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Nonsense The Power of Not Knowing An illuminating look at the surprising upside of ambiguity—and how properly harnessed it can inspire learning creativity even empathy   Life today feels overwhelming and chaotic than ever Whether it’s a confounding work problem or a faltering relationship or an unclear medical diagnosis we face constant uncertainty And we’re continually bombarded with information much of it contradictory   Managing ambiguity—in our jobs our relationships and daily lives—is uickly becoming an essential skill Yet most of us don’t know where to begin   As Jamie Holmes shows in Nonsense being confused is unpleasant so we tend to shutter our minds as we grasp for meaning and stability especially in stressful circumstances We’re hard wired to resolve contradictions uickly and extinguish anomalies This can be useful of course When a tiger is chasing you you can’t be indecisive But as Nonsense reveals our need for closure has its own dangers It makes us stick to our first answer which is not always the best and it makes us search for meaning in the wrong places When we latch onto fast and easy truths we lose a vital opportunity to learn something new solve a hard problem or see the world from another perspective   In other words confusion—that uncomfortable mental place—has a hidden upside We just need to know how to use it This lively and original book points the way Over the last few years new insights from social psychology and cognitive science have deepened our understanding of the role of ambiguity in our lives and Holmes brings this research together for the first time showing how we can use uncertainty to our advantage Filled with illuminating stories—from spy games and doomsday cults to Absolut Vodka’s ad campaign and the creation of Mad Libs— Nonsense promises to transform the way we conduct business educate our children and make decisions   In an increasingly unpredictable complex world it turns out that what matters most isn’t I willpower or confidence in what we know It’s how we deal with what we don’t understand

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    Nonsense The Power of Not Knowing by Jamie Holmes is a review of literature dealing with the topic of ambiguity – how and why we avoid it what happens when we do and why it's important to embrace it The premise of the book is clear However the structure of the book is

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    This book brings together several different cognitive theories to help understand how different individuals deal with ambiguous information While some individuals have a high need for context others are comfortable when new information doesn't neatly fit into their current

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    Holmes' Nonsense should be titled Ambiguity or perhaps Uncertainty and I can only guess that those titles do not poll as well since the word nonsense is used only in the introduction and never again whereas ambiguity and uncertainty dominate the text That might seem a trivial dis

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    I received this book through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway Nonsense is built on the relatively intuitive concept that humans are not as a general rule fantastic at dealing with ambiguity As it goes with so many of our evolutionary specialties our relationship with uncertainty has

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    I got this as a Goodreads Giveaway and read it out loud with my husband We both thought it was a very intriguing premise It's core thesis is how we deal with ambiguity in our lives It outlines how humans have a natural tendency for the most part to try to eliminate ambiguity as much as pos

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    You are not so singular in your suspicions that you know but little The longer I live the I read the patiently I think and the anxiously I inuire the less I seem to know Do justly Love mercy Walk humbly This is enoughI have always loved the preceding John Adams uote written in a letter to hi

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    From start to finish Nonsense The Power of Not Knowing is a highly readable engrossing book that explains how important it is to be able to deal with ambiguity and not to be always seeking closure Author Jamie Holmes points out early in the book that successfully dealing with ambiguity and uncertain

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    After the destruction of hurricane Hugo caused 24 counties in South Carolina to be declared disaster areas there was a sharp increase in both marriages and divorces among couples affected by the storm Apparently the disruption of the disaster caused many couples to reappraise their uncertain romantic rel

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    Nonsense was hyped as a book for those like me who like Malcolm Gladwell's writing so I was enticed And it is like Gladwell's books in that Jamie Holmes includes a lot of examples that draw the reader in and allow us to understand through stories the concept he is conveyingFor example we all have an innate ab

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    It started out amazing i couldn't put it down So much so that I told all my friends about this exciting new book I found and the captivating stories I had read so far But then about a uarter to halfway through story after interesting story and then not so interesting stories it became pointless and redundant To be

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