Tooth Sleuth Mystery of the Missing Tooth Shirley Lock

Tooth Sleuth Mystery of the Missing Tooth Shirley Lock Mysteries #1 It's gone cried Ellery Gone gone gone Though my bed was warm and I had a bag of popcorn hidden under my covers and a Dr Pepper in my drawer I knew a crime scene when I heard one When Ellery yelled gone I naturally thought thief I got out of bed grabbed my deerstalker hat and suished it over my curls Then I unstuck my lollipop from my nightstand and popped the sucker in my mouth I had to suck a lollipop instead of a pipe like the real Sherlock Holmes did Mom wouldn't let me get near one of those stinky old things Besides even though Mom bought the real fruit no sugar added suckers my cherry pop tasted good I found Ellery in his room crawling around on the floor like a shaggy haired crab wearing Ninja Turtle PJs He liked to wear his pajamas all day when he could get away with it I watched as he crawled to every corner He crawled under his bed He crawled inside his closet Then he laid on the floor kicked his feet and yelled Gone What's gone I asked He looked up at me His eyes were red like he wanted to cry My tooth Are you sure Ellery grimaced There was a gap in his mouth right up front His front tooth was most definitely missing Move over Nancy Drew There’s a detective in town Meet Shirley Lock the best and soon to be most famous third grade detective EVER Join Shirley and her little brother Ellery in her first case Tooth Sleuth Mystery of the Missing Tooth Join the fun and figure out the mystery along with Shirley and Ellery as they follow the clues in hopes of finding the missing tooth before the tooth fairy comes and it’s too late Will they find the tooth Or will they find a scary thief a hairy suspect and a dog gone dead end instead There’s only one way to find out LOOK AT WHAT READERS ARE SAYING “Laugh out loud funny Shirley is a hoot She’ll steal your heart AND your funny boneEntertaining mystery book for kids from beginning to end” “Best new children’s chapter book for kids 6 8 Loved each and every character A classic in the making” “Adorable story The parents who will be reading this sweet children’s detective story to their kids will be laughing just as hard maybe harder than the children” “Shirley Lock is such a kick in the pants One of the best children’s mystery books around A sure to be kid’s classic” SHIRLEY LOCK is a soon to be well loved mystery series for children ages 5 8 and grades first through third So what are you waiting for Join in the laughs as Shirley Lock the best and soon to be most famous third grade detective EVER solves her first crime Don’t forget to USE THE LOOK INSIDE FEATURE to read CATEGORIES Mystery books for kids 6 8 Funny children’s books by age 5 8 Children’s detective stories Funny books for Girls Incidentally it’s not just girls who love this book Boys love it too In fact kids and adults of all ages do

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