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Ebele Njoko had survived a forlorn and poignant childhood concealing a secret he could not explain and craving the love and approval of his parents Years later he reinvents himself and is now known and respected as Adrian Njoko father husband brother and mentorOne phone call and his life as he knows it is changed forever In coming to terms with his dark secret Adrian is forced to choose between keeping his family or accepting a life of possible loneliness and rejection Walking With Shadows

About the Author: Jude Dibia

Jude Dibia born 5 January 1975 in Lagos Nigeriais a Nigerian novelistDibia studied at the University of Ibadan and earned a BA in Modern European Languages German He is the author of three well received novels Walking with Shadows BlackSands Books 2005 Unbridled 2007 and Blackbird 2011 His novels have been described as daring and controversial by readers and critics in and out

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    Radical in African terms Not groundbreaking in European terms

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    this was fun to read although the style was a bit lumpy it was super interesting tho because i felt this ueer connection over everything that was nicethe cover made it awkward to read at the airport tho lol

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    I can't download the book please help How do I go about that on the Goodreads site

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    I first encountered Jude Dibia's writing in the One World anthology when I was devouring the complete works of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie last year I enjoyed his contribution to the anthology and was intrigued by his about the author note so I decided to look up his other work I found he had two novels but the one I wanted to read Walking With Shadows was not readily available through any source I could find until uite recently when it appeared on a self publishing site I was perhaps overly exci

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