Nature is an Evil Bitch or How Jared Learned to Stop

Nature is an Evil Bitch or How Jared Learned to Stop Worrying and Let His Freak Flag Fly J2 FanficJared knew he was a freak In fact he had a whole list of reasons that proved his freakiness Oddly enough the fact that he was a werewolf didn't even make the list because Jared had far to worry about than the fact that sometimes he was furry and had four feet and a tailWords21850 complete Raised by a human family werewolf Jared is clueless to the fact that he is an omega until he meets alpha Jensen This is an enthusiastic fanfic which just bowls along The text includes an improbable five day claiming in a coffee shop just suspend your disbelief Fanfic J2 real person for Supernatural actors While I have watched some of the series I get this brain block and can never remember who is who and which is the characteractor name SamDean or JaredJensen have to google every time Never sticks in my head headdeskRead the first chapter it has a lot of energy to the narration and while you have to majorly suspend disbelief it's great fun I enjoyed itI think though it could end there the idea of reading on didn't appeal had the feeling that it would take the shine off the first part so decided to leave it there Real person fanfiction Not everyone's cup of tea Read at your own risk

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