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Age of Legend Each culture has its own myths and legends but only one is shared and it is feared by all With Age of Myth Age of Swords and Age of War fantasy master Michael J Sullivan riveted readers with a tale of unlikely heroes locked in a desperate battle to save mankind After years of warfare humanity has gained the upper hand and has pushed the Fhrey to the edge of their homeland but no farther Now comes the pivotal moment Persephone’s plan to use the stalemate to seek peace is destroyed by an unexpected betrayal that threatens to hand victory to the Fhrey and leaves a dear friend in peril Her only hope lies in the legend of a witch a forgotten song and a simple garden door Book 1 5Book 2 35Book 3 45Book 4 3I'm being kind with my 3's I thought about giving it 25 The good news is this sets us up for an epic book 5 The bad news is much like book 2 nothing really happens This series could have been better had it been a trilogy where book 2 was condensed into a long prologue for book 3 and ditto with this book for book 5 MJS does his usual good job with the characters but we've known them for a long time now so it becomes a bit tedious He also metaphors us to death in this one and I felt like a lot of them were forced Looking forward to book 5 and the conclusion where I'm hoping there is epic adventure like the last book of Revelations As people may know I don't write reviews of my own books but I do use this space to update people on happenings about the books I writeso here I amUpdate August 30 2020 We have officially sold out the hardcover print run only 33 left in the warehouse at the present time There are still some copies with various retailers BN Books a Million etc but we did do a second printing Those copies will ONLY be available directly from us and all copies will be signed Once they are in stock again I'll update our online storeUpdate March 09 2020 The audiobooks version of this book and AGE OF LEGEND is part of Audible's 2 for 1 Stellar Storyteller Sale Sale ends March 16th at midnight PTOct 12 2019 I'm honored and than a bit surprised that Age of Legend made the semi finals round for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fantasy book My thanks to everyone who did a write in vote during the first round to get it includedAug 302019 Did the ending of Age of Legend leave you wanting to read Age of Death as soon as possible? Well then you are in luck The Kickstarter is live fully funded and backers will get the next installment in October rather than February It's only been live for 8 days and already it is the 2nd most backed fiction Kickstarter of all time Come on over and join us Aug 13 2019 Wow Age of Legend hit two of the national bestsellers list New York Times and USA Today Thanks all for snatching up the books so uicklyJuly 21 2019 It's been a few weeks since the release of this book and it's still selling great In fact it made the Top 10 bestselling audiobooks for its debut week and even now it's the #1 Bestselling New Epic Fantasy releases Thanks all for the great supportJune 12 2019 The hardcover books have arrived I went to our warehouse and signed a bunch of copies and Robin added them to our store So if you want signed copies of the latest book and get them signed as well Come and get themMay 29 2019 I can't believe how long it's been since my last update and I apologize for the lack of communication Part of the problem is my 97 year old mom was in decline and passed away in early April As part of that my brother has come to live with Robin and I in Virginia and we are going through a lot of issues trying to get through all that comes with both of those events Still time marches on and a lot has been happening Here are some highlights1 The Kickstarter was a huge success 2553 backers pledged 110865 This makes it one of only 5 fiction projects to ever pass six figures and it's the 2nd most backed fiction project of all time2 Backers of the Kickstarter read the book starting April 9th3 The books have been printed and are in the bindery right now We expect them to be shipped around 64 and we should have copies in our hands around that time4 For those who want to get the book a bit before the release date and have their copies signed we'll add the book to our bookstore as soon as we have books available5 Age of Legend was selected by Goodreads as one of their Hottest Books of the Summer given the great titles coming out now and the vast number of books this is a HUGE honor and it has a lot to do with people shelving the book so thank you for everyone who has done so and expressed an interest6 If you need recaps of the firsts three books you can find them here7 We will be running a Goodreads Giveaway for Age of Legend starting June 1 so keep your eyes open for thatWell that's a big update and I think I hit the major points It's getting exciting and I can't wait for the book to be out there for everyone to readMarch 18 2019 Well just 26 hours on the Kickstarter and it's gone amazingly well We broke the 100000 mark only 4 other fiction Kickstarters have done that and we became the 2nd most backed fiction Kickstarter of all time We've hit 7 stretch goals so there are a lot bonus perks for backers You can check them all out on the Kickstarter page And heck if you want the book 3 months early consider backing itMarch 4 2019 A lot has been going on 1 We finished the beta test which went really well and the changes have been incorporated 2 We have copy edits back from Laura and Linda is working on her changes these should be back in sometime around mid to late March 3 We started a Kickstarterand it funded in 3 hours and 8 minutes People who pre order the book through the Kickstarter will get the ebook on April 9th that's 3 months before the July 9th release date Plus you'll see you name in print as it'll be included in the acknowledgments and there are other Kickstarter perks like a Minna and Suri short story screensavers custom bookmarks and much So drop on over and take a look We are currently the 17th most funded Kickstarter of all time and if we raise another 1197 we'll move up to the 15th spot Septempber 27 2018 I've received the final cover design from Marc Simonetti and wow is it amazing I'm not sharing it just yetI want to roll it out once the pre order pages are up And we are working on that now But you'll be seeing it soonMarch 19 2018 And done I've now turned over the new and revised version of Age of Legend to Robin Hopefully she'll like this better than the last round More than any other book this had some major restructuring and I now feel its on the right track It'll probably be a bit before the beta for the book hits Maybe a month while Robin reviews? Just thinking out loud hereJan 6 2018 Boy how times flies I JUST finished up my review of the copyedits for Age of War and I'm thrilled with how that book turned out With that out of the way it's time to turn my attention to final edits on this and the remaining three books in the series The plan is to get them into beta shortly after Age of War hits the street so if you are interested in being a beta tester here is a link where you can sign up Robin has even edits for me and before she turns them over she wants to go through the other three books one last time But I should be able to start the editing soon and I'll post an update when I do July 2016 I just finished up edits on this the fourth book of the new series It's come in at 113000 words and reuired a lot of editing based on alpha reader feedback from Robin Of all the books this one needed the most work and I'm really pleased with how it's come out Part of the restructuring has meant that a lot of what was in this book now fits better in book #5 and I'm starting my edits on it now That particular book has grown dramatically Usually my books tend to be 100000 135000 words in length but book #5 is currently at a 176000 In general I don't concern myself with the length of books I just write what is needed to tell the story I want to tell and let the chips fall where they may We'll see what the last book ends up like and whether any of the content added to book #5 ends up coming back to this book But for now the book is done and waiting for another read from Robin before going to beta testing 9th July Book drops todayA brilliant seuel which fulfilled my eager anticipation and high expectations Age of Legend takes the First Empire series to the next level of greatness with the promise of a showstopper by its finaleAge of Legend is structurally different from the continuous narrative in the preceding three volumes This book has three sections; the first part is the shortest which deals with the immediate aftermath of the battle at Alon Rhist The second section takes place one year after that and there will be another five years' time leap for the third and largest part of the book Without needing to go into too much detail and dragging the narrative the three part story enabled the reader to appreciate how protracted the war was between the Rhunes and the Fhreys before going into the portentous events What a strange treasure is innocence a virtue to the old and a curse to the young so highly prized but eagerly parted with the riches of beautiful skin traded for the wisdom of calluses Each chapter is once again preceded by an excerpt from the in world The Book of Brin and the first being that of innocence lost after the first war between men and elves These excerpts in the previous books tended to almost give too much away about the probable events in the ensuing chapter In Age of Legend however they were obscured and provided of an impression or a feeling of what is to come and I thought this was masterfully done Sullivan's writing has also improved so much since Riyria but that ease of immersion that feels like a welcoming embrace is still ever present Reading a new book from him is akin to slipping into your favourite cosy sweater But lo and behold what is this hidden pocket that you just discovered? You may feel like you know Elan well but you'll still be surprised by well crafted revelations about its lore and history that surface at all the right momentsSullivan became one of my favourite authors with the Riyria series through his innate skill of creating and writing characters that feel like good old friends that you would want to revisit time and again In the First Empire series such intimate characterisation continues to be the hallmark of Sullivan's writing There are no shortages of empathetic three dimensional characters be it ones that you loved or despised One individual which I found so unlikeable in the earlier books became such a sympathetic character that you couldn't help rooting for her Then there was one whom I thought would be a beacon of honour due to his legendary name who turned out to be a viper fuelled by vindictive vengeance As much as I can understand his motivations it unnerved and shocked me And I loved how Sullivan created real heroes from those whom you least expected Not heroes of might and magic but of steadfast courage born of compassion and loyalty Suishy heart moments are aplenty in these books Things that were obvious in the confines of the heart often failed to translate well when expressed through the inadeuate filter of language As mentioned by the author this next phase of the series is made up of a single overarching plot over the final three books As such the plot did not progress as much as what we had in Age of War which served as the first climax of the series However there was not once throughout the book which I felt bored in the slightest The character development is so compelling and riveting that every moment and every page felt important What I enjoyed most about the First Empire series was getting the unvarnished account of the events and true heroes that shaped the legends that were told three thousand years laterGiven that Age of Legend is past the midway point of the series I prefer not to make any mention about the plot at this stage except that it is working its way to a showstopping finale in a most engaging manner Please note that this book ends with a cliffhanger of sorts and I am thankful to know that the next two books are most likely to be released on an accelerated schedule I received an early copy of the ebook as a Kickstarter backer You can purchase this book from US | UK | Book Depository Free shipping worldwide You can also find this and my other reviews at Novel Notions The goodIf you have been enjoying the Legends of the First Empire so far you're probably going to enjoy this and the newish direction it takes In a very positive way it is of the same with many of the same characters dealing with the aftermath of the big blow out of the previous book and learning how to move forward Brin gets a lot of page time and I for the most part enjoyed these parts than the rest Writing about writing is funThe bad or rather the indifferentI just couldn't get into this book much I found my mind wandering a lot never connecting or caring much about most of the happenings or the characters It might just be me or perhaps I'm getting slightly burned out on the seriesIt's a shame I did enjoy uite a few parts of the previous tales and this one has some pretty interesting if very late reveals that rallied my attention I'm just not sure if I feel like it's worth it tho ; ;Who knows? Maybe the rather mythological new direction will appeal to a lot of ya'll

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