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Where Magic Reigns (Tales of Zura, Book 2) After their harrowing adventures in The Elemental Odyssey four twelve year olds find themselves on a strange alien world No grown ups no park rangers no policemen no soldiers They are utterly alone and at the mercy of the furious perils that teem in the jungles of ZuraAs they flee across soaring islands in the sky Kyle Morgan Jürgen Schmidt Susie Five Eagles and Veeksha Das meet several different kinds of Zurans But these aren’t the familiar and furry creatures that invaded Earth These are scaly reptiles small and large but all hungryUnfortunately for the kids on Zura humans are made out of foodAbout 82000 words or 366 pagesBe sure to read the first book in the Tales of Zura series The Elemental Odyssey available at a discounted price before reading Where Magic Reigns

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