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A Prayer for the City Vintage A Prayer for the City is Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Buzz Bissinger's true epic of Philadelphia mayor Ed Rendell an utterly uniue unorthodox and idiosyncratic leader who will do anything to save his city take unions head on personally lobby President Clinton to save 10000 defense jobs or wrestle Smiley the Pig on Hot Dog Day all the while bearing in mind the eternal fickleness of constituents whose favor may hinge on a missed garbage pick up or an overzealous meter maid It is also the story of citizens in crisis a woman fighting ceaselessly to give her great grandchildren a better life a father of six who may lose his job at the Navy Shipyard and a policy analyst whose experiences as a crime victim tempt her to abandon her job and ideals Heart wrenching and hilarious alive with detail and insight

About the Author: H.G. Bissinger

HG Bissinger has won the Pulitzer Prize the Livingston Award the National Headliner Award and the American Bar Association's Silver Gavel for his reporting The author has written for the television series NYPD Blue and is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair He lives in Philadelphia

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    This was certainly an odd choice for me to read while on vacation ie not in Philadelphia but such is the library hold ueue The author spent four years embedded in the first administration of Ed Rendell as Philadelphia mayor 1992 95 and wrote about all the highs rescuing the budget and lows losing t

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    If you loved the West Wing TV series there are good chances that you’ll like this book The author somehow finagled permission to be a fly on the wall during the Ed Rendell’s first term as Philadelphia’s Mayor 1992 – 1995 embedding himself in the Chief of Staff’s office sitting in the shadows du

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    What Bissinger has written is both paean and elegy to the once grand once thriving American city The focus is Philadelphia but the story represents the plight of all the large urban centers across the country cities whose revitalized downtowns are deceptive a brocade curtain hiding a crumbling stage setIt's ha

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    I don't know if a better book has been written about local politics This book may be one of the best ones I've read about politics period It's a dizzying portrayal of a big city mayor trying to navigate the shark infested waters of public employee unions the media state and federal government job loss white flight a

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    I uote here a recent column from George Will not my cup of tea but whatever talking about LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Although presidents Andrew Johnson Grover Cleveland and Calvin Coolidge had been mayors of Greeneville Tenn Buffalo and Northampton Mass respectively no mayor has gone directly from a city hall to the White Ho

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    There's a good book to be found in the text of this book; the political chess playing on its own would make a three maybe four star book But as it's presented Bissinger's too fundamentally dishonest and crowd pleasing in his presentation for this to merit serious consideration as meaningful nonfiction He seems to lack all resp

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    Give a great nonfiction writer like Buzz Bissinger unfettered access to a colorful and complicated politician like Ed Rendell and you’re going to get an amazing bookI don’t hand out five stars too often but “A Prayer for the City” probably deserves sixThis inside look at Rendell’s first term as mayor of Philadelphia is much

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    I grew up in Philly spent 16 years of schooling there and now live in South Jersey and still work in Philly I learned about the city during the 15 weeks I was reading this book than I did in all that other time combined The depth of the reporting the range of stories covered the ability to sort through reams of information it's all really

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    I liked the intimacy of the account A bit like watching 'The Wire' if not as well executed At times I felt like the treatment of the city's racial dynamics was fairly one sided but never dishonest or disingenuous He gave an honest account of the Rendell years in Philly from the perspective of the Rendell administration and he did spend time on t

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    As an inside look at how politics gets done in a big city this is pretty much unparallelled and all of its observations about how cities have been abandoned and screwed over are pretty much right on the money So why didn't I like this? I think Bissinger's writing is pretty unimpressive the whole thing has these weird macho New Journalism airs about it

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