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The Raven the Elf and Rachel Rachel Griffin #2 The British boarding school mystery meets the best imagined of fantasies at breakneck speed and with fully realized characters Sarah A Hoyt author of the best selling Darkship ThievesBefore coming to Roanoke Academy Rachel Griffin had been an obedient girl but it's hard to obey the rules when the world is in danger and no one will listen Now she's eavesdropping on Wisecraft Agents and breaking a lot of rules Because if the adults will not believe her then it is up to Rachel and her friends crazy orphan boy Sigfried the Dragonslayer and Nastasia the Princess of Magical Australia to stop the insidious Mortimer Egg from destroying the world But first she must survive truth spells fights with her brother detention Alchemy experiments talking to elves and conjuring class As if that were not bad enough someone has turned the boy she likes into a sheep Oh and the Raven with blood red eyes continues to watch her It is said to be an omen of the Doom of Worlds Will her attempts to save her world bring the Raven's wrath down upon her I greatly enjoyed the book though it seemed that the first two thirds were a lot of internal dialogues and exposition without much action and then the last third was rushed with everything happening all at once with very little examination Still this is a great series and I recommend it to anyone looking for a Harry Potter like story but with depth and maturity to the magical world August was a great month for me but it was also pretty rough So after DragonCon last week I took a bit of time to just relax Outside of my day job which I can't really shirk I didn't do much real work That will catch up with me later I still have a ton to do But I did get to read a few good booksLast week I left a review of Christopher T Lansdown's Ordinary Superheroes Today it's The Raven The Elf and Rachel by L Jagi Lamplighter aka the Mrs John C Wright Full disclosure Mrs Lamplighter sent me a free electronic copy of this book for review purposes I had been prepared to buy it anyway because I absolutely loved the first book in the series Thankfully she caught me in time and saved me some moneyLike its predecessor this book is a very fast and easy read The language as befits a young adult book flows off the page easily and uickly but it will still give younger readers enough new words to expand their vocabularies It's also immediately engaging and the characters retain your attention throughout In the first tale Mrs Lamplighter introduced us to the rarest of mythical fantasy creatures Rachel is a believable thirteen year old girl that doesn't make you want to strangle her That continues in this tale and it's the strongest part of the series Rachel herself is immediately recognizable as a true to life young girl and she's extremely likable All of her friends are fleshed out even further and each of them continues to be an absolute joy to read about The characters are easily the best part of this taleIn a coincidental bout of timing Morgon and I also watched the entire first season of Stranger Things last week These two series shared something that I greatly enjoyed both featured smart interesting and believable children doing heroic things but heroic things that weren't actually above their abilities to do as children In our modern society of helicopter parenting and sheltered youth it's refreshing to see children let out of their shackles for a while to grow and thriveI do have two complaints about this book however First there is a pretty fair amount of talking rather than doing It's engaging talking and it's fun It never gets dull But at the end of the day it feels like not much actually happens until all of a sudden there's a giant confrontation at the end The first book suffered a bit from talking rather than doing syndrome as well but not to this degree And that feeds into the second problem which is closely related This book is a middle book and it kind of felt like it It wasn't anywhere near enough to destroy the book I still found myself so enthralled that I finished it very uickly But it is enough that I noticed itEven so the book was a lot of fun with a little depth to it as well I'd highly recommend it for any youth into fantasy stories and most especially to young girls and Harry Potter fans Adults will enjoy it too however I don't read a ton of young adult fiction these days but this was a welcome bit of light fare All told this is a four out of five star book and I greatly look forward to finishing the series The seuel to The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin Lots of spoilers aheadIndeed it begins with the Agents' uestioning students to find out what happened and what they were magically prevented from knowing After their own uestioning our trio of Rachel Natissia and Siggy with Lucky spy because the Agents won't tell them anything Even the Agents who admit that they are on the front line of the fightingSome horrific revelations ensue One girl remembered that her parents or rather her aunt and uncle raising her offered her as a human sacrifice The person asking for the sacrifice rejected her because they didn't love her enough for it to be a sacrifice And Siggy acts erratically Rachel does seem to take everything he says at face value though knowing he's not very honest He seems to be in shock from his transition of the world of magic from the mundane than Rachel realizesVladimir von Dread is not happy with the way the Knight of Walpurgis acuitted themselves under attack Rachel sees of Gaius and also gets little help from her family and gets to meet the title elf More revelations about the world ensue Meanwhile the culprits move again It includes a student who's unable to use a flying broom which you don't need magic for putting essences in elixirs because it's too dangerous to put them straight into human bodies Rachel's reflecting that she doesn't want to be a ueen two young princes trying to get rid of the oldest how no one knows the meaning of the words saint and steeple and much Another greatly enjoyable read I had difficulty paying attention to anything else while I finished up this book I recommend it to everyone Loved it Nothing much to add to the other reviews I liked it it works good while it has a Harry potterish theme the characters and topics are pretty different and will follow it while it gets published I love this seriesRarely do I buy all the books in a series at once 20 for all five and to come but this one reeled me in and I knew it wouldn't disappointMy Kindle is packed full of highlights scenes I love things I want to know about in later books I read all five books in a few weeks despite having many urgent things to do because I just didn't want to leave this fictional world and this fun heroine Now I have other matters to attend to before writing reviews for the next four books but I want to lodge just once complaint after FIVE long books Rachel is still in her first year at Roanoake school of magic not a Hogwarts knock off really She is still only 13 years old She has accomplished many extraordinary things this first year won many new friends earned the respect and allegiance of none other than Prince Vlad and a mysterious angel no spoilers here and even some famous ghosts At the end of Book Five Rachel still doesn't have a familiar and it is certain that her cat Mistletoe is never going to fulfill that role but she remains inexplicably loyal to this useless animal Either Mistletoe must rise to the occasion and do what cat familiars do eg preventing falls from a broom in flight or a new familiar must appear or Rachel must establish that she is so competent she doesn't need a familiarA love triangle is hinted at in this book can Rachel be attracted to two very different guys one short and born into poverty one tall and powerful and wealthy at once? How would she choose one over the other? Good thing she's still only age thirteen and needn't commit for some time to comeNow I'm wondering how many books it will take to get to the end of Rachel's schooling and how many pages before our uestions are answered Fortunately all five novels are so engaging so riveting I am in no hurry for the end to be in sight but I'll be impatient for the next book in the series and if some 20 books remain to be written I may have a very long waitGreat series highly recommended I still don't like Nastasia I'm not uite halfway through and am seriously contemplating filing this book onto the startednot finished shelf I do like how the author picks up exactly where the former book left off She does not utilize cliff hangers as Ms Rowland did which is why I believe her books sold so well Anyone with an iota of curiosity would want to know what happens next I am in total disbelief that a reviewer wrote that these books are not a derivative of Harry PotterI didn't care much for Sigfried in the first book and his constant threats to annihilate perceived enemies His inability to pronounce words especially names correctly is downright annoying He is a pathological liar He takes credit for slaying a dragon that Lucky had defeated When put under the truth telling spell he is inundated by the indicators that reveal lying He also can't seem to get over his mistreatment at the orphanage and perceives all adults in the same negative light He feels compelled to stash perishable food in fear of discipline causing him to miss a meal despite all assurances to the contrary In this second volume Sigfried is showing indications of wanting to reveal magic to the Unwary AKA muggles in another world I can't remember if he was in on the explanation of why this would be a terrible idea but surely Rachel could enlighten himNow Rachel is becoming a character I rather dislike She is furious at adults for not revealing everything they know about a plot to destroy their world At one point she admits to herself an understanding of why this is so but it does not deter her from sticking her nose where it doesn't belong In spite of acknowledging that she is too young to date she defies her family and hooks up with 16 year old Gaius Valiant The princess has also warned her to steer clear of him Rachel occasionally seems to revert to childish impetus with no boundaries Who in their right mind approaches a virtual stranger and asks them if they'd like to date their sister? Admittedly she has led a fairly sheltered life without much interaction with others her age but still Her grandmother drilled her on how to behave like a lady Rachel also is way too preoccupied with imagining various boys as future husbandsI am at the point in the book where Rachel is interacting with Mortimer Egg Jr I am cringing at the thought that she will blurt out that his father is evil Rachel considers abandoning her new found friends when they don't realize how serious she is about saving the world Unfortunately she discovers Gaius falls into this category The only teen who seems to follow her line of thinking is the evil Prince of Bavaria with whom she makes a pact to share informationWell I kept reading and am almost finished Rachel has just discovered that her beloved grandfather had been married prior to marrying her grandmother His first family had been killed in front of him This modus operandi seems to be what occurred to a couple of her classmates but I'm not sure if Rachel has put two and two together yet She is very sad that she did not get a chance to meet these relatives Hello? If these relatives had not been killed her grandfather would not have gone on to marry her grandmother and Rachel wouldn't even exist Genetics 101Rachel stubbornly refuses to give up on her useless familiar Mistletoe She is even offered the opportunity to work with a loaner Instead she finds out that she can conjure an object if she can either touch or draw it I don't know how useful that will be if she needs to conjure up something in a hurry ie a life saving shield or the like I'm pretty sure Mistletoe will somehow redeem himself herself? at some point proving Rachel's loyalty was not amiss There seems to be a permanent geas on at least a couple of adults causing them to swing back and forth between good and evil The powers that be don't seem to be dealing with this issue in any meaningful way I suppose Rachel and her gang will be the ones to save the day The Raven and the Elf are pretty incomprehensible They both seem to have powers above the norm yet are relying on these children I don't get it Things have barely uieted down at Roanoke Academy since the battle with the dragon Now that the Wisecraft know there is a geas that can control people without them remembering it everything is in an uproar Rachel is desperate to be in the thick of things but the adults are trying to keep students in the dark even though the students themselves are the ones most likely to be hurt If no one will tell her anything she's determined to keep investigating herself I really like how Vladimir Von Dread and Gaius are shaping up as the book goes on Pretty much all the adults have written Vlad and by extension his loyal henchman Gaius off as evil but as the first book showed that's oversimplifying things by a lot Now Rachel is finding that the people she trusted so well are brushing off serious concerns but Vlad is willing to take her warnings to heart As for Gaius he's enough older than Rachel to make dating a concern which even Rachel admits So she teeters between wanting to keep him as a friend and wanting him to be I like how Gaius is even than Vlad ambiguousBut nobody beats Siggy when it comes to making me laughRachel sighed “Sigfried you’re a human being You don’t have glands like that”“ Yet” said Siggy stubbornly “You told me people can’t turn into dragons—but look at Dr Mordeau If she can do it I can do it I have great hopes for alchemy class I can’t wait to perform alchemical experiments on my head”“It’ll work out great” Lucky added loyally “You’ll overcome many naked monkey boy handicaps When have horrible experiments with unknown magical forces ever gone wrong?”The scene where Mr Burke is trying to explain about dangerous areas to Sigfried is another bit of comedy gold Siggy and Lucky take all his warnings as if they were signs on attractions and wants to see them all This is a darker book than the previous Although the event itself happens offscreen a student was raped and she's struggling to healThe Raven also gets some interesting bits of development Rachel's always seen it as a harbinger of doom but once she knows a little bit of who he is and what he's doing her feelings get complicatedOverall the story continues to build and improve I rate this book RecommendedSee my reviews and at

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