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For Her Eyes Only Jake McCoy An immigration agent with an attitude He's known for always getting his man Only this time he finds woman than he can handleMichelle Lambert A beautiful Frenchwoman She's determined to stay in the country and to convince gorgeous uptight Jake that they'd be very very good togetherJake McCoy prided himself on being a loner So how had sexy illegal alien Michelle Lambert stolen her way into his heart and his bed so uickly She wouldn't go home without her child and Jake couldn't blame her Unfortunately he couldn't keep his hands off her either Torn between duty and desire Jake never guessed he'd soon be a fugitive himself and a married man

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    Absolutely loved this story I love that Michelle brought Jake out of comfort zone I love that he risked it all for her and her daughter Short uick read and would absolutely read again and again

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Author Tori Carrington is the penname of husband and wife writing team Lori and Tony KarayianniHands down penning a bio is always the most difficult writing challenge we take on What do we say What do we keep a secret Considering we've been writing together for over twenty two yearswell that reveals about us than anything you'll likely read here We're fiction writers simply because