Grandfather's Christmas Tree ePUB Ó Grandfather's

Grandfather's Christmas Tree Cute story This story caught my eye as I was reshelving books at the school library I appreciated the Colorado tie as well as the moving illustrations and tender story It caused me to treasure simplicity the enduring love of family and meaningful traditions A good one to reread each holiday season A story of hope and shared kindness A great read for Children in Colorado Very much Little House on the Prairie in story A cute tale Set in Colorado in the late 1800's A family story of Christmas past in Colorado this book communicates the importance of family and wonder in simple times Perhaps for that reason I found the book a bit repetitive and similar to many other books of the same variety The soft simple realistic illustrations continue that theme Overall I would say this is a book to borrow not one to buy Beginning their life together in the Colorado wilderness a young rancher and his wife work hard and joyfully anticipate the birth of their first child Their many hopes and dreams for their new family are suddenly put in danger when a merciless winter storm hits The logs in the woodpile uickly dwindle and soon their only chance for survival is to cut down the lone remaining spruce tree which provides warmth and shelter to a family of geese a family not unlike their own On Christmas Eve the couple prays for a miracle that will protect them and their newborn son Thomas Locker's glorious paintings and Keith Strand's inspiring reverie bring the Christmas spirit to life in this heartwarming story of faith and family

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