector overpower his tumour in order to get what he really wants before they both go under the knife

About the Author: Anthony McGowan

Anthony John McGowan is an English author of books for children teenagers and adults He is the winner of the 2020 CILIP Carnegie Medal for Lark In addition to his 2020 win he has been twice longlisted for The Knife That Killed Me in 2008 and Brock in 2014 and once shortlisted for Rook in 2018 for the CILIP Carnegie Medal and is the winner of the 2006 Booktrust Teenage Prize for Henry Tumo

10 thoughts on “Jack Tumor

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    Laugh and the world laughs with you snore and you sleep aloneHere is a book that will make you laugh and cry Sometimes on the same page For those that do snore don't

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    One of the coolest ideas a talking brain tumor and definitely one of the coolest opening words for any book Arsecheese The tone is set we get deliciously vulgar thought ofte

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    This looks an awful lot like David Henrie on the cover Aww how I miss Wizards of Waverly PlaceI picked this book up at the library book sale a while back because the synopsis sounded

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    Difficult to think of a book about a boy and his brain tumor as funny but this one really is Hector who's been having rather severe headaches starts hearing a voice Not just any voice it's t

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    In an overflowing smelly terribly lit save a lot I came across 'Jack Tumor' Whilst looking at another book that didn't really interest me I knocked over Anthony McGowan's masterpiece One look at the

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    I really will never learn How many times have I picked up a book I knew was going to be funny beyond belief and read it on the train After snorting with laughter very loudly on a train jam packed with peopl

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    I'd really give this a four and a half stars It's not often you read a book that makes you feel bad for the tumor that's killing the protagonist but Mr McGowan has done just that The symbiotic relationship between

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    Funny It makes me wish I was a comic nerd so I could get all the references Defiantly need to re read

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    I saw this in the guardians kids section and was pulled to it by the excellent front cover A comic bookesue style of a boy and taking brain tumourTold through amusing tales of growing up school bullies and that eventful first kiss

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    I have to admit this book read kind of like a NaNoWriMo novel I'm not saying that in a bad way Just that the voice of the protagonist lends it to the type of writer who has a word count to fulfill or who gets paid by the sentence There is

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