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Ribus 7 considering how long the book was it left out some of the important details that readers would be interested in the main character spent so little time with the one that she ended up with that it is hard to see howwhy she loved him She spent much time and sensual scenes with two other male characters; 2 it ended rather abruptly; the reader never gets to see when the protagonist who spent over 6000 Kindle version pages seuestered in one or two rooms is finally introduced to the Overlord's ship full of warriors; 3 the world building is all based on what other characters mention or what the heroine reads We have all of these pages a huge battle cruiser filled with a half million or and we see very little of itWhile the heroine is intellectual and over time gains physical skills she is not strong emotionally In a time where strong female characters are the norm than the exception this protagonist is distressingly weak fearful and passive she did suffer a childhood trauma She reminded me of the heroines of the 70's and the 80's than one of the 21st centuryThere were many pages that described geology and fighter jets no she never gets in one than are needed to make the points of why they were mentioned in the first placeThe book is very long and I stuck with it because I kept waiting to see whth whom she would wound up with or maybe several whoms because it seemed that she was heading for a menage relationship and I kept waiting for her to woman upNothing in the blurb said that this would be a serial and at over 6000 pages all uestions should have been answered but as I stated earlier it ended abruptly without including the type of scenes that would have made the book much satisfying so this makes it read like a serial I understand that this is the first book published by the author and it shows however overall it was worth reading and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see if there is character growth and to finally see what the Empire the Emperor Ticees and the world of the Iceanea are like I saw other reviewers saying that the main character was deeply irritating and I thought I can handle that I was wrong The heroine throws tears and hysterics and comatose states whenever any of her numerous beaus looks atmentions ever in the past having sex with another woman while she herself has a deep need to kiss and fondle multiple male partners they all tolerate it completely of course And then she tries to kill herself? 5 seconds later she is rescued and the incident is never mentioned again I mean what crackpot tries to kill herself and all the hero can say is along the lines of I'm sorry I was mean this is all my fault????? I can't help but conclude that an author who thinks any of these suicide attempts hissy fits and multiple one sided relationships along with a fantasy of complete sexual irresistibility must herself have a borderline personality disorder Look it up Drama started out as fun but then as the book went on and on it was just too o o o much soap opera drama The writing was fine though the dialogue was somewhat stilted Which brings me to my main point the heroine was an indecisive immature manipulative hypocritical fickle tease and I DESPISED her 35 stars I really love the fact that it was a very good length book 600 pages I believe I just really wanted a sci fi adventure and I got it SomewhatSome problems with the books She built this AWESOME relationship but not with the hero himself With the hero it was like insta love Which was very disappointingIt left off in an awkward spot I can't wait for the 2nd book because it is a very interesting book I just wish the plot and the direction the author went in was a bit different We end up loving the hero's friends and comrades rather him So yeahThere was TONS of overwhelming information about how things work in space vs Earth and I didn't really understand most of it BUT I like that the details are there because it just makes it seem well thought out the world buildingIt's not my favorite because there are just so many kinks that needs to be worked out but damn it's just such a nice length sci fi book and there's not many out there I could have forgiven the writing but for the characters being everything from a geniusalienperfectly beautifulrocket scientistjust left out president and fire fighterRead like a bad online roleplayers post The characters knew everything and the girl was beautiful even with her extra weight that she would lose and build a new spaceship because she was a genius everyone said and it showed but of course she was shy andandandalso competed in self defense classes and and This is wrote this way on purpose because it is how it read Unfortunately as much as I tried it was hard to get past the multi one liners and know all and be all the characters were within the first 5 pages Ribus 7 is an absolutely amazing book It is hundreds of pages long and I did not see one error The research that had to go into this book related to topography and aeronautics alone is astounding The romances are deeply felt and allowed to progress and grow I have come to love and become invested in these characters I so love Fremma Dar Korba Stose ChelanTarn and the rest of the crew I want everyone to have a HEA We will have to see what Shae's other books bring us The world building is fantastic the character development flawless as is the writing I was never bored and remained glued to my kindle very unhappy when the book ended I so wanted to learn even about these characters and the Empire Chelan is an American who is out camping and inadvertently comes upon aliens repairing their aircraft An accident occurs and Chelan is transported to Ribus 7 where all the fun begins The main Warlord who is the Empire's Overlord Korba takes an interest in her but circumstances do not allow their continued interaction An intergalactic conflict becomes a terrifying reality for the crews of Ribus 7 and 8 Yes there are of these huge battle cruisers While Korba is away fighting Chelan is befriended by another Warlord Dar and Korba's Head of Security Fremma I love these two men hardened warriors yet kind and gentle The culture in this Empire is very different from earth and it is enthralling to watch Chelan try to come to terms with this related to her experiences on Earth There is so much to the story but you need to read it and experience it for yourself I very highly recommend this book for Sci fi and romance lovers and all readers who enjoy an extremely well written space opera It is a rarity that we come across a gem like Ribus 7 and an author like Shae Mills I cannot wait for and book 2 is on the way Thank you Shae for an incredible escape into another reality I will be rereading this book again and again Chelan is a brilliant young woman an aeronautics engineer who dreams of one day soaring towards the stars in a craft of her own design But while on vacation she is badly injured during a bizarre encounter with menacing strangers Awakening she finds herself held captive aboard the alien battleship RIBUS 7 Convinced at first that she is the victim of an elaborate hoax the nightmare soon becomes all too real Before her stands the Iceanean Overlord Korba an ebony clad god of war a cunning predator and a finely honed killer As Commander of RIBUS 7 his mission is to eradicate all aliens Chelan included Yet one look at the exotic beauty smuggled aboard his ship stays his hand Struggling against her growing attraction to her captor Chelan clings to her Earthly values like a shield But in a culture where the men and women pursue the pleasures of the flesh with a passion and a skill eual to that of the kill Chelan finds herself awash in a sea of temptation at every turn Korba himself yearns for her but their love is forbidden by all that governs his culture To claim her as his own is to risk allbut it’s a risk he hungers to take RIBUS 7Wow Impressive world building as well as charactersI picked this up originally as a kindle unlimited read but I'll be going back to purchase this one I know that it's one I'll want to read again later And I am looking forward to devouring the next book in the series as wellI think I would classify this as sci fi than romance though just sayin'There are a few minor editing mistakes here and there but they don't detract from the flow of the story and not as many as I expected for a novel of this length eitherFair warning everything is not wrapped up when this one ends but I would say that it doesn't leave you completely hanging at the end either zittern Not a genre I usually read but I loved this story of an Earth woman Chelan who is taken by aliens of Iceania and must learn to adapt to their ways The Iceanians also find they must change their behavior to accommodate the vulnerable human I really enjoyed the descriptions of the Iceanians their history and their way of living I am looking forward to the second book in the series Oh My Ever Lovin' Stars There are no words to fully express how awful I found this book Well there are but they aren't fit for my mind let alone mixed company Y'allI totally agree with the other reviewers that low starred this one The blurb sounded great I loved this premise But for the loveas much as this author can actually write really she can and it was very easy to read the characters just couldn't come off the page I am struggling just to get as far as I've gotten I'm really wanted to like this book but I can't stand Chelan as the heroine And for some strong willed strong minded alpha males that hate aliens all the Heroes just seem to fall all over Chelan FOR NO APPARENT REASON Seriously What's the draw? I can't any I just can'tI'm calling it Place of DNF 40%

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