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Faking Perfect Reasons to read Faking Perfect   1Tyler Flynn is fantastic Forgive me for starting this “review” with Tyler Flynn but bear with me for a moment here This guy Tyler Flynn was seduced by Lexi Shaw for one and only one reason—to warm her bed And I had absolutely no ualms about that considering the sex was consensual and they were being safe But here’s the deal Tyler wasn’t supposed to fall in love with Lexi and vice versa They were supposed to keep their relationship confined to the bedroom and even though Tyler knew of Lexi’s life long infatuation with her friend Ben he wasn’t supposed to mention that ever You may think that Tyler is just another filler character which was my assumption too but you slowly discover something completely different We don’t see Tyler as much as we want to but he’s a major character alright He was a constant source of confusion for Lexi considering he had started to break her rules and she was thinking of him a lot And in the scenes were he really was present I loved everything about him He may have been a bad boy but he was definitely thebad boy you want to see in YA 2Lexi Shaw is no typical YA heroineThere is a certain way that Lexi had about her that made you want to sympathise as well as throttle the girl all the time She was real and she was flawed and that entailed to her making a lot of mistakes But Lexi was the character who to me was the perfect personification of a girl whose actions would make me reconsider mine High school is not easy no matter where in the world you might be and its been almost 4 years since I’ve graduated mine But reading Lexi her actions and the reasons behind them and reading how everyone is helpless against certain circumstances made me want to go back and correct many of my own actions I was no bully far from it but I was passive high school And Lexi the way she was with her friends made me regret turning a blind eye to a lot of things that I’d seen back then 3Parent Child Relationships are often complicated And we need to understand that Lexi’s relationship with her mother was something I hadn’t expected Sure it was mentioned in the blurb that her mother was an alcoholic who chased losers to pay the bill” but I wasn’t uite sure what that would mean for Lexi But what I read in the book was eual parts horrifying and eye opening This isn’t the worst parent child relationship I’ve read in a book not even close but it was kind of like watching a car wreck You want to turn away and avoid the pain of the scene but your eyes remain glued to the wreckage Something like that Every time Lexi and her mother had a conversation it was pretty horrible to read and I did consider skipping those pages but in the end I couldn’t turn away The whole thing served as an eye opener like these things happen in families and there’s nothing you can dokind of a revelation 4Your friends are your biggest asset And Faking Perfect proves thatLexi’s friends were all over the place Some were shallow and the others were judgemental and some were plain mental But then she had other friends true friends and I could only imagine how much Lexi needed her friends Lexi’s father makes contact with her after almost 13 years and she has to choose whether or not she wants to have him back in her life And this is precisely where her friends came in Without them Lexi wouldn’t have been able to take the right decisions for her and her friends stood by her through whatever choice that she would make One of her friends in particular was accused of having ulterior motives by Lexi’s boyfriend and Lexi believed him and that pissed me off But what mattered most to me was what I learnt from this book? Friends are important They support you and tease you and challenge you and take you higher than you ever could be simply by being your friends 5Because I said so I was provided a free ecopy of this book in exchange of an honest review This did not in any way however influence the content of this review What an insufferable read I had to drag myself into finishing this book I kept hoping that I'd find something redeeming about this novel but if it did came well I didn't notice it and I couldn't care less because I was too busy fuming Never have I been so angry at a main character before Lexi is a shallow and ungrateful bitch and I couldn't feel even an ounce of sorry for her The love interest on the other hand didn't evoke any interest from me either How could I when I never even got to know about him anyway? How could I root for him when I barely knew him? The only characters that I really enjoyed are Norlan and Amber They're real people and the kind whom I wanna be friends with so I don't see why Norlan's BFFs with Lexi anyway He's way too cool for her More to come later after I nurse this headache this book gave me Welcome to another episode of Inside Aly's Brain Where I ramble and hope to God someone can make sense of it I really really wanted to like Faking Perfect I wanted to sympathise with Lexi and fall head over heels of Tyler and maybe even feel something for Ben Unfortunately once I finished I was left feeling very disappointed? Empty? Bored?The main problems stem from the characters I knew this would involved a love triangle before I started and I knew it was going to deal with family issues and friend issues and 'fitting in' issues It's why I reuested it on NetGalley But I just could not give a crap about any of the characters And the romance? Non existentPROBLEM #1➙ LexiShe's 'faking perfect' so that she can fit in with the Cool Crowd In the first few pages we're told exactly how long it takes her to get ready how meticulously she hides her freckles and how long it takes her to get her hair just right Which is fine By all means carry on But then that's uickly followed by thoughts of Tyler the bad boy she 'seduced' at the beginning of senior year The guy she uses for sexWith her absentee crackhead father and an alcoholic mother I was ready to dole out the sympathy Lexi came across as a young teen confused and uncertain about the world but then that evolved into outright whining Unless it's about her we know literally nothing about anyone else unless it's public knowledge Throughout her relationship with Tyler we know nothing about him What we know about Ben is what anyone in the high school already knew Because unless it's about Lexi then it doesn't matter Right?WRONG The lack of information really made it hard for me to feel something Instead I was left with that hollowness that comes the moment after you've just scarfed a cheeseburger It felt good at the time but afterwards EHPROBLEM #2➙ The Romance Or lack thereofAs with all stories about unreuited love Lexi finally gets her chance to date Ben Immediately we know Ben isn't all he's cracked up to be Mostly because all his ex girlfriends have said how controlling and annoying he is Yeah he always gets upset when he finds out the girl he's dating is an actual human being with flaws like everyone else Making mistakes is an inexcusable offense you know Instead of being a good person Lexi stops talking to her best friend of thirteen years Nolan because it bothers Ben She doesn't drink because it bothers Ben She doesn't have any kind of good time because it bothers Ben It's pretty obvious that Ben is a dickwad who needs a kick up the backside But no Lexi gushes about how perfect he is and how NICE kissing him is Nice is the one word I really don't like including good They're so lackluster like fillers And you don't want 'filler' in your hot romance now do you?We know nothing about Tyler We know Ben is a douchebag And that's it How am I supposed to root for either of them? How am I supposed to feel all the things I was obviously supposed to feel? We meet Tyler on the very first page as he's sneaking out of her window to keep their affair uiet and then he decides to stay a little longer Apparently that was a sign that things were changing between them but I must've missed the memo Since then we only see him a handful of times before or after they've had sex So really there is no space for conversation between them Even Lexi admits that she knows nothing at all about himPROBLEM #3➙ Character 'Development'?There is none To be fair I wasn't expecting it but Tyler apparently 'grows up' By 'growing up' I mean he stops selling weed at parties stops drinking and driving and gets his act together Which excuse me I would expect that off ANY guy I'm having a relationship with I would much rather have someone I can hold a conversation with rather than someone who is far too stoned to count on one handLexi on the other hand goes from okay to downright annoying After meeting with her long lost father she is fundamentally unhappy about everything EVERYTHING Her life school her friends or lack thereof at this point her mother Nolan Everything I just couldn't get behind her or her thoughts and I was grateful at the end that it well endedUltimately I feel very confused about this book Not about the story itself but I'm not sure whether I liked it not One on hand I must've enjoyed it because I read it in one evening albeit it is short so there must've been something that kept me reading On the other I did not enjoy the characters the romance or even the plot line A lot of it felt reminiscent of Sarah Dessen but Sarah Dessen would've been able to pull this off and make me feel all the feels She's my favourite author for a reason25 stars and a uivering eyebrow because eh Thank you Netgalley and Kensington Teen for sending me this book in exchange of an honest review Despite my low rating this book was not an insufferable read Faking Perfect is about a girl name Lexi Shaw she hangs out with cliues whom are perfect to cover up her flaws behind the act She sleeps with Tyler Flynn the ultimate bad boy of the school she smokes her mother is too busy drinking and chasing losers to pay the bills and her father hasn't been in most of her life Now the synopsis seems interesting correct? Unfortunately this book wasn't my cup tea The plot was predictable from the start of the story I knew exactly what and how things would happen Which I tend to be alright given the fact that is an contemporary so I was looking forward on the characterization Lexi honestly I could deal with her hiding secrets from everyone as it's just the way humans are we tend to hide our darkest secrets in fear of people not fully accepting us Also her occasional rude mean reckless and stupid behaviour sometimes tends to get on my nerves But ultimately what made me dislike her most was her lack of application to people whom are nice to her Ben Well let's just say he is an shallow insignificant character that didn't appear until he start dating LexiTyler on the other hand I was expecting from him I felt like I still don't know him after reading the entire book despite the fact he spend a lot of time with Lexi but most of their interactions were written in reported speech form which gave me a vague idea on who exactly is he I think I would have like this book if the author would have unravel of the mysteries around him As for her parents they were portrayed extremely unrealistically which you would understand once you start reading it The only character I really love was her childhood best friend Nolan I thought he was such a sincere friend as i got to know a lot about him Which is a bit ironic as their conversation was often then with her other two love interestUltimately this was not a bad read the romance did not overload the book however the characterization could have done a lot better Based on the blurb for this book I was anticipating a lot typical high school drama and definitely boy drama Neither of those things were really present This book was weird for me because it totally wasn't what I expected The romance part of this story was really background noise than anything While she does date two boys during this book I didn't really feel like either relationship was fully developed Lexi ends up falling for one of these boys but we didn't get a ton of information about him he was of a mysterious supporting character than a full fledged main characterThe story focuses on Lexi who has a whole host of problems from self esteem to smoking to serious parental issues We follow her through her daily personal trials and triumphs She does end up falling in love and she does have some high school drama and this is all important to the story but than anything it's important for Lexi's growth I don't even think it's really necessary to mention the boys or the friends that Lexi has because really they're just all stepping stones for her in this book This book was interesting and different from what I normally read I don't think I would classify this as romance probably a self discovery sort of teen book The book could be pared down some I found myself skimming over paragraphs and that's something I don't normally doARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review NOT review Okay this is so weird I accidentally saw this book and the cover just then but I suddenly recognized the cover because it's actually the one for the Chinese version of Me Before You cfIs it just me or do they really look exactly the same? 425 starsI really really enjoyed this book I went into this expecting just a typical light fluffy contemporary read but I think this book is so much than that I liked that the characters in this book are not all perfect little cookie cutter characters the majority of them are deeply flawed and I really appreciated thatview spoiler In particular Ben I love that he didn't just turn out to be your typical nice clean cut all American guy who the main character loses interest in only because he is too perfect he was actually a deeply flawed character who turned out to while looking perfect on the surface actually be a huge asshole and I really appreciated that hide spoiler This and other reviews can be found on my blog Book Blog Bird 45 starsFaking Perfect is the story of Lexi a girl with a pretty crap home life who thinks that the answer to all her problems is to try and fit in with the popular crowd Unfortunately for her shiny image she also has a weakness for bad boys and when she seduces resident tattoo sporting weed dealing miscreant Tyler Flynn at the beginning of her senior year and carries on a secret relationship with him she makes him avoid her at school keep her secret and never ever tease her about her crush on her friend and local golden boy BenThis was a really fun contemporary romance with some great characters and some really nice writing The publisher has stuck a label on this book recommending it for fans of Sarah Dessen and while I can see the similarities actually I thought this was a whole lot better than the Sarah Dessen book I read recently It was a lot fresher and feistier than a lot of contemporary romances I’ve read and I raced through itLexi was a really great MC; fun and mixed up and sarky in eual measures and I really enjoyed her narrative She was totally flawed but really likeable too and I liked the way she developed over the course of the book She was so relatable in the way she felt so much pressure to conform to being the image her friends wanted of her and how she thought The author has got a good ear for dialogue and the scenes with Lexi and Tyler were great fun I really enjoyed Tyler too The surrounding characters were okay but there were uite a few of them so none of them got developed as much as Lexi and Tyler didThe plot has a whole lot packed into it so it rockets along and although I could kind of see where it was going most of the time and managed to predicted most of the plot points I didn’t mind at all because there was plenty going on The author highlighted a lot of high school struggles and issues teen pregnancy popularity drugs drinking sex and this kept things pretty interestingAll in all this was a fun fresh story and I’d thoroughly recommend it for a beach read this summer 4 Imperfect stars from me That book was a pleasant surprise for meIn the begining i thought that it will be one common book but it was than thatIt was very emotional and it was having a great message to deliver That you have to embrace your imperfection and to not seeking for perfection because most of the times perfect is fake and overated But it will be better if i'll explain you some things about the plotLexi was a seventeen year old girl who her life wasn't pretty Her mother was an alchoolic person and her boyfriends at every time was assholes She wasn't paying too much attention in her daughter and her father was out of the picture since she was four Lexi was very dissapointed from this kind of life so for the last three years she was trying to change herself Outside she was acting like a perfect girl She was always dressing perfectly she was always acting perfectly and she was hanging with the perfect guys She even had a major crush for the king of the perfection Ben who never acknowledge her presence beyond the friend typeThe thing is that when Lexi wasn't around anybody she was stopping the pretention Because inside of her she was far from perfect She was even sleeping secretly for six months with Tyler the boy with the bad reputation but she had put him some rules rules that lately Tyler didn't seem to follow and that irritated Lexi She was just using him for an outlet but lately Tyler asked for Things that she wasn't capable to give him since the only thing that she was seeking was perfection and Tyler was far from that role Ben was the one for her My body craved his body Tyler's just like my heart longed for BenIt would be nice if my heart and my body formed an alliance someday and started working together Well in some point her wish came true but it was what she was seeking for??? Or the perfect boyfriend was far away from perfection at least for her??? So why when she was with her perfect boyfriend couldn't stop thinking about her imperfect ex lover???? He wasn't as perfect as he appeared from afar In fact he was almost as flawed as i was a realization that consistently surprised me The only difference was i accepted his faults while he barely tolerated mineAny other girl would have walked away a long time ago but i couldn't seem to let go of the idea that it was where i was supposed to be who i was supposed to be and who i was supposed to be with Beyond her love life Lexi was having another problems After thirteen years she found out what was the deal with her father and she needs to get some answers about him about her past with him Her mother is in her own world and she is so negative toward her daughter The only sunshine in her life was the family of the ex best frend of her mother who embraced her as her own memberI really felt sad reading about all of Lexi's efforts to become perfect and to chase perfection with any cost Because following that path was missing real things that was there beside her all the time And i won't lie to you i felt angry with her with her perfect assholes friends with that dick Ben who thought that he was above all the others Why anybody should crave something like that???The things that i liked in the book was Nolan and his family They were very good and caring people Especially Nolan who was a real friend A friend that never judge and always was there beside herI liked very much Tyler because he was an authentic guy A guy that even though Lexi was using him was there for her when she needed him the most He was the right guy for her I really loved that dude Also i liked very much Eric He was sincere and he was trying so hard to earn his child back I really liked that guy Even though the ugly past he never made excuses and he was so honest and open about everything He was worthing the effortWhat i didn't like??? I didn't like the whole attitude of Lexi's mother I think that she was caring only for herself and she forgot about her child's needs and that was so pitySo i enjoyed this ride very muchIt frustated me made me angry and sad but at the end came the salvation and that was the best So the conclusion about this book is You have to have your eyes open and to embrace your imperfection To be your truly self and not pretend something that you're not To be always authentic and real and then life will award you You don't have to be around perfect people but to be around people that really cares for you not matter how imperfect you are Thank you Kensington books and NetGalley for the ARC that you provided me When Lexi Shaw seduced Oakfield High's resident bad boy Tyler Flynn at the beginning of senior year he seemed perfectly okay with her rules1 Avoid her at school2 Keep his mouth shut about what they do together3 Never tease her about her friend and unreuited crush BenBecause with his integrity and values and golden boy looks Ben can never find out about what she’s been doing behind closed doors with Tyler Or that her mom’s too busy drinking and chasing losers to pay the bills Or that Lexi’s dad hasn’t been a part of her life for the last thirteen years But with Tyler suddenly breaking the rules Ben asking her out and her dad back in the picture how long will she be able to go on faking perfect 

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