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The Psionics Handbook Available Exclusively From The Publisher NOWHERE ELSESubject Science Psionics Fourth Dimension Supernatural Paranormal MetaphysicsThis is a science book that simplifies real supernatural abilities and explains everything paranormal from an understanding of the mind beyond our perception of matter and time This is the first book of its kind and I am making way for a new field of science Do keep in mind though that this is an unfinished book as the research is still continuing As information is discovered and made available new versions of this book will be releasedIn this book everything is simplified and everything is descriptive explaining in detail how all abilities work and how they connect so most labels for abilities are not mentioned However I have seen and done many things most would deem impossible so set aside your assumptions because I didn't just work in black projects I created them When you have a detailed view of abilities and how they work such as I do there is actually only one ability that is the foundation for all abilities To alter and manipulate matter by thought

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I'm the author of 'The Psionics Handbook Becoming Hyper Dimensional' I've been working towards several other books and also plan to do an audio series where I talk about all my true experiencesMy books are only available from my website so bookmark it

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    I received The Psionics Handbook as a gift from Project Life Command on account of my personal interest in subjects such as matter manipulation and thoughts over thingsRight from the get go the handbook proved itself as a masterful read inviting the reader to challenge their core beliefs and focus on the essence of things instead of their appearance The book uses a clean cut s

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