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Earning Yancy NSFW #2 Earning Yancy NSFW 2 by CC Wood 2nd in a standalone series  Full Length Adult ContemporaryI love CC Wood's writing style She blends funny snarky realistic sexy and fun with great groups of girlfriends Her novellas are always just perfect and leave nothing missing The first in the NSFW Not Safe For Work series the fun In%20Love With Lucy targetblankIn Love with Lucy was a novella but I think the rest of the series of connected standalones including Earning%20Yancy targetblankEarning Yancy will be full length This was the perfect kind of light vacation book I needed when I was away But I picked it up a few times and it just didn't grab me enough for a vacation read so I put it down until I returned homeWhen I restarted it I still had a little trouble with the first chapter since this series takes place in the workplace there was a little too much about her job up front But after that it just kept getting better till I was in good tears at the endYancy is a single mom to an 18 month old with cystic fibrosis Her dickhole ex now a deadbeat dad was a deadbeat even when they were together refusing to help care for the baby As soon as he found out that she was sick he took off Yancy works 2 days at home and 3 days in the office and is juggling a very busy difficult life by herself but she doesn't bitch moan or cry She just does what she needs to do and is a wonderful mom in the processShe has a coworker Charles who has been at the company a month and he rubs Yancy wrong in a few ways but the biggest way is even after correcting him he continues to call her 'Nancy' “Listen Charles my name is Yancy Sounds like Nancy but starts with a ‘Y” ‘Y’ as in yellow Or how about ‘Y’ as in You’re an asshole” Yancy never loses her temper But something about this guy sets her off Her outburst however changed the dynamic After they apologize things take a different turn “How in less than a week did I go from thinking Charles was annoying to drooling over his buttI needed sleep and maybe a vibrator” Yancy needs to be cautious though she has a little girl at home she doesn't need to parade guys around And maybe she isn't ready But sweetheart Charles is so patient and he seems to do everything she needs before she even realizes she needs it “You feel it too don’t you This pull between us It makes your heart beat faster your skin flush and your eyes turn pure gold Don’t you wonder I know I do” Everyone in the novel is fairly normal No horrible pasts to live down Just a cautious lonely over worked mom a regular not too alpha very sweet patient guy and an adorable little girl There isn't much angst in this story so it was a light sweet sexy romance that brought tears to my eyes good ones and I love books with kids in themLikes •I love Yancy and her friends •Visiting with Lucy Chris and insight into the other girls •I love a book with cute kids •Made me laugh out loud a few times •Made me tear up at the end •Longer than CCs novellas full length •No horrible things that break me •A nice light easy book that contains funny sweet sexy and a few sad scenes Dislikes •The writing seemed a bit immature especially at the beginning with short sentences I've seen CC write much stronger or perhaps it's the editing •It felt like CC may have struggled herself with this book in the beginning until it got into a groove •It wasn't uite enough meat for an over 200 page novel it still read like a uick and easy novella and there was a lot that could have been edited out there was a lot of detail •I wish Charles wasn't uite so perfect Rating 4 Stars 4 HeatCCs books except for Seasons%20of Sorrow targetblankSeasons of Sorrow are nice light fun sexy reads Most are novellas and I think that CC is one of the best novella writers out there Her Girl Next Door and Kiss%20Me targetblankKiss series are just perfect little in between books They almost read like mini Kristen Ashley stories The NSFW series is that as well even though this one is full length It's one of those great to read after a dark mind fuck books I really enjoyed the first In Love with Lucy Finding Yancy made me feel like CC was a bit off her game at the beginning but the last ⅔ of the book I gobbled up in one sitting and I definitely think it was worth getting through the slightly rocky startIf you are looking for a uick easy read with a single mom and a workplace romance with a perfectly nice dreamy guy who while not totally alpha had some good protective masculine ualities this is a great series CC writes very realistic sex nobody is coming from nipple touching here realistic problems that aren't over the top and great girlfriends and I can't wait to read the next one Purchase Earning Yancy Earning%20Yancy NSFW Book 2 targetblank US | UK | CA | BNcom Recommended to read In%20Love With Lucy NSFW Book 1 targetblankIn Love with Lucy first 99¢ novella See my review  Read of my reviews and sale and free lists at Ana's Attic Book Blog and please join my Facebook page with sales freebies and giveaways daily I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review TeamThis was a sweet fast read for me Even though it is the second book in the series it can be read as a standalone Yancy is a single mom not by choice but by she is doing the best she can and actually doing an amazing job With great friends an amazing daughter and a job she loves Yancy is doing good until she loses her temper with a new coworker When Charles pronounces Yancy’s name yet again she flips out That flip out moment actually leads to something a beautiful story of learning to feel again learning to trust again and learning to love again Characters The characters were well written and believable There need to be men like Charles in the world today he was amazing Sex yesReligious noWould I recommend to others yesMore than one book in the series yesGenre RomanceWould I read by this author yesWicked Reads Review Team 5 starsThis is the second story in CC Woods NSFW seriesI LOVED this story and I absolutely LOVE this author's voiceI haven't read one thing that she's written that I haven't lovedMs Wood writes about some seriously shitty situations In my opinion she has a way of telling a story without making 'light' of that situation but her characters are AWESOME and the supporting characters are nutty so the story gets told with respect to the situation but in a light wayHer characters are strong intelligent sassy loyal and determined to do the best can in the situation they've been put inThis story is no exception I loved Yancy's characterYancy is a single mother of a child who has Cystic Fibrosis Her pregnancy wasn't planned and when her baby was born her husband whined and complained about anything he was asked to do to help her with the baby When Carolena Yancy's baby was diagnosed with CF at 2 months old her husband left her saying he couldn't put up with a sick childHe filed for divorce and paid child support for the first six months and then he disappearedYancy's been on her own raising her sick child for over a year She has fantastic support from her family and friends but she doesn't trust judgement when it comes to men and she is SO afraid to open her heart again then she meets CharlesCharles has been hired as a project manager at her work place For the first month he calls her 'Nancy' comes into her office at the last minute expecting her to stay late and talk about issues concerning an account their working onand he's just a plain jerk to herYancy's had enoughShe loses it on Charles She shoves her name plate in his chest and tells him her name is YANCY and that she's a single mother of a sick child and can't stay late tonight and that if he wants to talk to her about an account he should call her earlier in the day and set up a time to meetThe day after Charles is a totally different man with YancyThis is where the story gets really goodCharles and Yancy are amazing togetherTheir relationship changes from one of animosity for one another to one of trust hope and loveThis story had me laughing and also shedding a few tearsI highly recommend this storyKudos to Ms Wood I received a free copy to read review for Wicked ReadsThe 2nd book in the NSFW series by CC Wood it is a stand aloneis about Yancy Stevens the caffeine addict I liked her from the 1st book In Love with Lucy and couldn't wait to read her story This felt like a VERY uick read and was well written The characters were love able the story was endearing frustrating exciting and just PERFECT I need a Charles in my lifeYancy is trying to find a balance between having a career being a single mom of a baby and finding time to herself Charles who leaves a TERRIBLE first impression finds a way to get Yancy to open up to trust and ultimately loveThis wasn't entirely sweet and romantic there was also realistic problems Yancy faces that made me cringe and I found myself crossing my fingers while reading itOverall I LOVED the characters the erotic scenes were HOT the romance was sweet and the story was believable to an extent I'll let you know if I ever meet a real Charles lol I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsThis is a really sweet book that restores your faith in the idea that there are good men out there He may be just a little too perfect but then he has sisters and in this case they did a good job of moulding him There are some real issues dealt with well some funny bits for sure and overall this is a cute readIf you are hankering after a lovely story that is an easy read this is definitely for you I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsYancy Stevens has had up to here with her new colleague Charles Faulkner Fed up and late to relieve her babysitter Yancy let him have it in no uncertain terms Feeling like she was a little out of line she made up her mind to apologize for her behavior only to have him apologize for hisCharles Faulkner is a man with few faults He's the perfect book boyfriend Understanding calm loving and romantic He could have used one or two flaws to shake things up with Yancy a bit just to add a little heat to their romanceI really enjoyed this book and can't wait until the next book in the series comes out Hear that Ms Woods Get to writing Overall rating 45 Nancy starsTriggersCheating view spoiler No hide spoiler In the full length follow up to In Love With Lucy see what the office has in store for Lucy's friendsA year after her divorce from her manipulative sweet talking ex husband Yancy Stevens has settled into life as a single mother to her eighteen month old little girl She enjoys her work loves her daughter and has wonderful girlfriends to lean on While her life isn’t perfect she’s finally back in control of itThere’s just one problem Charles Faulkner Her new colleague in the office is arrogant and can’t seem to remember her name However it’s probably for the best that he’s a jerk because he’s also the most handsome man she’s ever seen If she didn’t detest him she would become a bumbling idiot every time they spokeAfter a heated argument his attitude toward her changes dramatically and sparks of a different sort begin to fly Against her better judgment Yancy takes the risk and gives Charles a chance As she learns about him she truly wants to let go of her past drop her defenses and try to trust him It’s a scary proposition for a woman who’s learned the hard way if something seems too good to be true it probably is “Listen Charles my name is Yancy Sounds like Nancy but starts with a ‘Y” ‘Y’ as in yellow Or how about ‘Y’ as in You’re an asshole” Earning Yancy is book 2 in the NSFW Not Safe For Work Series by CC Wood I love CC’s writing and have yet to read a book by her I didn’t love Her women are feisty and fun and her men have just enough Alpha in them to keep me wanting Earning Yancy is a fast and fun book about two co workers who start off not liking each other AT ALL Normally calm under pressure Yancy is pushed so much by the rudeness of Charles that she breaks down and yells at him His response start pursing her Single mother Yancy has been burned by a bad marriage and divorce and isn’t wanting to date anyone Her only focus is providing a good life for her sick little girl Charles is arrogant and pushy but oh so handsome too He gets under her skin and she finds herself thinking of him than she would like “I needed sleep and maybe a vibrator” As always CC’s writing is full of uick wit and hilarious one liners I love when an author understands humor and wit and gets it right and boy does CC The humor is there and had me laughing hard but it is subtle and doesn’t over power this love story Earning Yancy really is a sweet love story about forgetting what you think is the right thing to do and following your heart It was fun sweet and super sexy just as I knew it would be CC’s books aren’t long but they always pack a punch and I am always happy I sat down and read them I definitely recommend this series and book “You feel it too don’t you This pull between us It makes your heart beat faster your skin flush and your eyes turn pure gold Don’t you wonder I know I do” miranda I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsI was hooked from the first few pages The first scene with Yancy and Charles had me cheering As a working Mum I completely YancyCharles is a great lead sweet smart romantic understanding maybe even a little too perfect A flaw or two wouldn't have gone astrayEarning Yancy is a good fun traditional romantic story that left me smiling It is well worth reading

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