Chasing Bigfoot eBook ↠ Paperback

Chasing Bigfoot Some of nature’s secrets are not meant to be revealed as anthropologist Mike Foster and big game hunter Ben Cutler discover A fisherman in a northern Pennsylvania town has an encounter with the legendary Sasuatch and his eyewitness account grabs the attention of Mike Foster who joins the search for the animal after physical evidence is discovered that supports the fisherman’s claim However Foster’s peaceful interest in the case clashes with the violent desires of Ben Cutler a gun for hire who comes to town to kill the creature

About the Author: Steven Donahue

Steven Donahue is the host of the YouTube series Chapter One He was a copywriter for TV Guide magazine for 14 years His first novel Amanda Rio was originally published in 2004 He released three novels in 2013 The Manila Strangler Amy the Astronaut and the Flight for Freedom and Comet and Cupid’s Christmas Adventure His fifth novel Chasing Bigfoot was published in 2014 and his short stor

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